Picture Sunday: ALO Audio Continental V5

The star of this week’s Picture Sunday is the ALO Audio Continental V5. Check out other recent Picture Posts Here, and Here.

ALO Audio

ALO Audio has been around for a long time already and they have given the community a whole lot of great personal audio gear. Some examples:

As Nathan beautifully worded there was a period where we didn’t hear from ALO at all. Then out of nothing they released the Continental Dual Mono portable tube amp/dac which allowed tube rolling and it put them right back on the map of a heavily occupied personal audio market. ALO also launched their Campfire Audio brand which has really awesome sounding and looking universal IEMs .

The ALO CDM is a great sounding device that has a balanced input and output but a lot of users weren’t as excited about the DAC as they were about CDM’s amp. The community wanted a smaller, less hot amp version of the CDM and so ALO delivered.

The Continental V5 continues the successful Continental series and it not only looks great, but it sounds so as well. ALO designed the new CV5 to look like the Rx IEM amp: it’s more or less the same size, it has perfect build quality and it has the same style vents on the top and side.


Like The CDM you can still roll the 6112 micro tube inside the CV5. Unlike the CDM you can charge the CV5 by micro USB but there however is no balanced in- or output. Sound wise I liked the CV5 from the minute I turned it on, it has that light tube sound (stock tube) with great detail and more than enough power to drive anything. Music is rich yet smooth but detailed and mostly very addictive.

A full review of the ALO Audio CV5 will be online soon, but if you’re looking for a new portable (tube) amp you might want to pre-order it at the temporarily reduced price already. The CV5 isn’t cheap though: Pre-order $699, full price $799.

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  • Reply September 19, 2016

    Sreenivas Satish

    Want to preorder this beauty. Would love to read your review before that. Would the review be out before the preorder price ends?

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