Picture Sunday – Shozy & AAW Pola

Today we’re looking at the Pola, the Electrostat Hybrid universal IEM created by Shozy and AAW who have again teamed up for this.


Disclaimer: This post is part of our Picture Sunday series, you can find all of the previous ones here.

“Pola”, you say? “What on earth are you talking about now?” Well, let me help you. Pola is the newest creation from Shozy and AAW, and they have teamed up to develop the world’s first Electrostatic Hybrid IEM, with an internal amplifier and interchangeable cable system. That results in a theoretical 10Hz-100kHz FR on paper and all that packed in sleek metallic chamber! Does that sound sexy enough for you?

I first listened to one of the prototypes in Berlin at the Canjam show and back then it was far from final and it looked completely different, but I immediately liked what I heard.

The design has been completely changed as you can see in the rest of the pictures. While I really like the new look of the universal set, that industrial design of the prototype really was something else. A part of me wished it had stayed just like that but I’m sure most of you will like the production design more.

Anyway, Pola is available now and you can find out all about it on the Shozy website here: http://www.shozy-hk.com/pola-1/

Pola is the end result after a year of product research and it houses a large and fast 13MM Graphene (carbon allotrope) dynamic driver which is pushing a lot of air in combination with the latest ElectroStat driver. So you’re getting a miniature version of a traditional speaker with a super tweeter so to say.


  • DUAL crossover, vented design for optimized dynamic driver performance
  • 10Hz-100000Hz mega wide band performance
  • <0.5% Total Harmonic Distortion
  • 12 Ohm low impedance
  • Dual bore design*Specification and internal parts for Custom Version is slightly different to accommodate changes when switching from universal to custom housings

At just 12ohms POLA will work with most phones and laptops but quality DAPs or amplifiers supplying better power will get more out of it. I myself use it most with the Sony WM1Z but it also sounds excellent from AK’s newest SP1000M. Do note that well mastered and HD tracks will definitely boost Pola’s performance.

Pola also comes with a replaceable cable and we’ll for sure get into more details on this beautiful cable in the full review.

Shozy and AAW have published the FR curve on their website and as you can see below you get a flat curve all the way up to the treble. Looking at his graph you might think the treble section is somewhat special but that isn’t specifically audible when you’re listening to it.


According to Shozy and AAW, the Pola delivers very deep and layered bass, charming and full-bodied vocals and even fine details in the ambiance. I personally find that description a little lacking as it doesn’t tell you how excellent the vocals and treble section actually sound. I myself use the medium foam tips with the Pola.

But yes, the bass part is very impressive indeed, the huge 13mm graphene driver really knows how to pump out bass. It’s not so that you get extra bass from Pola – as the graph shows – but it’s full bodied and musical. Not only do you get perfectly balanced quantity and impact, you get quality too. Bass is tight, hits hard but has excellent layering and detail.

Pola’s mids are extremely clear and clean and they body-wise connect perfectly to the bass section. The airyness in the mids is just right though there of course always are more expensive and more spacious sounding monitors, and them I’m mostly talking about the lower mid part. The upper mids and vocals are somewhat more forward and very dynamic as well as energetic. The vocals just stand out with their excellent clarity and the full bodied bass and mids make that even more obvious.

And then there’s the treble section where the ES-driver comes to play. Evidently, if you’re not a fan of treble, this type of hybrid monitor isn’t for you as Pola really excels here. Treble is powerful, very clear and precise. It’s detailed and well layered and together with the powerful bass it delivers an energetic, yet musical sound signature. Pola performs superbly with electronic music where bass and mids are most important. So you wouldn’t expect it to impress when you switch to a different musical style where the mids come into play more, but then Pola surprises you and also performs marvelously. That being said, if the mids part for you is the most important, then this probably isn’t the perfect monitor for you. Taking into account however what most people listen to nowadays, the Pola will impress.

If I’m not mistaken Pola is selling for around $750 USD but to me it outperforms that price. There are many competitors charging a lot more for a monitor with a performance that doesn’t come close to that of the Pola.


Ok, I know, it’s obvious I really love Pola. The only bad thing I can say about it is that it isn’t small and that the universal design isn’t for everyone’s ears. Pola will stick out and people might look at you weirdly on the train. But that’s where the custom version comes in… Yes, POLA is now also available in a custom IEM version, and I’ll be asking Shozy and AAW to make me one when they have some time. Pola is a monitor I really love sound-wise and in a CIEM version it must sound even better than it already does right now.

Try to get some time with the Pola at a show or dealer near you, bring your best source and tracks and you’ll be blown away if you love awesome bass, clarity, energetic vocals and mesmerizing treble.

Can I add it to the recommended list already? Full review soon!

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  • Reply January 6, 2019

    Ali Arghavan

    Thanks for the impressions.
    It’s kinda weird that some people that auditioned the pola said it lacks treble and sounds dark, muffled even.
    On a different subject, could we expect a CA Solaris review too?

    • Reply January 6, 2019


      And it doesn’t sound dark or muffled at all. That was a guy who listened to it at a show for 5 minutes I was told

  • Reply January 6, 2019


    No sorry. CA is like Voldemort here, it should never be mentioned

    • Reply January 7, 2019

      Ali Arghavan

      Oh, sorry. didn’t know that. appreciate the answers though ????

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