Picture Sunday: Shozy BG

Shozy BG

Let’s take a brief look at the Shozy BG, the company’s 5BA IEM with quite an affordable price.


Disclaimer: This week’s star of Picture Sunday is the Shozy BG IEM. The sample was sent to us for a full review which will come up early 2019. The cost is 280$. This post is a part of our Picture Sunday series.


Shozy is a personal audio brand from Hong Kong. They were mostly producing portable DACs/Amplifiers together with Digital Audio Players, but they recently jumped in to the IEM market as well.

I already reviewed their Hibiki and the Hibiki MK2, which are popular models in their price range. The MK2 version even made it to our Universal IEM Recommendations page. There are other new models such as the Pentacle, and soon to be reviewed; the Pola, which has an electrostatic driver. Expect Lieven to review it in new year.

Shozy’s offerings stand out with distinctive design language, especially their audio players. They offer very good build quality with their products at the same time. They also want to change the market somehow, with very competitive price tags.

Shozy BG

Shozy BG

The BG

The Shozy BG is a 5BA earphone with a semi-custom shape to fit your ears perfectly. The design consists of golden sparkle details with a full black color. The cable is a custom one from Shozy which utilizes MMCX connectors, a special shield and a copper based alloy.

The design looks gorgeous, almost like a custom IEM and the build quality is just great. This IEM is assertive in every possible way and the quality you get for the price is the biggest factor. My only complaint (looks-wise) is the color of the connectors. Black would’ve been better instead of silver if you ask me.


The Shozy BG sounds very crisp and clean with a good sound stage and a high level of resolution. It is actually amazing for the asking price; very dynamic, transparent and detailed. The bass is mostly flat with a controlled approach, sounding like a reference tuning but still with good punch and decay.

The mids are very clean and they have great detail and good tonality as well. They’re warm and somewhat thick sounding, making the IEM sound organic and meaty in that area.

Treble is not boosted or laid back. They have good position and emphasis together with good extension. They’re pretty much under control at all times, preventing the IEM to sound aggressive and edgy.

Shozy BG

Shozy BG

Overall the BG looks like list material at this stage. Whether it’ll make it or not will be decided in its full review, but I must say it’s not likely for me to change my initial opinion in the near future.

Have a warm christmas!

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    AJIR Ch

    I cried to want to get a fortune

  • Reply December 28, 2018

    Ali Arghavan

    Hi Berkhan,
    Can you compare these to iBasso’s IT04


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