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The cable that comes with the Thror is a 2 meter long removable cable. Its core is made from oxygen-free copper and it is terminated with mini XLR connectors and a high-quality 6.3 mm (TRS) plug. The cable is really well built and sonically I like this cable as well. The only downside is that it is a rather stiff cable that doesn’t like to be rolled up. The only other cable that I’ve been using with the Thror is my favorite PlusSound X16 cable. The Odin and Thror cables are quite similar, and the only difference I can see are the use of different brand plugs and a shrink wrapped Y-split

Kennerton also offers a nice aftermarket cable for Thror, which you can find here: We didn’t get this cable for review.


For all parts on sound, except for the Odin comparison, I used the PlusSound X16 aftermarket cable.

I will keep the general part on sound short as I go into detail on Thror’s sound in the next chapter where I describe the sound with multiple amps.

Thror to me is the higher end version of Odin and that means:

– A more neutral and linear tuning

– Great balance and stereo imaging

– Excellent Left-right separation (especially in balanced)

– A sound stage which is wider in all directions,

– Better layering

– More fine detail

– More natural timbre

– Airier mids

– A more gentle and realistic tone

– Albeit with more forward upper mids and energetic vocals

– Less body and impact, but more evenly presented.

Kennerton Thror

Sources / Amplification

From Auris Audio’s flagship amplifier the Headonia, you in single ended mode get a very wide, dynamic and spacious sound. Delivery is tight and fast and musically neutral. Body is good from top to bottom and the stereo imaging is extremely good. Some might even find it and the separation too precise. When switching to balanced mode you get an even more spacious presentation but the imaging and separation feel even more real and natural. In balanced mode you lose a bit of body in bass and mids, but you get wonderful extension in both in bass and treble, but more so in the high end. The overall timbre is sublime, especially in the mids. Layering is excellent in both single ended as well as in balanced mode, but I prefer the more natural presentation of the Thror in balanced, even though the bass punch and impact is more present in single ended mode. In balanced, you get a more flat curve presentation, but a really good, precise and musical one. Thror and the Headonia have really good synergy and that’s maybe somewhat surprising as I found Odin to sound too forward on this amplifier.

With Auris’ Nirvana in single ended mode, you get Thror sounding more forward and even aggressive compared to the Headonia, especially in the mids and vocals. Delivery is fast and neutral and it has more tube smoothness compared to the Headonia. Thror however sounds less dynamic with this amplifier but it’s still at a good level. The left-right separation and overall stereo image is less pronounced with this amplifier in single ended mode. Bass body is neutral but it’s tight and fast. When switching to balanced mode bass and body overall doesn’t really get lighter but you get a more spacious and less forward sounding delivery. Sound stage, depth and position wise the Nirvana doesn’t reach the level of the Headonia and the extension and timbre just aren’t as impressive. I really love the Nirvana amplifier but with Thror it for me isn’t the very best combo.

The Kennerton Odin performed really well with the Cayin HA-1A MK2 and it even was my favorite amplifier with it. The Cayin has been heavily tube rolled but it again does wonders for Thror. An incredibly musical and dynamic sound is what you get, combined with more tube warmth and bigger (bass) body. Bass, mids and treble sound very full and musical, yet a little bit slower. The sound stage width and depth are good but not the very best. At he same time separation, airiness and spaciousness are really nice as well as the stereo imaging. That combined with the lovely timbre and good retrieval make this an extremely musical combination. If you like (more) bass impact, bass and mid body, warmth and a very smooth delivery, then the Thror and Cayin combo will keep you listening to music all day long. It’s probably not the most technically advanced sound, nut it sure is musical and engaging.

Thror and the Feliks Audio Euforia AE also provide an excellent stereo image with clear left-right separation and a wide sound stage, but it doesn’t sound as warm and smooth as with the Cayin. Here you get excellent timbre, slightly bigger bass, full bodied mids and soft treble. Timbre is excellent, as is the mids spaciousness and separation. The vocals sound natural and they are perfectly integrated. It’s musical combo with excellent technicalities and good dynamics. The delivery is tube smooth and a little bit warm, but very linear. It’s like a mix of the Headonia and HA-1A MK2, taking best of both amps. This is a setup which is very easy to love, and it will be en end-game setup for many.

With the good old Violectric V281 you in single ended mode get tight, precise and detailed sound. Thror’s upper mids and vocals are a bit more forward sounding, but you get excellent control, speed and tightness. It’s a nice sounding combo but it’s nothing extraordinary. That changes when you connect it in balanced mode, resulting in a more spacious, airier presentation with a wider and deeper sound stage. Layering, extension and timbre improve heaps and you like with the Headonia get excellent left-right separation and positioning. Bass has good body and impact and goes low when needed, with good layering. The mids are less forward sounding and have great timber and clarity, with just he right amount of air. The vocal in balanced more are more natural and they sit more in place compared to the single ended mode. The Thror and V281 combo in balanced mode is musical, yet detailed and the presentation is powerful and slightly warmer. It’s technically stronger than the Cayin but it isn’t as warm and smooth.

With its big brother, the Niimbus Audio US4+, Thror compared to the V281 plays at a higher level and you better extension, detail, precision, dynamics and speed. Even in single ended mode you get a wonderful sound stage with a spacious and airy presentation. Delivery is a little to the warmer and smoother side of neutral but it’s technically really strong. When switching to balanced the real magic happens and you get a Thror which is even more natural sounding (especially the mids and voices) but also technically even stronger. The sound stage widens in all directions and the layering improves. You get extra nice timbre with improved extension and a very musical, yet natural presentation. The US4+makes it sound so easy as it effortlessly drives the Kennerton Thror. But is does more then easily driving it, the precision, detail, stereo image and dynamics are all there as well. That combined with the musically smooth and slightly warmer presentation makes it one of the best amplifiers for Thror.  Bass is impressive with full body and (bigger) impact, the mids musically rich and spacious, and the treble energetically soft. Love it.

More and more on sound on the next page, right here!

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