Picture Sunday: Vorzüge VorzAMP DUO II

The star of this week’s Picture Sunday is Vorzüge’s VorzAMP DUO II. Check out other recent Picture Posts Here, and Here.

Vorzüge’s VorzAMP DUO II is here. It is here in white and black, and now with micro-USB charging, a triple-gain stage, and a dual-EQ stage.

At its base is performance nearly on par with my most-often recommended portable amp, the PURE II and PURE II+. It’s got a similar sound signature. That is, until you engage its EQ, the lower of which trips up treble a bit and bass up to 3dB. The higher setting bumps bass as high as the original DUO, or around 12dB.

Unlike the original, its low-gain is perfect for sensitive earphones, and then goes right up. Through and through, it is Vorzüge. By the way, here are loaded and unloaded RMAA scores for the DUO II. And here are what its EQ curves look like.



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