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The Mermaid MS5 presents a fun sound signature that is both energetic and engaging. The MS5 features an emphasis on bass, capable of offering an impactful, voluminous low-end. The treble range is clean and clear with good control and the midrange feels articulate but positioned slightly behind. The MS5 is tuned in a way that it is both smooth and adequately detailed at the same time, which is a good, pro-consumer choice.

The MS5’s emphasis on bass lends improved dynamism to the overall presentation, making it a good all-rounder. I’m using the default filter and while the note weight feels like it is on the thinner side, the warmth from bass and clean presentation make up for it. 

The performance of the MS5 is impressive across the board, however, the $400-500 USD bracket is full of competent rivals. Let’s go into more detail.


The MS5 shines in the low-end department. The liquid silicone dynamic driver delivers a powerful and well-extended bass that doesn’t bleed into the midrange. The bass is precise, offering a delightful rumble and punch in tracks that require it. It might not satisfy bassheads who prefer heavily emphasized bass, but for most, it’s impactful and controlled, providing an enjoyable foundation for the music. The mid-bass is not as prominent as the rest of the lows but follows closely behind.

Switching to the Red filters enables it to produce an even bigger, more prominent bass with more mid-bass quantity. However, it’s a trade where you lose some of the treble extension and air.


With the default filter, the MS5 offers a clean and moderately balanced midrange. The silver filter enhances the extension and openness in the upper midrange, but its tonality can be overly thin and not to everyone’s liking. When multiple instruments play simultaneously, the upper midrange of the silver-nozzled MS5 can occasionally sound intense. Also, mismatched sources can lead to slight sibilance with the silver nozzle. 

The rose gold filter nozzle behaves best in terms of tonality, successfully maintaining adequate balance across the midrange. With the red filter, the MS5 offers a lush, warm, and smoother presentation that brings bass, mid-bass, and vocals to the forefront. Overall, the rose gold filter offers the most balanced tonality across the midrange and that is the one I find most capable, in terms of balance and naturality. 


High frequencies are reproduced with clarity and finesse by the rose-gold filter of the MS5. They’re well-extended, offering a good amount of sparkle without becoming too hot. The MS5 delivers a treble that is detailed and airy, resulting in an open and wide soundstage. The detail level is quite good, and the control is impressive.

Switching to the silver filter leads to increased energy, especially in the upper-midrange range, but it may get hot with mismatched sources and suboptimal tips choice The red filter, on the other hand, offers a recessed upper midrange – lower treble region, with a smoother presence.

Technical Capability

The MS5 offers impressive technical performance, and that is, in my opinion, one of the most important highlights of it. The soundstage is wide providing a good sense of horizontal space and instrument separation, however, it can be quite nit-picky about sources. It performs fantastic with the Chord 2, offering good width and depth, however, with some of the DACs in my inventory, it can sound a bit too flat/hollow.

The imaging is accurate with a good source, allowing listeners to easily pinpoint instruments within the soundstage. The resolution and detail retrieval is above average for this price range, revealing the nuances and subtleties in the music that less capable IEMs often miss. The PRaT depends heavily on the filter choice and I prefer the default filter over the rest. It offers a superior sense of dynamism with faster attack and decay. We can say that MS5 offers a competitive performance here.

vs. Oracle MK2 ($539 USD)

When pitted against similar products such as the Oracle MK2, the MS5 maintains a strong stance. Both earphones feature hybrid/tribrid driver configurations, but the Oracle MK2 has a slight advantage over the MS5 in terms of midrange performance and overall detail retrieval. The MS5 leans towards a warmer sound signature and falls slightly short in delivering soundstage depth.

In terms of dynamics, the Oracle MK2 handles both macro and micro dynamics with ease, rendering the crowded passages of music with equal competence. The soundstage is spacious and well-defined, allowing the music to breathe and providing a realistic sense of space and depth. Instrument separation is excellent, resulting in a clean and uncluttered presentation, even in complex musical passages.

However, the MS5 stands out with its replaceable filter tuning system, allowing some degree of sound customization. This feature, coupled with its warm, musical sound signature and technical competence, creates a solid experience that encourages repeated listening. Striking a fine balance between musical enjoyment and technical proficiency, the MS5 proves itself a commendable contender in its price bracket.

Ultimately, both earphones deliver good performance and offer great value for their price. The final choice hinges on individual preferences, whether it’s the Oracle MK2’s superior midrange performance and detail retrieval or the MS5’s customizable sound reproduction and warmer, smoother signature.

Last Words

The Mermaid series’ latest addition, MS5, is a competitive IEM from Hidizs, offering a high-quality build, comfortable fit, and impressive sound quality that punches above its price point. Its warm, engaging, and musical sound signature combined with its technical capabilities make it a good alternative in this price bracket. 


+ Customizable sound

+ Good technical foundation

+ Good sound


– Silver filter is a tad too bright

– Limited color options

– Midrange tonality could be a bit bolder


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