Craft Ears Craft Six Review

Craft Ears Craft Six

Today we review the Craft Ears Craft Six custom IEM which is selling for €965 Euro.


Disclaimer: The Craft Ears Craft Six custom monitor was sent to us free of charge in exchange for this review. Craft Ears is not related to Headfonia in any way.

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This isn’t the first time we’re looking at Craft Ears, as Matty has already covered their Craft Four monitor back in April 2020. You can find out the Craft Four review here:

Matty concluded that the Craft Four represents tremendous value for a technically proficient and accomplished multi-BA CIEM, as well as offering a premium product and brand experience. It was a terrific first CIEM to review, and the Craft FOUR gets my nod as a rock-solid performer. Whether you’re an on-stage or in-studio professional, or an at-home music fan – these are well worth your considerations for a mid-range entry point into the exciting realm of CIEMs.

The Craft Four also won Matty’s Best In Show Award at the end of the year, and as such we are expecting a whole lot from the Craft Six monitor.

Reviewing CIEMs is what I like most but it’s been a really long time since I reviewed a custom. That was the Fir Audio M5 in September of last year and so I’m really excited about this review.

Craft Ears

Craft Ears is located in Poland, which is quickly becoming an absolute CIEM hotspot with companies such as The Custom Art and Lime Ears.

You can find the Craft Ears’ website right here:

Unfortunately – even after the Craft Four review – we still don’t know a lot about Craft Ears, and I fully recommend them to set up an “About Us” on their website. What we do know is that Craft Ears was founded back in 2019 by Jedrzej Nowicki. He’s also the one we’ve been in contact with and he crafted or at least checked the monitors when they were shipped to me.

Craft Ears Craft Six

Craft Ears for now has 3 models in their product range, and all of these are available in both a custom as well as universal version, with the universals being a bit cheaper. The unit we’re looking at in this review is the custom version of the Craft Six. Let’s dive in!

Craft Six

The Craft Ears Craft Six is the reference monitor of the Craft Ears line-up and it features six drivers in the following configuration:

  • Dual Sub-Low,
  • Dual Low-Mid,
  • Single Mid-High,
  • One Super-Tweeter

The Craft Six also features Craft Ears’ proprietary RASEN Bass, True Load, and SES technologies.

RASEN Bass ™ (Reference Acoustic Spiral Enhanced Bass)

Patent-pending solution, precisely calculated and designed 3D printed structure, that creates low-end notes as realistic as a true subwoofer.

True Load ™

Extremely flat Impedance and Phase. We’ve seen this before from companies such as The Custom Art (FIBAE series) and 64 Audio, just to name two.

SES™ (Space Expanse System)

Craft Ears’ very own field-specific, 3D printed, horn-loaded tweeter which was tuned in a very particular bandwidth.

The Craft Six’ dedicated web page can be found here:

The Craft Ears Craft Six’ price is starting at €965 Euro, but that price may increase depending on the personalization options chosen. The universal Craft Six version costs €870 Euro.

Craft Ears Craft Six

Technical Specifications

Frequency response : 2Hz-23kHz

Impedance: 7Ω (± 0.8Ω)

Noise Isolation: -26 dB

Electrical Crossover: 5-way

Proprietary Technology : RASEN Bass, True Load, and SES

Package & Accessories

As you can see in the pictures, the Craft Six arrived in a very simple white box with a black wrapper around it. On the inside bubble wrap protecting the typical and often used metal round hard case.

The case is personalized with the Craft Ears logo, my name and the serial number of my set of monitors. On the inside of the box there is a simple package: The IEMs with a nice 3.5mm terminated cable, a cleaning tool, a cleaning cloth and a leather cable clip.

The cable supposedly is a Rhapsodio OCC MK2, a 4-braid copper core wire and that’s a nice extra but it’s not what you would call a luxurious presentation as we often see nowadays with the more expensive monitors, but it’s a more back to basics presentation. For the price it’s acceptable but not impressive.

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    Hey, how would you compare these with Lime Model X? I’m looking for CIEMs in around 1000€ made in Europe. Thanks!

    • Reply October 26, 2021


      I didn’t do the X review, so I couldn’t say, sorry

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