Fiio BTA30 Review

Fiio BTA30

Fiio Control App

The BTA30 is supported by the Fiio Control app. In the app, you can select between input sources, select the default individual BT codec such as LDAC-only. You can change the volume control mode of SPDIF-IN. You also have a couple of low pass filters but in my opinion, they do not have a major impact on the sound and the default is just fine. You also have the option to change the status indicator color pattern from Red-Green to Red-Blue. Lastly, you have the option to toggle auto-power on and indicator lights on or off.

Testing Conditions

I used several units to evaluate the sound quality of the BTA30. I used it as a Bluetooth DAC with my active reference monitors, the JBL LSR305P mkII. I also hooked it to Geshelli Labs Archel 2.5 Pro desktop headphone amplifier as a dedicated DAC. I used my daily driver modded Sennheiser X Drop 58X.

Sound Signature

Using it as a dedicated Bluetooth amp for my active speakers, the sound signature is quite rich & smooth. The LSRs have a balanced signature but its midrange can be quite dry with some sources, however, the BTA30 was not one of them. Paired with it, the LSRs sound wonderful to my ears, the midrange is smooth and a tad forward. The signature of the BTA30 can be described as warmish balanced, it provides a great, rounded & authoritative bass response. The treble is quite expansive and the extension is well-tuned. I really am surprised how good this little device is with my LSRs.

The resolution and detail-retrieval level is very satisfactory. Imaging is very good, as it usually is with the the LSRs. I don’t feel any bottleneck here, the BTA30 can even be compared to much pricier DACs if you intend to use it in a similar configuration.

Fiio BTA30

Paired with the Archel 2.5 Pro, the BTA30 offers a warmer signature, the midrange has slightly more body and the note weight is thicker. Instrument separation and coherency feel accurate, despite the big price difference between the units. This validates how great the price to performance ratio is. Clarity-wise it is very good as well. The bass is bold and powerful. The midrange is smooth, sweet, and rich. Vocals are euphoric. The BTA30 punches above its price level here, too. The treble is resolving, delicate and smooth. Technically, the BTA30 performs really well and performs better than similar DACs such as the Audioengine D1 despite the huge price difference.

If you’re aiming for the best wired performance, I recommend you to use coaxial and a high quality 5V USB power adapter. I also recommend getting decent coax & RCA cables as I can easily hear the difference between my custom made cables and the included generic cables. If you’re an LSR 305P mkII user, I highly recommend you to get this receiver if you have a need for it. It has excellent synergy with the LSRs and I enjoyed writing this review while listening to my favorite tunes with the combo.


Last Words

The BTA30 transceiver packs a punch with its multi-functional use and you can pretty much use it in every setup seamlessly. You can use it as a dedicated wired DAC in a DAC-AMP configuration, you can use it to bless Bluetooth capability to your favorite DACs or you can connect it to your wired active speakers and use it as a Bluetooth DAC. The possibilities are unlimited, hook it up to your TV, hook it up to your Playstation or Xbox, and so on.

It has excellent technical capability and it has very good tuning. Sound quality is well above the asking price and the fact that it supports audiophile-oriented codecs such as the LDAC & AptX HD is just brilliant. It practically does not take space on your desk and the build quality is amazing. It looks modern, chic, and very handsome. The BTA30 served me with fantastic connection stability during my time with it, which is a whole month. I never experienced a drop or a stutter.

In my opinion, judging by the technology inside and the price point, this may be the best Bluetooth transceiver in the market right now. I recommend you to try it and hear for yourself!




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