Custom Art FIBAE 7 Unlimited Review


The new FIBAE 7U arrives in a small cardboard box. Inside you find the CA carrying zipper case which is rather large for easily storing and neatly packing your monitors.

Apart from the IEMs and the cable, you get a wax pick tool and ear tips in 5 sizes (one pair of double flanges). The tips are of good quality and provide a perfect, seamless with the monitors. Overall the packaging is OK though it could’ve been a bit better.

Build Quality & Comfort

The FIBAE 7U came in the universal version and this is my first ever Custom Art review. I haven’t had any extensive experience with their models before, apart from listening to a couple of models for a brief period. But all of their models look very small, and it’s also the case with my experience with the FIBAE 7U.

It’s very small with a great fit and the perfect seal for a universal monitor. Build quality-wise there’s nothing negative to report about. The canals with the dual tube system are perfectly built, and the edges of the chassis are soft and round. The face plate closing is perfect and there overall isn’t any mistake visible. The 2-pin connector sits perfectly flush with the body and there are no imperfections at all.

The design doesn’t allow me to see the inside of the FIBAE 7U, so I can’t comment on the internal symmetry and neatness. So as far as I can see, this FIBAE 7U is perfect in all ways.

Comfort-wise these are great. Custom Art’s monitors are always small in body and with the short canal, they effortlessly disappear into your ear where they deliver the perfect seal. The comfort is top-notch and you can easily wear the FIBAE 7U for hours without having to take them out or feeling any pain afterwards.

Apart from my custom monitors, this is one of the most comfortable monitors I’ve ever worn, if not the most. I don’t think you can get a better fit from a universal IEM.


Cable-wise the FIBAE 7U comes with a boutique aftermarket cable from Null Audio. The cable is a special version of their Arete OCC Copper cable. The MKV Premium version on Null Audio’s website goes for USD 109, which is affordable.

The Cable is a 4-way one and the build quality seems good. The cable’ Y-splitter, chin lock, 2-pin connectors and 3.5mm plug all look very nice and the build quality is good. You can choose the 2.5mm or 4.4mm balanced version from the ordering page of Custom Art.

Sound-wise I have not felt the need to try any other cable with the FIBAE 7U and I’m quite happy with the performance. I would have liked a 4.4mm termination option to listen to it in balanced mode, but it’s OK.


According to CA; “the new FIBAE 7U has the ultimate frequency response, a smooth natural tonality, spacious and expansive soundstage. The newly updated crossover adds more headroom and improves the dynamics and transient response.”

Unfortunately, I don’t have the previous FIBAE 7 version in my hands, but I can tell that the new 7U sounds very fast with excellent PRaT, fantastic resolution and transparency. The bass and treble are very impressive with a great extension on both sides of the spectrum.

Precise & Dynamic

If you’re looking for precision, brightness and clarity, the new 7U is an excellent choice just below the high-end IEMs category. The IEM has fabulous dynamism and quickness, with fantastic stereo imaging, to the extent that it might be used as a stereo mixing tool. It’s clinical, precise and fast with great definition.

The FIBAE 7 isn’t a typical neutrally flat tuned monitor, however, and you get a full-bodied (yet not too much) type of sound, with smooth, natural mids and more forward treble. The FIBAE 7 is overall more forward sounding in the treble, and that gives it a bright signature, yet it is a bit musical and pleasant to the ears.

From bass to mids to treble, the FIBAE 7 shows a good enough body. The bass impact, lower mid smoothness, and articulating top-end sparkle make it a very engaging and dynamic monitor. It combines details and technicalities with good musicality. The bass quality is especially impressive with great recovery and decay. That helps greatly in providing a clean and clear presentation without any type of bloating whatsoever.

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A keen audiophile and hobby photographer, Berkhan is after absolute perfection. Whether it is a full-frame camera or a custom in-ear, his standpoint persists the same. He tries to keep his photography enthusiasm at the same level as audio. Sometimes photography wins, sometimes his love for music takes over and he puts that camera aside. Simplistic expressions of sound in his reviews are the way to go for him. He enjoys a fine single malt along with his favorite Jazz recordings.

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