Kinera Urd Review

Today we share our full review of the $650 USD priced Kinera Urd Universal Hybrid IEM.


Disclaimer: The Kinera Urd was provided by HifiGo. You can purchase it here.

About Kinera

Kinera operates in China under Yutai Electronics, which was established in 2010. This electronics company has the determination to develop a new generation of high–tech products for the consumer market. You can learn more about the Kinera brand and its roots here.

Our goal is to bring the most valuable earphones to the market.

Kinera shifted its focus on the overseas market in recent years, and they’re now picking up the fruits. The Nanna has been a shining example of their efforts, which is one of the best choices in the hybrid market at that price. It’s my all-time favourite IEM from the brand and it’s still on our  Best Universal IEMs page with its tremendous performance.

I have written lots of Kinera reviews. Take your pick; Idun, Odin, Nanna, Freya, Baldr 2, Norn and counting. Kinera loves to give the model names after mythology, and this one is no exception.

About Kinera Urd

The Kinera URD is a tribrid IEM. The configuration consists of 2 Sonions EST + 2 Titanium Crystal Diaphragm Coaxial DD + 1 Kinera Customize 11021 BA. The EST drivers are selected as the EST65DB01 from Sonion.

The fantastic design is finished with a hand-painted special colour, representing a calm lake. Kinera shared how they give the colours to the faceplate in their Facebook account recently, and it’s fascinating to watch. The unique design language of Kinera IEMs has been a thing for a time now. They’re surely playing to their strengths as a brand and improving every year.

Kinera just got a recommendation from us just 4 days ago, with their Idun Golden (2.0) model:


Once again, in classic Kinera fashion, Kinera Urd arrives with a hexagonal-shaped box. The box and its content are more than satisfying, especially with their “Imperial” line of products which represents premium quality. Kinera retains this experience for every iteration including the lower-priced models like the Freya and Idun Golden.

In the package, you get 3 modular adapters for the cable; 4.4mm & 3.5mm & 2.5mm. Yes, Kinera has come up with a modular approach with the stock cable, and I mentioned that in my previous Idun 2.0 review. This is a very good solution and the fact that they also provide this design with their entry-level IEMs is wonderful.

Apart from that, we have 5 pairs of Final Type E tips (which are one of my favourite tips for a long time), seven pairs of custom Kinera tips, and two pairs of foams.

The storage case is also a very authentic design with its light blue colour and original shape. This is one of the best-designed cases I’ve come across lately. Such a beautiful job.

The cable is a similar one that comes with other models. It reminds me of the cables of Freya and Nanna with the soft touch and comfortable materials with good tensile strength and flexibleness. The connectors sit in slightly recessed socket areas. So build-quality wise I don’t have any concerns here.

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