Custom Art FIBAE 7 Unlimited Review


Vision Ears VE7 Review

The VE7 is also one of the best IEMs in its price range in terms of details, clarity and resolution. First of all, both of these have an excellent and very comfy fit. The build quality for both of them is very good as well. The Vision Ears offering however has a more fancy packaging with more accessories.

The VE7 has a more controlled treble with more breath, with a bit less detail but it’s certainly smoother in there. The mids are impressively clean and crisp in both, though overall the 7U is the faster monitor with quicker decay. Bass-wise the VE7 has more sub-bass rumble, and more mid-bass kick, whilst the 7U focuses on mid-bass more. It has better decay with quicker recovery.

The VE7 has a wider sound stage with more depth as well. The stereo imaging is close between them, but the 7U is more precise. However, its focused and elevated treble response, especially in the upper registers, is a potential problem with certain sources. The VE7 performs smooth and remains crisp and resolving with almost any source.

Effect Audio Axiom Review

These two IEMs couldn’t be more different in terms of sound. The Axiom has a heavy bass-focused presentation. The Custom Art monitor sounds lighter in comparison. It has good bass with good impact but it can still be considered light against the Axiom, which has a bassy presentation throughout.

The 7U has much better resolution, speed and transparency. The Axiom has an immersive staging, compared to the narrower and focused staging of the 7U, but the imaging of the Custom Art IEM is simply much sharper and more engaging.


The new Custom Art flagship is a very impressive highly technical monitor.  The FIBAE 7U delivers a very precise, technically powerful signature with a good low end, smooth mids, more forward treble and a sparkling top end. It has great dynamics, staging and stereo image, and that combined with the right amount of body, naturalness and detail retrieval make it a musical, yet special sounding, technically strong monitor.

The amount of extension of both ends, the smoothness of the mids, and the incredibly detailed and defined treble response are all excellent when it comes to a higher-end IEM. Yet, don’t forget to pair it up with a smooth & musical-sounding source, as it can get a bit too sterile in the upper parts of the spectrum with its sharp tuning.

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