Review : iBasso DX220 – TOTL Recall

Today, we review the iBasso DX220, the company’s latest flagship DAP.

Disclaimer: The iBasso DX220 was sent to us free of charge by the brand in exchange for our honest opinion. To this day, the player is sold around 1000$/€ and should be available from your usual retailers.

About iBasso

iBasso is a Chinese maker of DAPs, amplifiers, DACs and more recently IEMs. iBasso has been in the audio game for a bit more than 10 years now and the brand got really famous with their first set of players: the DX50 and DX90. Today, we are reviewing the DX220, which replace the DX200 as the brand flagship. Another win?

Presentation – The DX series


Before the iBasso DX220, there was the DX200. A great player, albeit a bit too chunky for my taste, carrying a double ESS Sabre DAC for maximum performances. It was also the first player from the brand capable of switching its amp modules, like Hifiman and FiiO players.

Sold around 1000$ at that time, I still like my DX200 to this day. The native android OS and astounding dynamics make it a great player to carry with you on a long travel. Even more with big headphones, thanks to the various modules.


With the DX150, iBasso wanted to offer a smaller version of its flagship, cheaper too as the DX200 still costs around 1000€, 50% more than the new DX150. The player is also smaller, making it more portable while retaining the big touchscreen and swappable amp.

Like Sony did, going from the Playstation 3 to the Playstation 3 slim (and later super slim). It’s chi-if for mid-end, so maybe we can call it mid-chi-fi. Anyway, the DAP keeps the double-DAC system only changing the chip from Sabre to AKM. Mid-end we say.

Auto-quote :

“In terms of functionality, the iBasso DX150 is a good all-rounder. Android allows audio streaming and third party installation (remember to install the Google play store though), bi-directional Bluetooth transform the DAP into a portable DAC and the coax/optical/USB output is perfect for those who just need a source.”


The iBasso DX120 is the new entry-level player from the brand. It’s a sleek device with a very nice case, the latest Mango OS and a dual micro-SD slot. It’s a very different kind of DAP, compared to the DX150 and DX200, which should appeal to people that want a pure-player, instead of a versatile-android one.

Auto-quote :

“ It’s a simple player, intended for those who need good sound, small form factor and doesn’t need streaming capabilities. The double micro-SD slot is great to store a lot of music, making it the perfect car player for those with a line-out only. Tested and approved.”

And now, it’s time to take a look at the iBasso DX220 : hurray!

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  • Reply August 22, 2019


    How would this compare to the SP1000?

  • Reply August 23, 2019


    Comparing to the M11, which a nice player, isn’t in the same range of a player. The DX220 is a TOTL player and with the AMP8 or AMP9 bests my Sony WM1Z.

  • Reply August 25, 2019


    Any issues with the Rockchip Soc that people keep moaning about on other forums (shocking, disgraceful for a totl player, etc, etc)

  • Reply August 27, 2019

    Gary Griffiths

    I like the players sound but the battery life is pretty poor. Lovely screen though

  • Reply December 27, 2019

    Dug Scott

    Great sounding player, drives all my headphones and IEMs without any problem. Biggest issue with this player is battery life, I’m struggling to get more than 5 hours playback from a full charge, listening to Tidal offline with wired IEMs, I should be getting 2-3 hours more from a full charge. Seems a common complaint

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