Goldplanar GL2000 Review

Goldplanar GL2000

Sound Quality

To my knowledge, the Goldplanar GL2000 has two different versions; single magnet and double magnet. My sample has double magnets, and I’ve heard that the double version sounds better. I can’t confirm that information myself, but I’m sure mine is the double magnet version.

The GL2000 I think is a good option if you want to introduce yourself to the planar magnetic headphone world. It has all the qualities that a planar headphone should have, but not without some points that need to be addressed. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a great headphone, but like every other headphone, it has a certain sound that you should be aware of.

Overall the Goldplanar GL2000 sounds warm-ish, with very good texture and tonality. The sound is a bit intimate, but with a joyful experience that gives the music a bit more life than some other planar headphones. It has great dynamics, a good definition in every range, and good resolution.

Goldplanar GL2000


In the bass region, the GL2000 is quite impactful but its lows are very resolving and quite tidy. The bass has great speed and decay. The texture of the bass is also quite successful. Lows have more impact and rumble with stock leather pads, and I personally liked this tuning more. But if you wish less, you can always try the other pads.

I also liked the separation of the bass from other frequencies. It resembles some Audeze headphones instead of the Hifiman ones to me. I tend to like the Audeze tuning a bit more though I appreciate the Hifiman models. However, I really liked the bass response of the GL2000, which again is resolving and impactful.

The bass is not huge or incredible though. It has a satisfying kick in it and it’s very controlled. I also liked the balance here, as the sub-bass and mid-bass have equal presence and definition together. So the tuning here is very very good. Overall I can say the GL2000 is a very good headphone for bass.


The mids are not as great as the bass to me, but they have a very good tonality and accentuation. They also have good resolution with a dark approach, so you might think that it’s too veiled or too dark at times. It felt a bit like the HD650 in my listening sessions. This may be good or bad depending on your taste. The HD650 is one of my all-time favorite headphones so I liked it. But if you’re an HD600 guy, you might not like it.

Goldplanar GL2000

When it comes to timbre, I think the GL2000 is a very good headphone with a realistic tone and feel. However, as I mentioned just above, it has a darker feel than some open-sounding headphones like the Hifiman Ananda or Arya for instance. The clarity here is not the best so it all comes down to your preferences here as usual. It’s certainly very musical and smooth though.

So, while it sounds a bit veiled and dark, the mids have a good body and fullness. The mid-bass here is excellent as well, so the mids don’t have any problems regarding overall body and meatiness. But despite all of that, I think they should’ve had a bit more clarity and transparency here, as the mids sound a bit congested in the stage with certain recordings.


Overall a similar story to the mids, the  Goldplanar GL2000’s treble doesn’t have the best clarity and transparency. The dark and veiled approach is still present here. Highs have good balance and smoothness, and I liked their overall presentation, but I honestly needed more clarity and spaciousness overall.

Otherwise, the treble has a good enough definition and the micro detail performance is quite nice, as well as the extension, although that particular part is not the strongest aspect of the headphone.

Goldplanar GL2000

Technical Performance

I think the biggest issue with the GL2000 is the sound stage. The sound makes you feel like you’re cramped in a small room, especially when it comes to width. The mid-range is especially the victim in that aspect, as the vocals and the instruments don’t have a great sense of space.

Overall resolution is very good and the headphone has the quickness as most planars provide. The transient response is very good as well, as expected. The separation is also nicely done, but as I mentioned, the GL2000 doesn’t have the best sense of space. Every element in a song is compressed to a small area. So despite the fact that it has very good separation, it still feels a bit congested. Certain instruments and vocals can’t shine enough in my opinion.

Goldplanar GL2000


As I mentioned, the GL2000 is a good headphone. Especially if you’re new to this planar magnetic headphone hobby. You will be impressed by the transients, the speed, the texture, and the detail. However, if you already have experienced a lot of planar headphones, you may not be fully impressed.

I liked its musicality, tonality, and timbre altogether. It’s certainly a musical headphone with great texture and great bass performance, especially with leather pads. If clarity and spaciousness aren’t your priorities, you would like the GL2000. I already gave out the example here; if you like the legendary HD600, this is not your headphone. If you like the HD650 though, this might be a very good entrance to the planar magnetic headphone world.

See you next time!

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