Picture Sunday: Sony NW-WM1Z & Hifiman RE800

Disclaimer: The star in this weeks’ picture Sunday are the Sony NW-WM1Z and the Hifiman RE800. This post is a part of our Picture Sunday series.

I know the Sony NW-WM1Z has made it to this category before but as I only received mine like a week ago, it’s still pleasantly surprising me in every way.

The TOTL reference Walkman, together with the Astell&Kern A&Ultima SP1000, to me is the best portable players on the market in the “No Budget Limit” category. Where the AK is more neutral and fast and has extraordinary upper mids and treble, the Sony has sublime bass, depth, body and layering. They’re both simply really good and it’s all about the type of sound you like listening to.

One combination I absolutely adore is the one shown in today’s main picture: The Sony and the Hifiman RE800 combo. The RE800 is a lovely looking and great sounding IEM, it has great precision, speed and detail and the Sony gives it a tad of smoothness and really awesome bass.

I have to admit I do like my Focal Utopia more directly from the Sony then I do from the SP1000, as it get’s a fuller sound with more body and a deeper and heavier low end.

Our full Sony NW-WM1Z review can be found here:

Readers keep asking me if the Sony is better than the SP1000 but to me they’re just very different. I ran a poll on our Instagram page and the SP1000 took the victory with 61% against the 1Z, and that’s pretty close. I hope to find time this week to add my own SP1000 vs WM1Z comparison to my AK SP1000 review:

On a completely irrelevant note: do you know that Chord Electronics is finally launching the Poly add on module to the MOJO this week in London? I’m so excited!



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