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Diana DZ

Meet Diana DZ, the latest in the evolution of the Diana series of ABYSS Headphones. This new model is built upon a lightweight machined aluminum frame with a highly engineered internal structure providing strength and acoustics to compliment the newly developed DZ planar speaker driver. We’ve reduced mass down to 315 grams (without ear pads), the lightest Diana headphone ever produced, and added a soft sling to the headband assembly for exceptional comfort.

Choose from a beautifully curated selection of color options with custom exotic inlays of New Zealand Abalone or Forged Carbon. The sound is full, spacious, and very nicely detailed, limited only by the connected electronics. Diana DZ offers the highest resolution available in the Diana line, providing beautiful imaging and realism to sound.

ABYSS Diana DZ builds upon the newly developed Diana frame platform with further enhancements to overall design and performance. Weight is further reduced making this the lightest Diana ever produced, at a very low 315 grams without ear pads. Diana DZ sports an additional headband sling that works in conjunction with the existing headband for comfortable all day listening while maintaining Diana’s slim profile. A newly developed 63 mm ABYSS planar speaker driver with 50-ohm impedance offers the highest resolution of any Diana model. DZ is relatively easy to drive but very much so excels with higher-end electronics and sources, tube or solid state.

Diana DZ offers a fuller sound through bass and midrange and larger soundstage in all dimensions. This headphone extracts the best attributes of its predecessors, all in respect to the currently available high-resolution music sources and modern headphone electronics. The lower cost Diana MR model mates well with lower cost electronics, having extended bass fullness all the way up to its world-class midrange vocals and slightly relaxed detail retrieval in the highs. MR is optimized for use with battery and USB powered gear yet has a well-balanced frequency response when combined with top shelf audiophile and pro systems. The new Diana DZ expands this on all fronts, like opening a larger window to the music with a big soundstage, microdetail, and depth. In essence, DZ has a near limitless ability to scale with the best systems available, and constantly rewards its owner with cool insights into the music and system changes.


– Made in USA

– We CNC machine and finish the aluminum frame components, produce our own planer speaker drivers, and skillfully assemble with care within our own USA facility.

– The thinnest and lightest boutique headphone in the world sculpted from aircraft grade aluminum for incredible strength. Build quality, fit and finish is impeccable, finest in the industry!

– High quality leather headband with high-end leathers and soft sporty materials (VEGAN option made with cactus leather). Newly developed head sling comfortably contours Diana DZ to any head shape for a most comfortable fit.

– High-tech polymer ceramic finish with custom exotic inlays.

– Large 63 mm patented planar speakers designed specifically for Diana DZ deliver the ABYSS signature sound with spacious soundstage and powerful bass

– The latest generation Diana ear pads made in-house by ABYSS with head-shaped foam and a ‘pillow top’ cushion that adapts to the shape of your head for long-term comfort with minimal clamping force (Lambskin leathers or VEGAN Ultrasuede (black only)

– Fibonacci side hole pattern optimized for DZ properly tunes the sound while following a natural flow of air

– Magnetic headband size adjustments with no parts to wear for long-term reliability

– Latest generation Diana headband design twists and flexes in sync with the cushion ear pads to contour to your head shape for a comfortable fitment, even with glasses

– Choose from various coordinated color combinations

– New custom hard carry case with velvet lined interior ‑ fits and protects Diana like a glove

– Open back design allows for a more spacious sound

– Weight 315 grams; 370-385 grams depending on ear pad configuration.

– Impedance 50 ohms

– Sensitivity 92 dB/mw

– Frequency response 5 Hz – 65 KHz (wide)

– Includes a high quality headphone cable by JPS Labs, length 1.5 meter/5 FT, with choice of 3.5 mm, 6.3 mm, 4 pin XLR or 4.4 mm balanced plug (Additional stock and upgrade Superconductor HP cables may be purchased separately)

– Optional accessories include upgrade JPS Labs Superconductor HP cable, super soft Ultrasuede and other ear pad options that offer the ability to customize the sound.


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