FiiO FA7S Review


Sound performance

My main sources were: iBasso DX300 / FiiO M15 / EarMen Sparrow Trusted sources from trusted brands that I used extensively for the past months.

Files were played from either Apple Music / Spotify or my own music library. Some tracks will be highlighted, just so you can try them home too!

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So, how does FiiO’s new IEM fare compared to its own siblings? The brand could have made the best looking IEM, it would mean nothing if the FA7S doesn’t sound, at least, as good as the FA7.  

Thankfully, the FiiO FA7S sounds good, really good, even if they are, by essence, quite different from the FD7 I reviewed last time. Even if shyer, the bass remained full and engaging. It goes deep, enough to give you the morning kick you need to fight the filthy crowd, surrounding you in the subway, but subtle enough to retain those little details, sometimes hidden behind the low-mids.


Layering is great, really. Hybrid IEMs give you solid bass but balanced one’s offer you detailed lows. The rumble, the body, the power, all of those are there, never crossing the sidelines, so you can enjoy every little nuance of the sound. Resolution and clarity are on-par with higher tier IEM, even if I tend to prefer the latest FDx model on this aspect, and I truly believe that the solid lows are the foundation of those great results. 

The soundstage is insanely wide, and some people might not enjoy this kind of presentation (as did some of my colleagues) but for me, this as a really pleasant surprise. I’m using the Apple AirPods Max as my on-the-go headphone and craved the new binaural effect. Something the FiiO FA7S managed to emulate pretty well when paired with the iFi Go Blu, thanks to its settings.

There are no sibilants, even if sometimes highs can be a bit vibrant, but that is only true if you’re really sensitive to this effect. Personally, even on low-end I never found any harshness in the sound, and that richness in the upper-range blends perfectly into the bass making the in-ear vibrant and lively. 


On Dream Of Love from Nox Vahn, Mimi Page, I felt completely immersed and heard those “lush vocals and exceptionally pure, natural sound” that FiiO talked about previously. The 3D sensation is nothing short of amazing, and the FA7S outperforms my old FA9 in this regard. Of course, this is much more palpable on a DAP like the FiiO M15 or Astell&Kern A&Futura SE180, which were able to create an astounding sound stage, where I could accurately pinpoint each instrument, every time.

That said if your main focus is realism and accuracy, once again the FiiO FA7S nailed it. It delivers crisp details and small notes without overloading your ears. And, this time, FiiO didn’t put too much emphasis on voices, hurray!.

Powerful mids, good impact, natural voices, powerful bass, and excellent clarity from top to bottom. Plus, it does so with a nice level of finesse, one you can only get with multi-BA drivers like the FA7S, Fearless S8F, or the 64Audio A18S (if you really want to go high-end). Compared to the FiiO FA9, my previous “go-to-reference” with the brand, the FA7S adds a good level of aeration, layering, and more simply, performances. It soothes what could be hard, and enhanced what couldn’t be heard.


It’s a great all-rounder, one that can be used daily and still surprise you, weeks after once you get a new source. This is what happened when I plugged the SMSL DO200 + AO200, thanks to the provided 4.4mm Pentaconn.

In the end, if the FD7 remains king in terms of dynamic range, I think the FA7S takes the crown if you favor technicality over musicality.

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  • Reply December 9, 2021


    Nice review! From what I’m reading, the good ol’ single beryllium driver of the FD7 outshines the FA7S. It seems as though this new model is taking the shell of the FD7 (shape and material) and combining it with balanced armatures.

    I love the FD7, by far the best IEM purchase I’ve made. Last IEM was the Campfire Orion…I sort of lost interest in IEMs because of the Orion. Weak bass, silibance, took nothing to cause distortion. The FD7…they’d blow up my eardrums before I heard distortion, and the sound is just so nice from the bass to the soundstage

  • Reply February 13, 2022


    Will this pair nicely with an ibasso DX160, or a better dap is necessary? I am using ao far FHS3 and i am very happy with the setup so far

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