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In this High End Munich 2024 Preview 3 article, we take a look at a series of new products that will be launched at the High-End Munich show next week. Make sure to check them out at the Headphone.Shop exposition area at the World of Headphones show. This article does not contain any subjective impressions, it is purely a communication of some of the new gear at the show. Headphone.Shop calls it “Munich First“.

These are the brands we’re looking at in this article:

Page 1: Zeitgeist

Page 2: Erzetich & Feliks Audio

Page 3: Abyss

Page 4: Astell&Kern

Page 5: ZMF

Page 6: Campfire Audio

Page 7: Meze Audio 

I myself am looking forward most to the new Zeitgeist gear (which I secretly listened to before already), as well as the new Abyss Diana. Let us know in the comments what you’re looking forward to most.

Let’s go!



We source raw materials from many parts of Europe, but all our products are hand-crafted in Germany, in a workshop near Heidelberg. The first collections will become available on June 1st, on Before that, people have the chance to experience our products for the very first time at High End Munich. Zeitgeist Germany goes beyond functionality. This project is our way of bringing life and soul back into personal audio, of capturing stories and emotions of the most extraordinary materials. We look for pieces that inspire us, and we let their organic nature guide us to the final product. It’s a completely crazy, unpredictable, always surprising process, but the results speak for themselves. Zeitgeist is for the daring, the adventurous, for the ones who love to be surprised. It’s for those who value individuality, craftsmanship, and the joy of discovery. Whether you’re a music lover, an audiophile, a design connoisseur or simply someone who appreciates the finer things in life, Zeitgeist is for you.


Our collections are stories waiting to be told. From the rugged beauty of wood to fragments of asteroids or vintage whisky barrels, each material has its own tale to tell. Artisan is our crown jewel – made of sustainably preserved curly birch, it captures the beautiful harmony between nature’s artistry and human ingenuity in vibrant colors and patterns.


As for Whisky, it’s made for the discerning connoisseurs among us. Crafted from aged oak barrels that once housed famous Islay scotch, this in-ear monitor collection reflects the sophistication of whisky-making. Hi-fi in cask strength.

My favorite thing about working with these materials is that no two products are ever the same – because of their natural irregularities, each IEM is as unique as the person wearing it.
But our exploration doesn’t end there. We went even further and started experimenting with meteorites and fragments of the Berlin Wall. Zeitgeist knows no bounds – it’s everywhere, waiting to be discovered by those who dare to open their minds. Click here to go to the next page and discover the next series of new products. Click here to go to the next page and discover the next series of new products.


Click here to go to the next page and discover the next series of new products.

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