Beyerdynamic DT1350: Death to the HD25-1?


The aging drivers of the Sennheiser HD25-1 beg for a replacement, and if Sennheiser isn’t giving one to us, I would gladly accept a good replacement from Beyerdynamic. But is the DT1350 really has what it takes to put the nails in the HD25-1’s coffins? Let’s take a look.

I’ve noticed for a long time that the HD25-1’s aging drivers are no match for the resolution of modern portables. Anything from the AKG K181DJ, the ATH M-50, the AIAIAI TMA-1, and even the Sennheiser PX100-II (gasp!) clearly had a more resolving, finer quality driver than what the HD25-1 had. But none of them simply had the proper voicing, the forwardness, the punchy bass, the focus and the energy of the HD25-1.


Last year Beyer tried to take on the HD25-1 with the T50p headphone, the first portable headphone fitted with the Tesla drivers. It was a good attempt. Solid design on the outside paired with a portable version of the Tesla driver found in the flagship T1. Sound like a lot of trouble for the HD25-1. However, fitting problems among other critical issues (i.e midrange, bass) make the T50p a very difficult headphone to recommend.

Not so this time, as Beyer has corrected many of the issues that I found to plague the T50p. Better clamping force results in a more proper isolation of the earpads. Thicker earpads also helps to cure the one big problem the T50p had: bass. Better bass, in addition to a more linear frequency balance from top to bottom and a less problematic midrange. I think the DT1350 has got all the right ingredients. Not only is the Tesla driver fitted into it are years ahead of the old HD25-1 drivers, but the build quality and design are more in sync with whatever Apple product you’re eyeing.

It’s a beautiful design, made from fine materials. It’s probably more beautiful than anything Senn has on the market today.

The high end finishing of the DT1350. It feels very nice in your hand. What headphone can match it?

Bigger and thicker earpads, and stronger clamping force fix the bass issues inherent in the T50p.

Split headband design is also very welcome.

Yes, it also comes with a nice pouch. The HD25-1 is just lucky to be still standing after the fight.



My initial impression was very positive, so positive that I decided to buy a DT1350 for myself. The Tesla driver had this clinical precision that the HD25-1 can only dream of. Think of a classic Ferrari Dino with a V6 engine: very nice sensual lines and quite a desirable car even today. Then take it to a nearby racetrack with a bunch of high revving Ferrari F430s, and the classic Dino is just going to look dumb on the track. This is the reality with the HD25-1 and the DT1350. The DT1350 was able to resolve every complex bass passages I threw at it, from Prodigy to Muse. Every note was clear and articulate, very clean sounding with zero grain on it. Not so the HD25-1. While the bass remained fairly fast, it just didn’t cut through the notes as sharply as the DT1350 was. Think of the sort of knives sushi chefs use to cut the sashimi, and compare it to the stuff you use in your kitchen. The HD25-1 was really sloppy. Funny, because I’ve never associated the HD25-1 with the word sloppy before, but now it becomes really apparent.

Ferrari Dino 246GT: Beautiful, but of the past.

The current technology. Look at that V8 under the glass top. Simply breathtaking.

The DT1350 Tesla drivers cut through music similar to these William Henry Maestro knives (via

Gosh, the drivers on the HD25-1 are really getting old.

I was almost ready to publish the article at that point, and title it “Beyerdynamic DT1350: HD25-1 slayer” or something along those lines. But I decided to take more time to listen to them before making my conclusions final.


Now, it seems that great things happen when two different elements work together to produce a championship-winning teamwork. Schumacher and Ferrari in Formula One. US Postal Service Team and Lance Armstrong. Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. You get the idea. Well, that ain’t quite happening with the DT1350’s Tesla driver and the tiny little housing. I can’t help to think that the ability of the DT1350 has been heavily limited by the dimensions of the driver housing which in turn puts severe limits on the acoustics. Seriously, when was the last time you see a good hi-fi headphone in the DT1350 size? And come to think of it, all the $1k headphones seem to come in oversized housings, except for (guess what) the Beyerdynamic T1. I don’t know who thought of a housing dimension that small for the DT1350 (and the T50p), but the marketing department probably has something to do with it.

Schumi and Ferrari: Unstoppable. Via


Many of the issues that I found the DT1350 to have seems to be associated with the housing properties. One is the housing reverb which is in far higher levels than the HD25-1. Second is the fairly unaccurate timbre. Third is the way the soundstage is even more compressed than the HD25-1, and the imaging all over the place, even when the instrument separation is much clearer than the Senn. Fourth is how the bass still lacks some low frequencies even compared to the HD25-1. I also suspect that the Beyer engineer had to find a compromise between producing enough quantities of bass and making a good sounding midrange, which is why the midrange can be an on/off thing depending on the recording you’re listening to.

I guess the HD25-1 is lucky in this instance because without those issues the DT1350 would’ve really slaughtered the HD25-1 in this review. Really, the HD25-1 would’ve deserved it, and I really wish the DT1350 would’ve done that. Those of you who follow my Twitter can also testify that at one point I tweeted about being sick of making recommendations for the HD25-1. And the DT1350 really had what it takes to take on the HD25-1. The Tesla driver is a killer and everytime I take a listen to it, I wish things would’ve been as clear sounding on the HD25-1. But the issues, especially the way the mids are voiced, and how bass doesn’t go as low, makes me sort of 50-50 on which really is the better headphone.

The bass is actually not bad. When I moved from the HD25-1, I can notice that bass punch is a little lesser in impact, but once my ears adjusted to it, I think the bass is good and the PRaT is happening. With the smaller housing, the DT1350 was able to focus the energy of the bass and so the pace and the energy is happening pretty well. Besides, as I’ve mentioned, the Tesla driver had such a clear articulation on the bass and it was nice to hear. But I think the more serious deficiency comes in the area of the midrange. It didn’t have the proper timbre, it didn’t have the proper presence, and the lower to upper mids transition is not as linear as it should be. In short, though the HD25-1’s mids is not the best thing in the world of headphones, it still manages to give a more enjoyable presentation for your average Rock vocalist. You know, but if you happen to be a die-hard fan of Techno or Electronica, I think the mids are fine for those music and the clearer articulation of the DT1350 makes it the more definite choice over the HD25-1. But for Rock, I’m still holding on to my HD25-1.


I don’t think that these headphones, both the HD25-1 and the DT1350 are meant to be technicalities giant. I never expected them to have full-size cans level midrange, timbre, or soundstage. But there is a certain limit that I would tolerate and the DT1350 failed to meet some of that. If I were reviewing a Marshall Major or an Audio Technica SJ-55, I would’ve simply ignored those issues. But Beyerdynamic designed this to be a high quality portable headphone, and so I should be more critical of it, especially since it’s $300.

I think that many of the fault seems to be early in the product design stage, where the marketing guys decided that they wanted to make a high quality, compact, portable headphone with stylish designs. I think they may have set the housing size a little too small, hence putting all these limitations on the acoustics of the housing. Had they set the housing to be a little bigger like the HD25-1, it would’ve been a sure win for the Beyer.

I do think, however, that the DT1350 would be a superb headphone for Techno and Electronica. The bass is tight and the pace is right. The articulation is superb and everything sounds crystal clear without being harsh or dry. I don’t think vocal is that critical in Techno or Electronica, and so you can sort of overlook the midrange issues. The fact that I don’t recommend it for Rock, Acoustics, Indie, Classical, Hip Hop may seem limiting, but if you think about it, the younger age group tend to listen to a lot of Techno and Electronica, and so that’s a big percentage of the market. And the DT1350 is the headphone that I would recommend to those crowd. But a wide-genre bandwith headphone the DT1350 is not. It’s not bad, and it can play Rock and Pop tunes pretty good, but it’s not going to be that good for it. Timbre issues also make it un-ideal for Classical and Jazz. So, there you go.

It was a strong attack from Beyer, but I think the HD25-1 still has a few years left in its lifecycle.


The Beyerdynamic DT1350 and the T50p

The DT1350 reviewed here is supposed to be an improved, professional variant of the T50p, which is based on the same housing design and also fitted with a Tesla driver. When I received the T50p, I was very enthusiastic about it, as you can tell from the tone of this article. But after spending more time with the T50p, I finally concluded that it had many issues in the sound and that I ended up not being too enthusiastic about in when I did the Closed Cans Shootout.




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  • Finally, a contender 😀

  • justint

    Hi Mike,
    Umm, is the Sennheiser MX-980 earbud better for casual music listening than DT-1350?
    I can’t decide between the two for my direct-portable companion..


    • Kat

      One is an IEM the other full size. What do mean exactly by casual listening? At home or out and about? Besides, only you can decide in the end. IEMs’ performance can change dramactically simply by changing the oem supplied buds for comply. The Denon c700s’ for example sounded very ‘thin’ and lacking with the original buds but with comply buds…. wow, a different IEM altogether.

      • justint

        Thanks for the reply, Kat..
        Umm, I know that one is earbud and one is portable-sized headphone, and they are different..
        But I never heard both, so I don’t know how different will they compare each other..
        I still don’t have any plan to change the stock accessories.

        I mean, I’m not going for critical listening. Mainly I will use them out when I’m waiting something on the go or traveling, and when I want to enjoy my music on my bed before sleeping, but still give me great pleasure when listening to my iTouch 4 directly..
        I listen mainly to Pop, Vocal, Jazz, Acoustics, Techno, Electronica, Vocal, Rock, and Contemporary Classical.

        IMHO, my current set of MX880 is lack in midrange and treble clarity though the bass is quite impactful, and fit is quite good (despite that long volume control).
        And the ATH-M50, in addition that it’s quite weird to wear it outside, sometimes its slightly recessed midrange and slow PRaT hindered the enjoyment in fast-paced musics.

        If I want a step up, or maybe portable set on the go that min. have the SQ of ATH-M50, which is from the MX-980 or DT-1350 will serve me better (go unamped)?
        or maybe there’s another solution..
        (btw, I’m not listening to in-ear and Sony MDR-Z1000 is hard to get and will be extremely pricey in Indonesia)

        Sorry for my long and maybe confusing question..

        • kat / Dave

          No worries.
          Mike will no doubt give you some advice here but I’d go for the DT-1350s as a good all rounder. Re-wired the 1350s’ will perform at a much higher level and the rewire is cheap and easy to do. I posted some photos on the rewire some time ago but can’t seem to find them here. If you give me an email address I’ll mail them to you. Or, you can contact me at or

          • justint

            Yeah, I’ll wait for Mike’s advice, too..
            Ah, I appreciate it, maybe when it’s possible and my conclusion final, I’ll try your rewiring mod.
            you can send those photos to

            Thanks, Kat.

        • Dave

          Just had a thought, the  Sennheiser MX-980 have an in-line volume control (I think) and if that’s the case I’d avoid them. Besides, I’ve heard they are not that good for the price. You could have a look at the Denon c700s’ which with ‘comply’ buds sound great and you can find them for about £120. 

          • justint

            Just curious beside ergonomics issue, what is the negative effect of VC?
            Hmm, I don’t know if Jaben Indo has the c700 or the comply buds..
            Yeah, they’re quite pricey for earbud, but I don’t wear IEM and worry about Yuin’s build quality, so I think MX980 is my only high-end earbud solution..

          • Dave.

            Nothing to do with ergonomics. The best advice I have ever been given is ‘keep it simple’ and I apply this to all my hi fi gear. My pre/power amp has no balance, bass or treble, only gain. My speakers are full range single drivers, so no x-overs. The mere fact that the MX980 has an in-line volume will degrade the audio signal IMHO. In any case, you say you don’t use/like IEMs’ and that’s O.K. The c700s’ though are very good value for the price and to be fair, they do out-perform some of my other more expensive IEMs.
            We all have our likes and dislikes and if the MX980 is your preferred choice that’s fine but I’d suggest you listen to a set first if possible. You will pay a lot more for the  DT-1350s  but I still would go for these over the MX980 if you can afford them. Not so easy to carry about though! It’s difficult deciding where to spend hard earned cash these days – so much (confusing) choice 🙂

          • justint

            Okay, Dave.. Thanks for your advice and information.. I really appreciate it.

  • StephenM

    For “genuinely portable” headphones, apart from this DT1350 and HD25, I can think of B&W’s P5.

    I own P5 but not so satisfied with it.  I find it extremely difficult to identify any possible candidates, with good sound quality, in the market.

    Any suggestions?


    • Hi Stephen,
      I understand that you are trying to communicate that you are not satisfied with the P5. So what are you asking here?

      • StephenM

        Hi Mike
        I am looking for a replacement for P5, as its sound quality is not that satisfactory. 

        I need some small-sized headphone (not IEM), something like P5 and DT1350.

        Any suggestions other than DT1350 / HD25 / T50p?

        • Did you feel the P5 to lack treble? Too warm?

          • StephenM

            Something like this.  A thick layer of music, not bright enough (I am not talking about very Hi-Fi sound).

            I have a Denon A100, which sounds more comfortable to listen to.

            When I shift from P5 to A100 (with the same iPod and PB2), I can readily feel the sky is clearer and brighter.

            But, A100 is still too big (and odd) when training on the subway.  That’s why I am looking for a smaller size headphone.


            • Understood.

              Try the HD25-1? It’s much less dark than the P5.

          • StephenM

            I mean, travelling on the subway, not training.

          • StephenM

            Thanks, Mike.
            One last Q.  Why you not suggesting DT1350?

            • I think you’ll get more treble from the HD25-1.

    • Katana

      Hi. Can you define what you call a ‘genuinely portable headphone’ ? As I see it most, if not all, headphones are portable. If space is an issue go for IEMs’ and there are plenty of ‘good’ ones out there. If space/size is not a problem you might find the Beyer T50p will do the job but only if you get them rewired.

      My Colorfly DAP fits inside the same case as the T50s (between the headband) and since I don’t need a seperate Amp and DAC with this player it suits me just fine.

  • Mike,
    I don’t plan on carrying any amp with my iPhone.  Do you think the DT1350 is too much to be driven straight out of an ipod/iPhone?  Should I turn to the T50p for its lower impedance?   I listen to Rock, Jazz, and Vocals.


    • You should be able to drive the DT1350 straight from your Iphone just fine, but an amp will add punch and impact to the bass.

      • Thanks for the respond Mike.

        However may I point out that in the end of this review you don’t recommend the DT1350 for Rock or Pop, but in the buyer’s guide you list the DT1350 as “Rock’in,” and very recommend it for Rock.  Perhaps you need to gather your thoughts on this headphone again?

        • Yes sometimes that’s the difficulty of putting labels into things. The labels on the recommendations page are meant to be a rough guide. And if I have to put a label on the DT1350, it’s definitely not Hifi (that’s the B&W P5, HD650 and such), not monitoring, and it’s not open.
          The DT1350 is still closest to a rock and electronic headphone, it’s just that for Rock I think the HD25-1 is still better and that’s the context of this article.
          Sorry for the confusion and thanks for pointing that out.

  • Over the last couple of months I acquired both the HD25-1 and DT1350  using  Moon Audio IEM Silver Dragon wire and both are terminated so that I can go either single ended or balanced.   I have the ALO Continental v2, HP-P1 and iBasso DB2 combo with the RSA SR-71B.  Right now my default best enjoyment is with the balanced DT1350 + iBasso DB2 + SR-71B using the iPod Touch 4 with lossless files.  This setup really has an impressive sound out of such a small headphone.   Going single ended the best combo is using the HD-25-1 with the ALO Continental v2 to me.  I just ordered the iBasso DX100 to add to the mix to continue my optimization of my portable/transportable setup.   Something most likely will be going on the For Sale forums.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, nice collection of gear! I am very curious to hear your impressions of the DX100 with the HD25’s!! Please keep us posted!

  • SoundEskimoo

    Innerfidelity gave New HD25-II Amperior good appreciation over old plastic HD25-II. How you think about that? Can ‘outdated’ driver with all metal housing finally give DT1350 a blow?

    If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it?

    • I’ve yet to listen to the Amperior, but a friend of mine said the aluminum housing give it a slight metallic tinge. I don’t know, I’ve never been a fan of closed-back metal housing.. not easy to control the reverbs compared to a good plastic housing.
      But again I’ve yet to listen to the Amperior. He said the frequency balance is slightly warmer, less treble and fuller mids and lows than the HD25-1.

      • SoundEskimoo

        If you can get Amperior please write a review about it. Theoritically all metal housing will be better than plastics, that’s why some high end cans use material other than plastics such as woods or metal.

        • It depends. The HD800 and HD700 use plastic and have better timbre than a lot of metal headphones. 

          I think high quality plastic can be engineered to surpass the acoustic property of metal. I mean metal is not a very good acoustic material. Metal speaker boxes are very rare. 

          • SoundEskimoo

            In the speaker world plastic tend to be worse than wood boxes, as i knew.
            Sennheiser loves plastics very much, no wood version like Denons

          • Sorry I thought we’re talking about high quality plastic vs metal. 

          • SoundEskimoo

            yes i meant high quality plastic material vs high quality metal discussion.
            for note, HD25-1 II didnt use low grade plastics 

  • dalethorn

    My second DT1350 purchased in March has much less clamping than the one from April 2011, but also has a much more emphasized lower midrange and hollow sound. I suspect the only fix for this design would be larger cups and thicker earpads. The thicker earpads would help in getting a good seal for bass, as the current pads don’t seal well until several minutes on my ears.

    • So they lessened the clamping force on the newer units?

      • dalethorn

        Yes – very noticeable difference. The new edition didn’t give me a headache in the least, but also doesn’t seal well. In warm humid weather which it is most of the time here, it seals pretty quickly. But in the winter time it takes forever. Holding it suspended by the headband and not having used it today, the earcup pads are 1-3/4 inches apart at the closest point.  I still like the 1350, it having some great detail and all – so I’m taking a hard look at the new T90 (I think that’s it). If someone can get a fix on how the highs are around 7 to 10 khz compared to the T70, I might spring for a T90 if it isn’t too bright. Got a couple months to save up some pennies.

        Edit: The pads themselves are unchanged, as is everything else.

  • SoundEskimoo

    With old tech but “second to none recipe” for already few decades HD25 still going strong (remember that even easy driving Amperior still built to be exactly 110% HD25-1 ii sound signature, it means Sennheiser felt nothing wrong with HD25 at all!), broader genres that it excels at. I skeptic dt1350 with it’s advanced Tesla technology will rule the world. I heard even V-moda M/V80 threaten HD25-1 ii superiority at a cheaper offering.

    I think Beyerdynamic should reconsider housing size at least on K518’s size to trounce the mighty HD25.

    From your analysis, how good will dt1350 compete with V-moda?

    • This may seem absurd (Beyerdynamic vs Vmoda? One is a veteran company, the other a brand new player? C’mon!) I think the V-moda is generally more enjoyable and the one that I would go for personally.

      • SoundEskimoo

        I won’t talk about v-moda if their sound quality like rapper-endorsed headphone. If you talk about newer brands, some of them offer such blow, especially if old maker lazy to evolute. Aside from technicality, it offers you more nice sounding all-arounder. Will you still force yourself to buy $300 cans that only do little thing (genre)?
        If it so, any good reason for that?

        • dalethorn

          I thought the DT1350 had more potential than the M80 because of superior drivers and the detail you could hear. But in actual use it was easier to EQ the treble up some on the M80 and I never did get a satisfactory EQ setting to compensate the hollow sound of the DT1350, so I gave away my second 1350 last week.

          • I agree. The DT1350 is difficult to EQ. The thing is whenever you have a problem in the mids, it’s always difficult to EQ to make it just right, since it’s hard to fill in the mids precisely. EQ-ing the treble and bass areas is generally easier.

          • SoundEskimoo

            Tesla indeed a revolutionary technology on dynamic driver. The other is planar-driver. While planar driver paved its way with awesome musicalities & technicalities. I’m kinda torn apart with beyer’s products.

            Why they built dt1350’s recipe on small housing and give kinda mixed bag results?
            To build a nice cans you need nice recipe, HD25 got that ingredients even their Amperior use the same ols’n’proven recipe.
            How’s the T70p compared to these anyway?

            It seems V-moda with old dynamic driver technology give you better overall musicality result.

            • dalethorn

              Actually I think Beyer got the size and shape right for the 1350, but the earpads and the critical fit make it difficult to adjust to. I have heard of mods that address that problem, and I would hope Beyer can improve that model or make a better new model in that format.

              • SoundEskimoo

                I saw people bragging M80 as HD25 replacement than dt1350 as HD25 replacement. Perhaps overall, M80 and HD25 are more ‘complete products’ as a package than dt1350 which excels at one side (highly detailed sound) but lack on other like limited genres.

              • I think the size, while looks nice and works well for a portable, is too small to get a good sound out of.

                • dalethorn

                  Well come to think of it, for $300 you’re right on. Now, for $200 it would be much more interesting.

            • The thing wih the “old” dynamic driver technology is that they’ve been improved over and over and over again. It’s like the internal combustion gas engine, not very advanced design to begin with, but if you take a concept and continue to improve it, at one point it will be very good.
              I think the T70P is not that special. The DT770 is still overall a better headphone. The T5p however is a good one.

              • SoundEskimoo

                Tesla not yet matured as “old” one?
                I saw development of Planar gave better results. Strong competition from them. At quite short time of development.
                To make ‘overall better’ recipe is really hard. One example is “old” never-die HD25. Perhaps beyerdynamic’s still at early stage of it’s Tesla development.

                • I never said that the Tesla driver is not matured. Beyer’s Tesla is still a dynamic driver.

                  • SoundEskimoo

                    What i said is the result as a whole product. The best of Tesla still T1. Even DT770 had better sounding than T70 from your opinion. HD25 over dt1350, etc

                    • Well it’s a matter of tuning, really. I don’t think it’s a fault of the Tesla driver. And also I’m talking from the point of view of music listening (DT770 vs T70). We need to realize that Beyer probably designed the T70 for monitoring.

                    • SoundEskimoo

                      I prefer musicality & fun other than any technicalities gimmicks. Taste of sound better than the ingredients it came from.
                      Which tesla is the most musical & fun sounding right now?

                    • Gotta be the T1 and T5p.

                    • SoundEskimoo

                      Speaking premium segment, will you choose it over HD650?

                    • Technically they are far ahead the HD650.

                    • SoundEskimoo

                      I see

                • dalethorn

                  Tesla in my view is the 2012 equivalent of the original Beyer DT48 design from 1937. A very high-tech design it is too, but in the end it’s how it sounds to you. The technology alone won’t make the headphone a success. My first planar was the Yamaha in the late 1970’s, but I didn’t think it sounded very good then. Today’s big models, the Audeze and HiFiMan, are much different. Very impressive sounds that you should hear yourself to understand what it’s all about.

                  • Yes, I think the problem is not with the Tesla. Rather the implementation of it in the DT1350. The T1 and T5p, I think both are fine sounding headphones.
                    It’s like a race car. Just because you have a ferrari engine doesn’t mean you have a race-winning car.

                    • SoundEskimoo

                      Yes, only by installing ferrari engine wont make you have race-winning car

                  • SoundEskimoo

                    How much time will it took for Beyerdynamic’s Tesla to achieve the same results as Planar?

                    • dalethorn

                      It’s not the same thing at all. Beyer’s Tesla is a very advanced driver, and so is their 75 year old DT48 driver. Very similar but of course the new Teslas are tuned much better for the more modern sound than the DT48. Planars are a very different technology. There is no comparison I can think of. Think for a moment about loudspeakers with full range drivers -vs- multi-drivers with crossovers. Or even planar loudspeakers. Much of that is going on with headphones. You can’t learn enough about those technologies here. Use Google instead. This review site will tell you the results of the actual products, but you need to read background on technologies where those articles are.

                    • SoundEskimoo

                      I’m not familiar with DT48, since im not in that business. From what i felt, Tesla in Beyerdynamic is better suited for pro-ears. Rather than mainstream one.
                      Profesional & the one who listen classical orchestral music.

  • SoundEskimoo

    After revisitting again, I thought that dt1350 somewhat very nice product.
    I describe the mids very very special, the bass going very very deep. Focused on low-bass. But sharp treble still need adaption. Overall felt more hi-fi than HD25.
    HD25’s seems has lower fidelity than this, also mids very recessed, and the bass which they admired so much didnt go very very deep, instead only focused on mid-bass segment.
    Bass punch still much more satisying on dt1350.
    Jazz & audiophile genres sang very lively on dt1350 than hd25’s recessed mid. Trance also nicer on dt1350, but I haven’t tried it with hiphop R&B.

    I think I’m in love with dt1350, Mike. Need a while to decide. Do you feel the same way?

  • SoundEskimoo

    Mike, question: which portable amp will unleash dt1350 ? Thanks.

    For WAV, FLAC, mp3 320 debate. From my own experience, mp3 changed the sound character tend to be more bassy, bit muddier, less airy & less sparks (lower fidelity). Compared to CD, WAV FLAC is about the same quality. The less the size, the less the “openness” in sound they give you.
    Now I cannot hear 96-128Kbps like ten years ago anymore , because on headphone the sub- quality made you annoyed. Speakers tend to forgive those sub-par quality format.

    • I don’t know, never really got into the DT1350 sound. I think it’s hard for me to recommend an amp for it.

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  • I am finding the DT1350 amped with a CMoy too laid back (if that’s the opposite of being too forward) for my type of music. Everything sounds veiled and not “fun” like my SE215 iems. When I listen to music like Intro by M83, I like to hear the texture of the synths. The M50s did a great job of this, but they leaked too much sound to use in a library. Based on this information, what headphone would you recommend me? Thanks!

    • Jeff,
      Try the M-80 Vmoda or the HD25-1, though I don’t know how well they would do in a library setting.

    • Eric Thompson

      Yeah the 215’s are laid back, id go HD25-1-II and maybe the GR07 for IEM’s? or TF10’s

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  • Eric Thompson

    For $200 1350’s or Amperiors? Blue Amperiors are $216 on amazon and 1350’s are $200

    I will like the extra detail and bass in the 1350’s but you seem to think that the HD25’s may be better or its pretty close so the amperiors should be way better than the 1350’s right?

    Only other think I can think of would be the M80’s?

    • Eric,
      The new batch of M80s we get are somewhat veiled and lacking detail. The M100 however is the new replacement for the HD25-1 and I think it’s currently the best portable headphone out there.

      • Eric Thompson

        Hmmm really? What do you mean by new batch? I didn’t find the M80’s lacking detail, actually I found them very detail for a fashion headphone but maybe it was just my expectation’s going in, but they are a little laid back in the high’s for my taste but most people were upset with the M100’s at how bassy and V-shaped they are. So the M100’s are better than the HD25’s? Will there be a M80/M100 review?

        I’m looking into the AKG550’s or the Momentum’s right now but wasn’t really considering the M100’s as I thought they were in a lower category of fidelity.

        • dalethorn

          I bought a V80 when it first came out, and it had a recessed treble. Then v-moda sent me a white M80 almost a year later, and its sound was identical to the V80, i.e. recessed treble. The M100 doesn’t have a recessed treble or significantly recessed mids – the bass simply overpowers the mids. If you used ipod / itunes bass reducer on the M100, you would have a nearly perfect headphone signature from top to bottom, no matter what amp or DAC you use. I don’t find such a simple fix for the M80 though.

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  • Nik

    Hello Mike
    I’m trying to complete my equipment to listen to music during my business trips.
    After the AK120, following your advice I took the Etymotic ER-4PT and amplifier Alo The International, and I am really satisfied.
    But I would always a small headphone (no matter whether open or closed).
    I listened to the Fidelio L2. I like much the sound signature, but consider it a bit too big. I saw the Beyerdynamic DT1350 (but I have not been able to hear).
    It has the right size for me. Do you think it will work well with the AK120, with or without amplifier? Or, for a natural sound, I might be more than satisfied with a highly portable PX100 II?
    Thank you again

    • Hi Nik,
      If you want something like the DT1350 then get the new T51 which is the newest version of that variants. Personally I love the PX100-II paired with the AK120 but we’re talking Beyer vs Senn here.

  • DTSxJP

    I have a question, how does the DT 1350 sound with the Oppo HA-2?