Fiio E7, Meet Your Rival: The Ibasso D-Zero


It’s pretty amazing how easy it is to get quality gear these days. Just recently I was raving about the $80 Fiio E10 DAC/Amp, and now I find myself with another great entry level DAC/Amp product from Ibasso that is the D-Zero. This thing comes loaded with everything I could want in a portable, entry level DAC/Amp box. USB DAC and headphone amplifier in one box, rechargeable batteries, USB charging mechanism, Aux In/Out, Gain Selector, all packaged nicely in a very small and slim enclosure. This is indeed truly amazing.

From left to right: Headphone out, Aux In/Out (more on that feature down below), Power ON/OFF, and Volume Control.


USB port works for charging and for USB DAC feature. On the right side is charging and gain switch.


Versus the Fiio E7 and the E10

The technicalities are generally good. Very black background with a good instrument separation. Soundstage depth is not as deep as on the Fiio E10, but there is a good tradeoff since the background on the music is blacker on the D-Zero. The tonality is generally neutral and slightly dark. Everything sounds good and in place, very orderly. Comparing the D-Zero to the E7, there really is no contest, at least in my view. The D-Zero has a more linear frequency response (the E7 is slightly boosted on the treble), the background is much blacker on the D-Zero, grain levels lower, and the sound is smoother on the D-Zero as well. Oh, and the amp is punchier on the D-Zero as well. I don’t think I’ve ever given this much praise to an Ibasso product before.

One thing I wish was different is the midrange, which I find to not have enough body hence not as full sounding than the E10 Fiio. Again a trade-off thing since the music is more orderly, each instrument taking a clearer stance on the D-Zero. So I would put a plus on the D-Zero for technicalities, while I would give a plus on the E10 on fun factor.


Thinner than the Fiio E7.


And also smaller than the E7. Sounds better too!


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Fiio E7, Meet Your Rival: The Ibasso D-Zero
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  • H-Man

    Hello Mike. Thanks for another great portable amp review. I notice that you mentioned that the D-Zero are not too great with a DT1350. I was hoping to get some advice on an amp for the DT1350. I’m somewhat stuck in the middle between the Cmoy and the Audinst Amp-Hp. I want the bass response of the Audinist Amp-HP but at the same time the soundstage of the CMoy. Is there no amp which gives me the two and works great with the DT1350? Any help would be greatly appreciated. kindest regards. H-Man

    • Anonymous

      Yea, it would be difficult to get the Cmoy soundstage and Audinst AMP-HP bass in one package.
      The D-Zero actually has good soundstage and good bass.. I just couldn’t get through the midrange part of that combination. What do you think? If that doesn’t seem like an issue to you then the D-Zero is actually a very good amp.

  • If only the E10 had this form factor… The E10 is kinda chunky and putting me off a little, but i like bass heavy music like house and dance music… which would you recommend over the other, the E10 or the D-Zero?

    • Anonymous

      For house and dance, go with the D-Zero. I think the bass is punchier and works better for those music, though the E10 would be pretty good for them too.

  • C-LOS

    Hey mike so the D- zero pairs great with the HD25-1 ,compared to the JDSLABS comoy  which one do u think is better for Rock/hipHop/Modern classical/ambient.
    Appreciate your honest opinion

  • TrH

    Hey mike – with the recent reviews of the d-zero, audinst, e-10, etc, what would you recommend for a pair of grado 325s in the sub-$200 range?
    Btw – would you consider doing a multi-unit comparison in the future? Thanks for all your work

    • You’re welcome.

      The new Fiio E17 should be good for your Grado. The bass is very punchy, and it should go very well with the Grado’s character. You can also look into the new JDSLabs C421 amp. The character should be good for your Grado (ask for OPA2227), but it doesn’t have a DAC so you need to add a separate DAC.

  • Scottie

    I have a different question regarding the D-Zero.  Does anyone know of a way to charge it using a USB wall wart of some kind?  I tried both an apple iPod wall wart and a BlackBerry 9900 wall wart and neither will get the charging LED to light up. Most of the time charging via a computer is fine, but if I’m on a short vacation and don’t want to pack my laptop, I’d like to be able to throw a wall wart and USB cable in my bag.  Does anyone know of a wall wart that works on the D-Zero?

    • I charge the D-Zero from the computer’s USB all the time, I think it works fine.

      • Scottie

        Oh yeah no I get that, it charges great from a computer’s USB.  But there are times when I won’t have my laptop handy and would like to be able to charge it from a little wall wart and usb cable.  Does anyone know of a wall wart that works to charge the D-Zero?

        • Scottie,
          I think most USB chargers should work. They all have the same 5V output voltage.

  • Baud

    Hello Mike,
    I would like to buy an AKG K271 MKII.
    Is it a good amp (iBasso D-Zero) for this can and to have more bass ?
    I have an ipod classic 4th.
    Thanks a lot.
    Best Regards.

    • Baud, 
      I haven’t tried the K271 Mk2 with the D-Zero. Have you listened to the K271 yet? If you want more bass perhaps try the Fiio E11 as it comes with a bass boost.

      • Hyper Mus1c

        Thanks a lot for your reply.

        • Sorry couldn’t give much help there. 


    Hi Mike, I read this review and bought a D-Zero. I really like it.

    I am planning to get another one. So, could you compare a little on D-Zero, cMoy, and E17?

    My gear is JH5 with iPod Classic. I frequently listen to Classical, Vocal, C-pop, and K-pop.

    Thanks for your input. I really appreciate it.

  • David Naranjo

    Hi MIke,

    Thanks for sharing a great and informative review! Do you know if there’s an affordable DAC that will bypass the DAC on the iPhone? I’ve only heard of the expensive ones like Fostex and Cyber Labs.

    I should be receiving my D-Zero tonight; I’ll be using my iPhone 4S>D-Zero>B&W P5s.


    • Unfortunately no, David. Only the Fostex and Cypher Labs for now.

      • L.

        Too bad, maybe we can convince JDSLabs to make one 😉

        • I still want him to build a tube amp first. Good idea, no? 😉

          • L.

             Improved Crack? 😉

            • More like the Cmoy-equivalent of a tube amp: the SSMH (Starving Student Millet Hybrid)
              I think it would be awesome if they can make finished build versions.

          • Mutnat

             My vote is with the JDSLabs iPod DAC, please! A D421 in C421 housing to complement the awesome amp.  Now *that* would rule!!!

      • David Naranjo

        Would using an iPod 5G (Wolfson WM8758) sound any better with the iBasso Audio D-Zero and a decent pair of cans? I was considering the VentureCraft Go-Dap, although I have not found a decent review yet.

        • Well yes the DZero would improve the amplifier section.

          • David Naranjo

            I just received the D-Zero and my first impressions are good! Is there a long burn-in period for D-Zero?

            • I would do 12 hours max.

  • David Naranjo

    Has anyone tried the D-Zero with an HRT iStreamer or Cypherlabs Solo?

    • Mutnat

      Since the amp section of the D-Zero isnt great, it seems a waste to use it as an amp only, bypassing the built-in DAC to uuse a solo or iStreamer. If you want to use a dedicated DAC like those, then buy a nicer dedicated amp to go with it. Maybe something like a C421?

      • David Naranjo

        I know that it’s an entry level DAC/Amp; however, what don’t you like about it?

        Any thoughts Mike?

        • Basically not using the Ibasso D’zero’s DAC, I think you’ll be better off with the C421.

          • David Naranjo

            For a mobile setup, iPod > CLAS > C421 a better setup rather than using the D-Zero? I figured most people would use ALO or Ray Samuels…

            • Yes the C421 would be better than the D-Zero.

              The ALO and the RSA amps are good, just more expensive.

      • Yes that’s a suggestion I agree with.

        • Mutnat

          It’s not that the D-Zero is a ‘bad’ amp.  Attached via an LOD, it does a reasonable job as a headphone amp for an iDevice.  However, if you are spending $580 on an external DAC (the CLAS), you are not doing it justice by amping it with theD-Zero. IMHO.  Likewise, if you were using some very basic headphones like the Apple earbuds or some $20 cans.  Remember that the system will only sound as good as the weakest component. 

          • David Naranjo

            Kool, thanks for your input!

        • Mutnat

          Forgot to mention… yes most people use an Rx mkII, a Continental, or a Ray Samuels as you said.  Any of those would bevery good with the CLAS.  At a cheaper price point, the National or C421 would work reasonably well, better than a D0, E17, etc.

          • Again, totally agree with Mutnat.

        • David Naranjo

          Ok, thanks Mike!

    • Like Ipod > CLAS > D-Zero you mean?

  • Rey

    Hi Mike, i’m using iPod 5th gen and IEM Sunrise SW Xcape V.1 right now. Already sold my Martini+ and in the need of portable amp for vocals-oriented music, classic, jazz, blues and some hard-rocks. Will this D-Zero satisfy my needs?

  • hi mike, i have a crossroads hr1 amp, do this ibasso do justice to it? its a laid back amp or how? anyways is the dac part worth even its entry lvl?

    • Crossroads HR1 Amp? Sorry I don’t understand the question. You have a crossroads HR1 amp and you want to plug this ibasso to it?

      • oh my bad i mean i have the crossroads hr1 earbuds, which is 150ohm, and will it do justice to it by using it with this ibasso, any one more question is this , just the dac part of it will or could be beneficial to my soon travagans 3″ speakers, or should i opt for the audnist mx amp which u had reviewed for my hr1 earbuds along with my speakers(use only dac)

        • Okay one by one.

          For the HR1, I would get something like the Cmoy or the C421.

          The DAC, currently the cheapest DAC in my recommendations list is the HRT MS2.

          • oic, if i were to buy or use the audinist mx1 , will it be able to power up the speakers as well? or just have to use d dac part, and a seperate maybe t-amp,.

            • Azizul,
              You have to buy a separate amp for your speakers.

  • Jim Moret

    Thanks so much for your review.
    Could I use the D-zero with an iPad 3 + CCK to enable me to use Aiaiai tma-1 headphones and employ the DAC on the iBasso? Would this set up give me an improved sound over the ipad 3 alone with headphones?
    Thanks for your time

    • I know you are waiting for a response from Mike, although I had the same question months ago; Mike and iBasso Audio answered it for me.

      Unfortunately, you cannot bypass the DAC on the new iPad with the iBasso Audio D-Zero. Only the expensive Amp/DAC or DACs can do that. The D-Zero’s DAC is only utilized, via USB, on a computer.

      I hope this helps!

      • Thanks for answering for me, DAvid.

        • You’re welcome! You are the true audiophile! 🙂

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  • Nirmaljit Akham

    hello mike ,
    first off all thank you for giving the exact info i was looking for

    if i use D-zero with an android tablet with usb port activating the DAC part and then use the amp, is that possible?
    if yes will it best portable amp for the price range?
    going to use it with ath m35 & ath t500.listening to vocals mostly

    • I know you are waiting for a response from Mike, although I had the same question months ago; Mike and iBasso Audio answered it for me. Unfortunately, you cannot bypass the DAC on an Android tablet with the iBasso Audio D-Zero. Only the expensive Amp/DAC or DACs can do that. The D-Zero’s DAC is only utilized, via USB, on a computer. I hope this helps!

    • Sorry I haven’t tried that function with the dzero. I can’t tell you if it would work.

  • Synyster Jasnizam Paget

    Is this headphones good for my shure srh940?

    • DACs you mean? Yes.

      • Synyster Jasnizam Paget

        sorry typo huhu..ok i need to make a decision between e07k or ibasso d-zero..btw what dac those two using anyway?

  • L.

    I just got my hands on this and I have to agree with Mike on the sound part. I love using it with my custom in Ears from Cosmic Ears (BA4)

  • riodgarp

    sorry if its sounds silly, but I wanna search for a dap that will suitable to be paired with d-zero. ( bright or neutral sq maybe? ) among some dap that already tested on this site . . . and how long is approximately to charge d-zero ?

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