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Who’s going to the pit with the AirPods Pro? A few models actually :

BGVP Q2 : the Q2 offers a wider sound stage, deeper bass and it sounds much more… audiophile. 90% of the time, I felt that the transients sounded faster, but on modern tracks, the difference with the AirPods Pro is harder to spot. Yet, I consider the Q2 to be better sounding, overall.

Jays M-Seven : the M-Seven are my go-to ears for any sports activities. They fit perfectly, sound bassy but fun and cost less than 150 bucks. Yet, the AirPods Pro is better in terms of sound quality and integration (remember I’m on an iPhone). If you’re on Android (or iPhone) and don’t need any noise-canceling, plus are on a budget, this is the right choice in my opinion.

FiiO UTWS1 + Shanling ME500: this combo is more expensive than the AirPods Pro, but I was curious to hear the difference. The ME500 feels more precise, with sharper highs and mids, but the residual noise reduces the dynamic and honestly, on a wireless basis, I’d prefer the AirPods Pro as I preferred the BGVP Q2. Plus, it’s much heavier to carry in terms of TWS standards. So if I’d have to get wireless, I’d stick with the AirPods.

– Sennheiser Momentum Wireless: another TWS from a major brand, with a single dynamic transducer. The sound is more precise, more full on the Momentum and you can easily hear details harder to spot on the AirPods Pro. Still, the Momentum suffers from a severe battery drain and I had to recharge the box every day during my tests. The AirPods Pro? Just once every week.


The Apple AirPods Pro is the best TWS  the brand has to offer and with good reasons.

Sound is good, but clearly not exceptional. However, combined with noise-canceling, tight integration and the simple fact that Apple keeps improving its earphones through wireless updates, make them worth every penny you’re gonna put on them.

Yes, their design is “meh” at best. But, once you wear them, all of those considerations fly away. Sure, the white glossy plastic finish is deceiving. Yet, that’s what makes them fit swiftly into the charging box. Noise-cancelling is known to alter the sound quality. Even though, that’s not the case here as Apple achieved better results thanks to their all-mighty engineers.

If you want to hate these earphones, feel free to do so. People will keep buying them and exhibit those ugly white sticks like a trophy.

But if like me, you’re willing to pass the first “that-is-not-audiophile-damn-those-people” impression and be keen enough to spend a full grand on an iPhone, you’ll be rewarded with one of the best user-focused experience. Period.

And yes, I’ll keep my AirPods Pro for my everyday commute. And I will even gift a set to my wife, to share Netflix on the iPad in the train, wirelessly, like normies. So yeah, if you have an iPhone and just want the best TWS, get the AirPods Pro. I’d gladly add them to my recommendation list, but since you can’t use them fully on a DAP… I can’t.

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  • Reply March 5, 2020


    Nice Review!
    I am currently using AIRPod 2 and is fully satisfied with its sound quality and the most important easy placement inside the ear. I was looking to upgrade to Airpod Pro but now thinking to wait for the next release as my Airpod 2 is still working fine.

  • Reply March 5, 2020

    Joshua Chew

    Is there a review for the Momentum TW coming anytime soon?

  • Reply March 5, 2020


    Hey guys, I have a pair, too, and love it. I think the original AirPods sounds better, but the connection quality, and isolation/NC is so cool. Great job Nano.

  • Reply March 5, 2020


    Nice review. I love mine! I’m sure there are many others that sound better. I honestly think $30 wired Apple EarPods actually sound better. But, AirPods Pro is just so convenient. I do wish Apple will improve the sounds just a tad bit on the next version.

  • Reply March 5, 2020


    Apple has been shipping an 18 watt adapter with iPhones for almost a year.

  • Reply March 6, 2020


    I have to chime in – these suck (Airpods are great! but not these) – STOP THE HYPE – fit is terrible both in ear and trying to get them in and out of the case, tips included do not fit all, battery life is terrible, sound quality subpar, form factor far worse that the regular Airpods (which rock!)! The BEST TWS are Creative Outlier Gold. Bar none! The only thing that Apple has “right” is the open ventilation that would be good to have others solve as well but it probably has to go with NC…

  • Reply November 28, 2020


    Apple product are amazing, i am using some apple product like iPhone and laptop. and love it

  • Reply November 28, 2020


    love the sound of airpods…. good review

  • Reply December 15, 2020


    Very nice article. Specially the sound of airpods are super.

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