AudioQuest Giveaway & Survey!


In this article we’re launching an AudioQuest Survey and we’re doing an AudioQuest giveaway, worth €/$2400 Euro/USD of prizes!

EDIT: This prize draw linked to this survey is no longer online, but you can still complete the form if you feel like it.

AudioQuest Survey

AudioQuest and Headfonia would love to learn more about how you listen to music and what gear you use, so we’re doing a survey for our readers. It’s a detailed survey with 35 questions split over 4 categories (Gear, Listening, AudioQuest and Audio), but in return we’re giving those who complete the survey the possibility to win some prizes!



Out of all the entries 9 lucky winners will be chosen. We and AudioQuest are giving away:

– 5 x AudioQuest DragonFly RED
– 3 x AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt
– 1 x €/$500 Euro/USD to spend on AudioQuest cables of your choice for your system. (AudioQuest interconnects, power cables, digital cables, etc…)

The winners will be selected by a lucky draw among all the participants who completed the full survey in a decent way. AudioQuest is fully in charge of the Prize Draw and shipping the products to the winners, so your name and email will be transferred to them, together with your answers to the questions. The prizes are not exchangeable for cash.

Make sure to enter a correct email address, as AudioQuest will use it to contact the winners. The survey will run for about 1 month, ending on July 31.

Enjoy the survey, thank you in advance and good luck with the AudioQuest Giveaway!


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  • Reply June 28, 2021

    Kim Enrico Jumarang

    Done! Survey is quite nice and seems beneficial actually for what we want to expect from Audioquest.

  • Reply June 29, 2021

    W M Hafez W Salam

    Completed the survey. Interesting read on Master Quality Authenticated lossy compression audio codec.

  • Reply July 4, 2021

    Tom Quigley

    I tried to submit three times using Safari and my MacBook, iPad, and iPhone….hangs.

    Interesting survey that got me thinking about future AudioQuest products that could help me connect my Apple hardware running Apple Music to my portable and home audio systems at higher rates without having to utilize MQA.

    • Reply July 4, 2021


      Thanks for telling. We have a couple hundred responses so far and no one seems to have had any issues submitting. I will double check

  • Reply July 25, 2021

    Roger Davies

    No problem here. I think if you don’t accept the cookies you don’t get the glass of milk. 😉

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