iFi Audio Uno Review

iFi Audio Uno Award

In today’s review, we take a look at the iFi Audio Uno, a compact USB DAC/Amplifier selling for just €/$79 USD.


Disclaimer: the iFi Audio Uno was sent to us, free of charge, by the brand directly, in exchange for our honest opinion. 

About iFi Audio

Subsidiary of the AMR group (Abbingdon Music Research Group) –  a massive audio equipment manufacturer, based in the UK –  iFi Audio produces several award-winnings DACs and amplifiers, as well as other accessories for computer & home audio. Neatly positioned between the Chi-Fi and Hi-Fi world, the brand has become one of the most famous figures of headphone systems over the years – for good reason.

In fact, back in 2021, during a Hong Kong fair, I already had the chance to meet the team and came back from this fair deeply impressed by how well their first products performed – only three devices at the time. Fast-forward to 2023 and iFi catalogue is now overflowing with DAC, amps, power-supply and even Phono-preamp, competing with major hi-fi brands, with bestsellers like the Zen Series, Hip-DAC, iDSD Pro Signature and, my favourite one, the iFi Go Blu.

In fact, most of them ended in our recommendation list, thanks to their great price/quality ratio. And, I hope the new iFi Uno follows the same path. Let’s see!

The iFi Desktop DAC series

iFi Audio Zen DAC / Zen CAN Signature

The iFi Audio Zen DAC and Zen CAN Signature are respectively a desktop DAC and a desktop amp, selling for just €249 each. It’s a great combo, packing enough power to drive a massive can like my old Audeze LCD-X or the mighty HiFiman Arya, and small enough to fit under my computer’s screen.

The best feature remaining the ability to keep the whole setup balanced, thanks for 4.4mm Pentaconn in and out. Available in various editions, Lieven had the chance to test the Drop one, specifically made for Sennheiser’s HD6xx headphones. But, if you don’t own a Sennheiser’s headphone, you should get the regular edition, it’s more adequate.


Here is an excerpt of his review: 

The higher priced iFi audio ZEN DAC and CAN Signature units still offer good value for money, especially if you’re planning on using it with any of the Sennheiser headphones mentioned in the overview. At the same time, don’t expect this $500 USD stack to blow all DAC/AMP combos away, as that’s not realistic.

For non-Sennheiser headphones this might not be the best solution, but that shouldn’t come as a shock as this was their focus.

iFi Audio Zen NEO iDSD

The iFi Audio NEO iDSD is a desktop DAC/Amp that fancies all the latest innovations from the brand. If not as powerful as the iDSD Pro, the NEO packs a lot of new features like PureWave topology, TDK capacitors, and new advanced GMT femto-precision clocks.

I had the chance to get one unit a few months ago and was surprised by its versatility, especially when connected to a game console, replacing my Audeze Mobius as my “silent” solution.

iFi Audio NEO iDSD

For good measure, here’s Berkhan’s review:

The iFi Audio NEO iDSD is a hell of a unit. It is an excellent performer with a premium build, design, and internal components. It’s also very versatile with outputs and features. It covers every possible usage scenario, and in terms of sound performance, it’s also excellent with a neutral approach that allows you to add the signature of your speakers/headphones.

iFi Audio Uno

The iFi Audio Uno is the one we are about to review today. Sitting just under the Go Bar, and Zen Air DAC, the iFi Audio Uno aims savvy audiophiles, or just anyone seeking a compact USB DAC/Amp, below $100. Is it any good? We’ll find out.

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Page 2: Design & Build Quality, Specs

Page 3: Sound performances, conclusion 

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  • Reply January 30, 2023


    Would there be any reason not to connect it to an integrated amp using RCA and use it as a DAC for my speakers? The article only talks about headphones and powered speakers.
    Power aside, how does it compare to the Zen DAC 2? Does it improve on sound?

  • Reply March 2, 2023


    Victor, I tried using it as a DAC for the LEPAI LP-2021 TI amplifier I use for my desktop setup, where it powers a pair of B&W 600 series 2 speakers with very nice results. Using the Uno as a DAC works, but with a quirk. First, the RCA output is not line-level but is controlled by the volume control; this is an odd design choice; it would be more convenient to have a fixed level when using the Uno as a DAC, for the reason I give in the second paragraph. Second, if you plug in the headphones in the Uno using the front output, the RCA output is muted; this to me makes sense.
    The combination of these two choices leads to the following problem. Normally, you would keep the volume at maximum when using the Uno as a DAC. So, you need to remember to turn down the volume on the Uno when plugging headphones in (or risk blowing them up). Again, in my opinion, the choice to mute the RCA output when plugging in headphones is fine, but the choice to have the RCA output controlled by the potentiometer is bad. Others may disagree.

    • Reply April 9, 2023


      Agree. It works with a quirk. My uno has its front and rca output working simultaneously.

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