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Yes, we’ve been holding YouTube / video off for a several months, maybe even years, but the time to “do” video on has finally come. Those of you who regularly visit Headfonia of course know this already as we’ve been sneaking in several “Watch-It! Wednesday” posts over the last few months.

So far we’ve covered Fiio, Cayin, Unique Melody, Effect audio, Astell&Kern and many more and we’ll keep adding videos to our own channel. That’s right, seeing we already have over 10K views, YouTube allowed us to create our own personalized channel and now all our videos can be watched right here:

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We will of course keep doing our written reviews, those are still a priority and our main objective but we’ll see where this video thing goes. Let us know what you think about our video and if you have any suggestions or request, please do share them in the comments section of this article or of the videos.



The top 3 of the most watched videos at the moment is:

The Cayin N5MK2 / N5ii

The Shanling M3S


YouTube: Headfonia Video Channel
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