First Look Sunday – Effect Audio King Arthur

Effect Audio King Arthur

Today, we take a look at the Effect Audio King Arthur, the luxury $7.000 IEM from the Singapore company. It’s the first IEM creation from the cable brand but there’s much more to the story.

This is part of our First Look series, where we take a quick look at some products in the review cycle. You can find all previous First look and Picture Sunday posts here and here.

About Effect Audio

Effect Audio no longer needs an introduction as we have covered the Singaporean cables on many different occasions. For those of you who have been hiding let’s just say this boutique cable manufacturer has been around for ten years now and ever since then they have been gaining popularity on a global scale.

Effect Audio King Arthur

Effect Audio is among the most popular cable brands out there, and many enthusiasts trust their products. It’s no surprise that even industry players such as Empire EarsJomo Audio or Vision Ears bundle their monitors with Effect Audio cables.

I personally haven’t reviewed anymore cables as it’s something Linus likes to do, but I do still use their Leonidas and Horus cable with every IEM that comes through the door at the HFN Headquarters. So why am I writing about them now? Well that’s easy: EA has decided to enter the universal IEM market, and they have done so with a BANG. In this case the bang is called King Arthur.

Effect Audio King Arthur

King Arthur

EA wanted to develop an IEM that not only you can listen to, but you feel and thoroughly engages you and your emotions. Yet, at the same time, Effect Audio wanted to make sure that every single frequency range is highly accurate in both sound and timbre. That is why they customized the drivers to fit their varied specifications and applied an advanced crossover system which allows them full control over the drivers & frequency load. This impressive piece of engineering is developed in cooperation with Empire Ears who are known for delivering very good custom IEMS.

You can find the dedicated King Arthur web page right here:


The pursuit of an extraordinary experience – the essence of HiFi & Luxury lifestyle combined. The IEM package encompasses some of the most extravagant materials & design packed with the most cutting edge technology available.


According to Effect Audio, King Arthur is the essence of pristine Hi-Fi & luxury lifestyle combined. It is the best that portable Hi-Fi according to them can offer, in the most decadent high-end form. King Arthur is the culmination of Effect Audio’s pursuit of an extraordinary experience. The IEM package encompasses some of the most extravagant materials & design ever employed in this industry, combined with the most exacting technical engineering. This unique set of IEMs sets you back a whopping $6.999USD but you get a whole lot in return as well. As far as I know King Arthur is delivered on special order only and it cannot be refunded.

Effect Audio King Arthur

Besides the 16 drivers (2 Low, 7 Mid, 7 High) and 9-way crossover, King Arthur also uses a groundbreaking modular face plate system. It allows users to swap various face plate design to realize your personal style. The Vivid Acrylic is on default. Effect audio has included 4 different premium materials within the package as well namely: “Elegant Rosewood”, “Classic Carbon Fibre”, “Textured Leather” and “Metallics”.

The IEM itself is not the smallest because of the driver count and technology inside, but it’s not huge either. King Arthur is micro precision 3D printed with an acrylic shell. But it doesn’t stop there, KA also comes with a brand new super delux high-end cable, called the “Caliburn”.


The ‘Caliburn’ cable has been tuned to the apex synergy with King Arthur. Delivering clean, high fidelity and enriching tonality, the ‘Caliburn’ increases the base performance of the King Arthur by a significant realm – entering the Hi-Fi segment. This dream pairing allows you to savour the entirety and subtleties of the music, elevating your experience to the utmost realism, putting you right in the center of a live performance.
Effect Audio King Arthur

The cable specifications are:

– 24AWG
– Rare UPOCC |Gold Plated Silver & Gold Silver Alloy| +|Gold Plated Silver & Pure Silver|
– Individually Enamelled Strands
– Septuple Core, Multi-Bundled Litz
– EA UltraFlexi Insulation
– KA Designer Y-Split

The Effect Audio King Arthur IEM preview continues on Page Two of this article.

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    Tommy Lu

    Do you have any comment on how good this pair is in comparison to U18t? Thx!

  • Reply May 10, 2020


    Its the end game iem ????

    All other companies should just keep their products and close shop…

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