Review : iBasso IT01S – Shine right like a diamond

Disclaimer : The iBasso IT01S were sent to us free of charge in exchange for an honest opinion by iBasso. Their retail price is 199€/$ and you can find them at your usual store.

About iBasso

Well-known by audiophiles, iBasso is a Chinese brand of DAPs, amplifiers and more recently IEMs. After the DX150 and DX120, which we previously reviewed, it’s time to take a look at their new IT01S.

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The IT0X Series

Nowadays, iBasso produces four IEMs (including the IT01S) and one headphone. Here is a quick tour :


The iBasso IT01 has been reviewed by Berkhan previously.

iBasso IT01

iBasso IT01

With one dynamic driver, the IT01 is/was the entry level from iBasso, but to quote my colleague : “What the IT01 gives you is one of the best performances you can find for 100$. Great energy, good bass, crisp mids and treble with a perfect resolution for the price. I definitely recommend it.”


The iBasso IT03 was the first IEM from the brand.

It’s a hybrid model with one dynamic driver and two balanced drivers, all arranged with a 3-way crossover. The shell is made of acrylic and adopts the popular CIEM fit to ensure the best comfort for the user. We for some reason never officially reviewed it on Headfonia but I do own a pair and for the asking price, it’s pretty good.


The iBasso IT04 is the flagship :  triple balanced armature drivers + one dynamic driver.

iBasso IT04

iBasso IT04

Again, Berkhan reviewed it and he said : “And moreover, it achieves to be the best IEM I’ve experienced for 500$. What does it mean? It means that it dethrones the Noble Savanna and takes its place in our recommendations. It fits better, sounds more versatile and all around, and it has better bass. So replacing the Savanna with the IT04 is a no brainer for me”


The iBasso SR1 is very special.

First, it’s a headphone and not an IEM, second it’s a limited version only available in one batch of 500 pcs. Unfortunately I haven’t got one, but I think I’m gonna buy it one day, out of curiosity. To sum it up : it’s a semi-open headphone with a Tesla magnetic flux driver and Bio-Cellulose dome diaphragms. Yummy !

And now, iBasso has added a new model to their line-up : the IT01S. Time to dig in.

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  • Reply March 7, 2019

    wilmer parada

    What you recommend between this and de fiio 9 pro, i listen classic rock, funk, disco, deep house, etc. thanks…

  • Reply March 8, 2019


    Thank you for fantastic review. How would you compare IT01s to LZ-A4? I can get them both in good price and can’t decide. I’m looking for fun sounding signature to use them on daily basis, with lg v30.

  • Reply April 22, 2021


    Hi, I am a happy use of these iems but unlike you I always get a background noise that is annoying with the kind of music I listen to (jazz, classical, flamenco…). So I use a iFi earbuddy, which is great, but then I worry about loosing some texture and details. Any advice?

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