Picture Sunday: Inear ProPhile 8 – Black is Beautiful

The stars of this week’s Picture Sunday are the original Inear ProPhile 8 and the Hifiman SuperMini DAP. Check out other recent Picture Posts Here, and Here.


The German Inear already was famous for their excellent universal monitor “StageDiver” series. We positively  reviewed the SD2, SD3 and SD4 over the last few years but what Inear has come up with this time is extra special.

The Inear ProPhile 8, which we demo’ed for the first time during Canjam Europe, is a neutrally tuned 8-driver monitor with a double switch system. No they’re not the first to implement a bass or treble switch in a monitor but they do are one of the first to implement both in their unique superbly fitting universal shell without increasing their size. The ProPhile 8 still fits and looks as great as the StageDivers, and some might find it even better looking with the black matte finish. I sure think they’re sexy.


The ProPhile 8 – which now finally is available for sale – comes in a box filled with silicone and foam tips,  filter replacements and a whole lot of other stuff all packed in one big Pelican hard case.

From their launch at Canjam their popularity has only increased and after you’ve played around with them for a while, you’ll know exactly why that is: a great finish, superb sound with great clarity and precision, and adjustable bass and treble. It’s good, that I can tell you already.

Review soon on Headfonia!

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