Picture Sunday: HYLA TE5B

Hyla TE5B

Today we’re taking an initial look at another special IEM from Hyla Audio, the Hyla TE5B.


Disclaimer: This post is a part of our Picture Sunday Series. On Sunday’s we usually take a first look at a certain gear before the full review. We received the TE5B directly from Hyla Audio which is not affiliated with Headfonia.

The Japanese Craft

I still remember when I wrote my Oriolus MKII review back in 2016. And I still remember the first time I listened to it in 2015. It simply blew me away from top to bottom. You remember that review right?

Then there came the Hyla Audio, the sister brand of Oriolus Japan which also ran by Cyras Co. Ltd. in Japan. I always said Oriolus needed some exposure and marketing since I believe they make great portable audio products. Same goes for Hyla Audio, and I think they’re pushing to achieve that; more recognition in the market.

Well, speaking of Hyla Audio, you should also remember my review of the sensational Hyla CE-5. It contains amazing level of bass performance for both quality and quantity, and it also contains great cymbals thanks to that piezoelectric driver. That is a greatly extended and transparent treble presentation.

Hyla TE5B

Hyla TE5B

The Trident Engine

Now we have the TE5B and the TE5T models from Hyla, of which only 200 units will be made/sold and that will happen very soon. So make sure to place your order if you plan to get one. The TE5T model will be reviewed by Linus so we will cover both.

Trident Engine 5 Bass, that’s the full name of this new IEM. The T model which Linus has in his inventory stands for treble, so they’re tuned very differently as you can guess.

This new model has the same configuration as the CE-5 but it was tuned differently to achieve an even better sound. The CE-5, although being great as it is, lacked the tonality traits that we would like to see from a flagship monitor. It is a v-shaped IEM with a recessed and thin mid reproduction. That was its weakness. Now the TE5B is here to iron out some of those negative points and I think it indeed does.

Small Impressions

For the bass section, it’s powerful as expected, especially the subbass area is a little bit bulky but not too much. Actually I expected this model to hit and rumble more, but it’s not extreme as I thought it would be. The midbass is more apparent then the CE-5, which had recessed midbass area and that didn’t feel good with some genres.

Hyla TE5B

Hyla TE5B

Mids are very clean and I personally think it’s better than the CE-5. The CE-5, although being a very impressive IEM, lacks the tonality that you look for with flagship IEMs. The mids were slightly recessed as well. But with the TE5B that’s not the case. They have good body when compared to the CE-5, and the timbre now feels more right. The mids also have great energy and transparency.

Treble is similar and the piezo driver really produces special cymbals like I’ve heard with the CE-5. So it has one of the best treble presentations one could find. Sound stage is quite wide and deep just like the CE-5. Resolution and transparency level is also similar, but like I said, I think the TE5B produces better mids with better resolution and tonality.

Build quality-wise things are again the same, however I think the TE5B fits better. Especially because of the new PW cable which feels more comfortable around the ear. The cable itself is really flexible and soft.

Don’t forget to remember that these are very initial impressions. I will go into much more detail when I write the review. But I can already say that this probably will be in our recommendation list. Stay tuned!

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  • Reply February 17, 2019

    Joe Starkey

    I can’t wait to use the IEMs and v200 on the road, as a TM/FOH Engineer transparency and full body depth are essential. Please let me know how I can demo this gear or endorse it. Thx

  • Reply February 22, 2019


    Would you review something that’s a little more low-class? Like maybe these? https://unreasonablereviews.com/mpow-t3-review/

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