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HiBy WH3

Sound (Default Settings)


Out of the box, the HiBy WH3 sounds bold, warm and vivid. It has a V shape signature with a dip around 6k. It’s fun and exciting to listen to.

The bass goes deep and has a good impact. Powerful integrated amps definitely help here. Bass has a great texture whilst having good control. It does not overshadow the low mids, that’s good. Midrange is sweet and vivid. Vocals are impressive for the price and stringed instruments have good authority despite the midrange being a little laid-back. Mids have somewhat bold body and note thickness.

This is probably the reason why behind the bold signature along with distinctive low end. Upper mids have great energy and they are quite easy to track. Resolution wise it is impressive for the asking price and the fact that it is a wireless product. Treble region is also quite energetic and vivid, hence the excitement. Treble region has excellent control, it is not harsh or sharp at all. Instruments like cymbals, violins, pianos have great resolution thanks to this region.

Sound (BA-Dominant)

Configuring the crossover to be more BA-Dominant results in a more open, airy presentation with decreased bass presence. The midrange is more prominent with this configuration and treble extension is improved. This has a positive effect on perceived resolution and clarity as well.

The compromise, decreased bass, is in my opinion worth the technical performance you get for this trade. It is definitely “HiFi’er”. PRaT is also affected by this change for the better, general reproduction is quicker, tighter.

HiBy WH3

Sound (Dynamic-Dominant)

Configuring the crossover to be more Dynamic-Dominant results in an even bolder presentation. Whack and impact of the bass got bigger and it can sometimes overshadow the low mids. However, it is quite fun to listen to hip-hop and similar genres with this setup. The midrange is still laid-back and treble is tad smoother. PRaT is not as good as it was before. This is the configuration when you want to feel the bass rumbling in your ears.

Sound stage

The perceived stage has a mediocre width and depth. I feel like I am in a wide studio. However, instruments have adequate air between them and the imaging is quite good for the price. BA-Dominant configuration widens the stage a bit, helping the imaging factor. Note that Dynamic-Dominant configuration narrows the stage by a small margin so if you like your stage wide and vast, go with the BA-Dominant option.

Technical Capability

PRaT is something I find crucial to all monitors and it is quite important for me. A good monitor should be able to handle congestion to some extent. Of course this is highly dependent on the sources, files and device itself. It is especially hard to get it right when it comes to wireless devices. Luckily, WH3 offers a good performance here. Especially in BA-Dominant configuration, the attack and decay does not feel slow by any means. It’s congestion handling is very good for the asking price as well.

HiBy WH3

Last Words

HiBy did a great job with the WH3 in my opinion. Especially, the adjustable crossover got my approval. It works great, it is easy to configure and the impact of it on the presentation is actually substantial. Amplitude levels also impressed me as well as the dual DSP in each earbud.

Its signature is exciting to listen to and it has good technical capability for the price. There are only 2 things I didn’t like about WH3 compared to many things I loved about it. First one is the microphone quality. Second one is that WH3 has no ip-rating or resistance qualification.

If you can overlook these, try the HiBy WH3 with confidence. I am sure that you will like it!


4.5/5 - (175 votes)

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    Can the HIBY WH3 hearing aids use their potential to 100% in cooperation with Hiby r 5?

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