Review: FiiO FA7 – The Process

FiiO FA7


Here are the selected comparisons below. If you have any other IEM that you would like for us to compare, let us know in the comments.


FiiO FH5: The FH5 is a very different monitor top to bottom. For the start, it has a hybrid configuration so that means the approach to the sound is quite different. The midbass in the FH5 feels diffused, and the subbass is the focused area when compared. This of course is a matter of choice, but to me the FA7 is the more reference type of IEM. The FH5 adds much more fun to the mix though.

Tonality-wise I think the FA7 is superior, also for the overall resolution and transparency. To cut the story short, if you like to have a relaxed, forgiving approach you can go for the FH5. But if you want your sound to be a little more flat, analytical and warm like some high end IEMs, the FA7 is your pick.

iBasso IT04: The IT04 is lighter in bass department, its bass hits are quite subtle when compared. Its presentation is brighter overall with more mid emphasis. It also has a bit better treble section. However the FA7 puts a great tonality on the table here, which I think is better than the IT04. The IT04 also has a narrower stage when compared with similar depth. The resolution is around the same. The FA7 is built better though, which could be a deciding factor.

FiiO FA7

FiiO FA7

Shozy BG: The BG is a great IEM for the money, but the FA7 is a challenger. It has a better bass response with bigger hits and more body, which makes the BG lifeless in that department. The BG has a similar mid presentation with the laid back approach, but the FA7 has a better timbre in terms of instruments. Also the mids are a little more emphasized than the BG. The BG is more transparent but they both are resolving IEMs for the price level.

The FA7 is just a little bit wider in terms of staging, and they both have good imaging capabilities. To be honest it all comes down to your choices. If tonality is a priority to you, get the FA7. Do you enjoy having a warm sound? Then again it’s the FA7. But if you like a subtle bass response with a brighter approach, you can get the BG. Both fit great and built very well, but the FA7 3D printed shell is more impressive without a doubt.


FiiO improves everything with every product release. The FA7 impressed me the most until now. The only problem with its sound is the overpowering mid bass and lower mid region. Another small dent is the treble extension. Yet, the most impressive part for me is the instrument presentation. That separation and tonality simply blew me over for this price. I doubt I’ve ever heard any IEM which gives a better timbre for this money.

Not to mention their new 3D printing process. The FA7 feels and looks like a gem. I think FiiO finally released a product which is rock solid and dependable for the long run. I think we will hear the FiiO brand name a lot more in the IEM market soon.

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    Are they Bluetooth or how do the wires fit to my device?
    I see little info about sound, at all!
    OK, ergonomics are interesting…. but as a footnote.

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