Hidizs MS5 Review

Today, we review the $399 USD Hidizs MS5 Hybrid IEMs.


Disclaimer: Hidizs sent us the MS5 for this review. As always, I am here to share my honest experience with the product. We thank Hidizs for the opportunity.


Founded in 2009, Hidizs is a recognized brand in the high-fidelity audio industry. Headquartered in Shenzen, China, the company has established a notable presence in the audio community due to its commitment to producing a wide range of audio devices that offer excellent value for money. Their product range includes portable audio players, DACs, amplifiers, and in-ear monitors, each designed to bring an enjoyable listening experience to the user. Today, we are checking out their latest hybrid IEMs, the MS5.

Hidizs MS5 Hybrid In-Ear Monitors

The MS5 utilizes a hybrid technology that pairs one dynamic driver with four balanced armature drivers. The dynamic driver handles the lows, while the balanced armature drivers are responsible for the mids and highs. The inclusion of a custom crossover network ensures that each driver can perform at its best. Hidizs’ statement about MS5 can be found below. 

“The custom 10 mm liquid silicone dynamic driver wrapped in a Kevlar body delivers sound with high flexibility and reduced interference, and the integration of the Sonion and Knowles brand balanced armature drivers provides a detailed, clean sound.

Hidizs’ proprietary soldering process incorporates gold tin wire for stable signal transmission, while the unique “Hidizs Pneumatic Sound Tuning Filter™” offers adjustable sound styles. In addition, the shell, made from a single piece of aluminum, is optimized to contour to the ear anatomy, providing a good balance between strength and weight. 

The upgraded cable, a mix of 6N single-crystal copper silver-plated wires and 6N single-crystal copper wires, is designed purely for improved sonics.”


Impedance: 5.3Ω

Sensitivity: 104dB

Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz

Cable: Hybrid cable with 6N single-crystal copy silver-plated wire and 6N single-crystal copper wires, 3.5mm plug, 0.78 2-pin

Weight: 13.6g (single, without cable)

MSRP: $499 USD (Pre-sale $399)

Packaging & Accessories

Reflecting the brand’s commitment to aesthetics, the Hidizs Mermaid MS5 comes in a sleek, elegant black box. Inside you’ll find a rich selection of accessories. Hidizs has included 3 sets of different eartips, each set emphasizing a unique frequency band. There are tips for vocals, tips for bass, and tips for a balanced sound. There is also a good quality faux leather carrying case, replaceable nozzle filters, and a high-quality detachable 2-pin cable included in the package. The inclusion of a multitude of ear tips and sound filters suggests Hidizs’ focus on offering a comfortable, personalized listening experience.

The cable is another highlight of the MS5’s package. The included durable cable is composed of 504 strands of 6N single-crystal copper and silver-plated wires. The 4-braid design aims to deliver a clean sound elevating the MS5’s performance. The cable is sheathed in a soft black PVC jacket while the gold-plated 3.5mm plug adds a touch of elegance. Overall, I am content with the rich accessory package that MS5 offers.

Design, Build, and Fit 

Hidizs has come up with a completely unique design for the MS5. The inner shell and the faceplates are made of anodized aluminum. Although Hidizs says that this design is the optimum compromise between aesthetics and weight, I find the earphones a little heavy with the 4-braid cable. On the outward-facing side of the IEMs, we see a resin faceplate in the shape of an angel’s wing.

At the bottom of this faceplate is a rose gold-colored mesh grill that shines through the wings, especially when under a light source. The body of the IEMs is matte black, while the grille, nozzle, and the edges around the faceplate are semi-glossy rose gold. 

The earphones are ergonomically designed, so they fit very comfortably in my ear. I don’t lose seal when I shake my head or talk, which is good. As someone with large ear canals, I preferred the large tips, but the variety of ear tips makes it easy to find a pair that is comfortable and offers a good seal for long listening sessions. The size of the shells is also on the borderline, anything physically larger than this will very likely cause ergonomic issues.

The MS5 features Hidizs’ “Pneumatic Sound Tuning Filter™” system, an interchangeable nozzle system that is usually found on Chi-Fi models in the market. In total, the MS5 comes with 3 different nozzle filters. These are the rose gold filter (default), the silver filter (treble), and the red filter (bass). The sound is tuned by the pre-designed sound tube structure and the density of the tuning cotton inside the nozzle filters, enabling the user to experience three different signatures. The nozzle filters can be screwed on and off quickly and easily. 

According to Hidizs, the details of the filters are as follows;

Balanced – Rose Gold: Hidizs signature style, suitable for pop and folk.

High Frequency – Silver: Improved smoothness, suitable for ACG and Classic

Low Frequency – Red: Improved energy, suitable for rock and heavy metal

We’ll take a closer look at these filters in the sound section. 

Overall, the build quality of the earphones is quite good; these feel solid and robust, suggesting they’ll withstand the test of time. The nozzle joints and the weak points, like the 2-pin housing feels secure and well-assembled.


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