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Meze Audio

105 AER

105 AER is our invitation to connect with the outside world. It is designed for those who would rather work from a garden than a cubicle, and who dream about open spaces with open minds. The design language for 105 AER carries a feeling of Art Deco opulence, almost like a jewelry masked in a mechanical structure. The 105 AER is different from the 99 Classics and the 109 PRO in all aspects, except for the headband system. As for the tuning, being an open back, it has a more refined, airy, neutral sound signature. In terms of materials, the 105 AER is constructed with ABS PC earcups, spring steel headband, PU leather headrest and zinc hardware. 

AER is a Romanian word, signifying AIR. Silent. Unseen. Essential. Air finds expression through invisible vibrations that become audible poetry. 105 AER is our invitation to let the air in and experience the multi-dimensional depth of music. All you have to do is listen.


ALBA is a Romanian word, signifying THE FIRST LIGHT. And this is precisely how we think of Alba within our portfolio: as the first touchpoint with the Meze Audio universe and the Meze sound.

Designed for those who dance to their own beat, for the curious and the free-spirited, for the stylish travelers and people on the move, ALBA comprises a perfectly accessible and qualitative introduction into the world of elevated audio enjoyment. ALBA features the unmistakable Meze sound: a neutral sound profile with an added touch of warmth, for a complete and immersive listening experience.

By preserving the Meze Audio design language, high levels of comfort, ergonomics, and noise isolation are assured. The combination of zinc alloy and anodized aluminum parts ensures a resilient build. Additionally, the shell feels precious due to the iridescent color finish, giving ALBA the appearance of a lustrous pearl. ALBA is portable and sociable: the included Meze Audio

custom-designed 3.5mm to USB-C adapter lets you connect your earphones to any music source that has a USB-C connector. Made from the same high-quality materials as the headphone cable, this custom-made adapter has a built-in DAC/AMP (Digital-to-Analog Converter) to ensure an immersive audio experience.

The internal chamber of Advar has been modified to fit the 2-pin connection, but other than that, Alba shares the same design language as Advar. The materials and technologies are different, Alba is made with zinc alloy and anodized aluminium, through diecast, compared to Advar’s stainless steel, made through injection moulding.

Liric II

LIRIC 2nd Generation is an evolution of our acclaimed LIRIC closed-back headphones with performance enhancements, a stunning new striped ebony wood finish and more modularity for easier upgrades and a long life of listening pleasure. LIRIC 2nd Generation’s sound profile has been tuned up to offer a compelling blend of clear, accurate audio performance with a touch of warmth for added depth. A new QWRM (Quarter Wavelength Resonator Mask – a precision-crafted metal plate that strategically covers select openings in the driver frame) effectively attenuates high-frequency peaks above 7kHz for a smoother listening experience. The LIRIC 2nd Generation design has also been warmed up with the replacement of LIRIC’s leather-clad earcups with ones beautifully dressed in striped ebony. These combine gorgeous wood grain and a luxury feel with the durability of hardwood.

LIRIC 2nd Generation features state-of-the-art planar magnetic technology developed by Rinaro, re-engineered for day-to-day use. The Isodynamic Hybrid Array driver was scaled down and tuned to deliver an audio experience in line with its larger counterparts found in Empyrean and Elite. Combined with the closed-back design, it helps preserve the original clarity and emotion of your favorite music through enhanced sound and minimized external noise. Each driver is entirely hand-assembled and tested in Rinaro’s specialist workshops in Ukraine.

The LIRIC 2nd Generation headphones also follow Meze Audio’s mission for both enhanced sustainability and choice, featuring detachable magnetic earpads that can be easily repaired and replaced.

The White Empyrean

Our inspiration comes in many shapes and forms, so it was only a matter of time before we shifted to a lighter palette, following our brand’s new look and feel. As you might have noticed on our new website, we’re adopting lighter, natural colours, as a sign of spiritual growth and mindfulness. Made in collaboration with Headphone.Shop, The White Empyrean is our first limited edition that conveys this message. The White Empyrean will be available in limited quantities, exclusively on, our official distributor in Germany.

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