HiBy WH3 Review

HiBy WH3

In this article we look at the $159 USD HiBy WH3 TWS IEM by HiBy Music.


Disclaimer: HiBy sent us the $159 WH3 TWS IEM for this review, free of charge. All thoughts and experiences with the product are naturally my own. However subjective, 20h burn-in was completed before the review. You can find more about it here.


HiBy Music is a company that specializes in research & development of portable audio devices. They have been in the industry since 2011. They designed and developed wide-range of products from DAPs to various Bluetooth devices. HiBy is a very innovative company and they have a huge R&D team with over 40 professionals. Their HiBy Music App has a user base of 2 million users in over 100 countries around the globe. We also just recently reviewed their TOTL Portable player, the R8

They successfully launched many other DAPs as well in the past and now they designed a True Wireless Stereo Earphone. Today we’re going to take a look at that and I’ll try my best to describe it to you. Let’s see what the brilliant team of HiBy came up with!

HiBy WH3

The HiBy WH3 is the first TWS designed & developed by HiBy. It features a hybrid driver configuration with their in-house researched adjustable digital crossover. This is exciting technology, let’s see how it works and how effective it is. 

Specifications & Technical Data

Bluetooth Chipset: QCC 5121 Bluetooth 5.0

Driver Configuration: Hybrid. 1 Dynamic Driver + 1 Balanced Armature

Codec Support: UAT/aptX/SBC/AAC Range: 10m

Battery: WH3=45 mAh. BatteryCase= 400 mAh.

Weight: 6g per earpiece, 63g with the battery case.


WH3 with Charging Case

USB-A to USB-C Charging Cable

Cleaning Tool

Silicone Ear Tips – 1xS, 1xM(on device), 1xL

HiBy WH3

Packaging & Design

A cubic, white box welcomes you. Simplicity is in the essence of this design. “Make Music More Musical” motto is printed on the side. HiBy listed some of the specifications on the back, as well.

If you go ahead and unravel what’s inside, you see a modestly designed battery case with “HiBy” written on the top of a little circular sanded metal-looking accent in chrome font. It is a very politely designed case and I like it. The finish is smooth to hand, feels premium. Upon lifting the lid, you see the earbuds themselves. A modern design with long rods blinks at you.

A rod design means that the microphone system is located at the end of that rod, facing the direction of your mouth to improve microphone/call quality, touch sensor on the center of the housing and a wide nozzle. The housing is not too big, not too small. I don’t think anyone is going to have issues with the fit, unless you have really small ears. Matte white finish feels good in hand. Each of the earphones have a status LED on them to show pairing status and battery.

The touch sensor part is made from a glass-like material and looks very chic. I personally like physical buttons but this touch sensor works and looks great. Matte white design complements the glass-like button brilliantly. Battery case has a USB-C port on the side for charging and luckily it supports fast charging. There are 4 LEDs to let you know about the battery status on the case. Additionally there is a secret button on the charging cradle part!

Overall, in my opinion, WH3 has a great design.

HiBy WH3

Fit & Isolation

HiBy supplies 3 different tips with the WH3. I find that somewhat limiting. Upon testing more ear tips, I found my fit the best with JVC Spiral Dots. You can also experiment and find better options. Deeper seal means better bass response in my book.

The housing is not big so fit is perfect for me. They stay in my ear comfortably without any problems. I can also run and exercise with them without worrying.

The earbuds also feature passive noise isolation. It is good but it is not great like RHA’s TrueConnect 2. It offers a better isolation than, for example, Hifiman’s TWS600 and the TinHifi T2000.

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    Can the HIBY WH3 hearing aids use their potential to 100% in cooperation with Hiby r 5?

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