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Design & Build Quality



Aesthetically, the new FiiO FA7Ss absolutely gorgeous, from every angle.

Unlike the FH7 or FH3, the main body isn’t made of aluminum or magnesium. Instead, FiiO used a solid block of 316L stainless steel – the same metal used with luxury watches – carefully carved through the same 5-axis CNC-milling process. Compared to the previous model, the difference is striking and the crossed faceplate gives a futuristic look, that I find amazingly cool to watch. 


Sure, the previous model was sympathetic with its acrylic shell and red/blue colors, but head to head, the new FA7S is simply no match, at least from a personal perspective. Again, those shells are reasonably big, the same size as the FD5, but FiiO did a great job here. Even with their heavyweight, I never felt annoyed by them over long listening sessions. Once you’re wearing them, they behave like any other modern IEM. 

But we’ll see that at a later time, for now, let’s just say that’s one very cool IEM and keep moving on with our review.

Build quality

Unsurprisingly, the FiiO FA7s build quality is top-notch, like all FiiO’s recent models.

The MMCX port fits perfectly, even a bit too much, but you have the MMCX removal tool for that. There is no gap wherever your hand can touch, no shards or misplaced elements, and the smoothness of the shell gives a good level of comfort. 

Of course, that shell is made of stainless steel, the FA7s supremely robust. Apart from the FA9, the sole acrylic-IEM of the catalog now, those IEM will easily withstand the stand of time. My only fear would be if the glossy finish scratched, but after a few weeks of use, that never happened.


Finally, let’s talk about the new cable. If the FA7 cable was already nice, the new LC-RE is a big improvement. Why? First, because, this new cable enjoy the swappable terminations system, with a full set of 3.5mm TRS, 2.5mm TRRS and 4.4mm Pentaconn plugs, like the FiiO FD5 and FD7. It’s a 30 seconds process, involving no tool and just a light twist, thanks to some clever engineering. Just be careful to check that you’ve put the plug in the right order, if not you’ll end up with only one channel working, as it happened to me.

Second, because this new cable is now made of pure monocrystalline copper cable, coated with high-purity silver, for utmost performances. True premium.

So yeah, it doesn’t get better than that. Let’s check how they fit in the ears.


In the ears

At first, I was set back by the shape, but the FiiO FA7s was surprisingly comfy.

Like the FD7, out of the box, I expected those ears to be a tad too big for my use. But, FiiO did its class, and once fitted with the right eartips (small silicone for me) they completely filled my ear holes and didn’t move over time. Unlike the FDx though, the nozzle cannot be switched for a smaller one. But, during my time with the FA7S, that was never a problem and in the long run, the experience was good overall.


Obviously, compared to the previous FA7, comfort is slightly worse: acrylic semi-custom shaped IEM remains the best option available at the moment if you don’t want to get full custom. That said, the FA7S will undoubtedly outlast the FA7, even if on paper acrylic should last longer than steel, the latter one is practically indestructible 


Obviously, with a semi-custom design, isolation isn’t the FA7S forte. Even if, to my surprise, the new design makes them a little more impervious to outside noises than before. They performed well in noisy environments like the train but fell short when it comes to human voices. If someone were to talk relatively loud near you, you’ll feel like you’re also joining the discussion, music magnifying every word they could say. 


Still, it’s much better than I expected: once you play your music at a moderate level, the IEM will be able to cover most unwanted noises. That said, compared to the previous FA7, it’s clear to me that the new one isn’t the winner in this field.

So, time to check the specs!

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  • Reply December 9, 2021


    Nice review! From what I’m reading, the good ol’ single beryllium driver of the FD7 outshines the FA7S. It seems as though this new model is taking the shell of the FD7 (shape and material) and combining it with balanced armatures.

    I love the FD7, by far the best IEM purchase I’ve made. Last IEM was the Campfire Orion…I sort of lost interest in IEMs because of the Orion. Weak bass, silibance, took nothing to cause distortion. The FD7…they’d blow up my eardrums before I heard distortion, and the sound is just so nice from the bass to the soundstage

  • Reply February 13, 2022


    Will this pair nicely with an ibasso DX160, or a better dap is necessary? I am using ao far FHS3 and i am very happy with the setup so far

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