Picture Wednesday – Week Three – “Wooism”

Disclaimer: This is week three of Picture Wednesday, an ongoing column at Headfonia. By all means, read Week One and Two.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who actually falls in love with a beautiful amplifier, or am I? In that case I’ll gladly be the odd one, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The amplifier in the picture of course is the gorgeous Woo Audio WA2. I reviewed it a long time ago and it actually was an upgraded version of a stock WA2 featuring Black Gate Caps (+$400) and a Goldpoint stepped attenuator. The amplifier in the picture was later sold to a Scandinavian Wooist. The breakup hurt.

Gorgeous. Sexy. Powerful. Those are the first things that come to mind when looking at Woo Audio gear, and I feel this pictures shows just that. Of course, it’s always possible you don’t like how their amplifiers sound but you won’t be able to convince me that Woo gear isn’t one, if not THE prettiest on this planet. Woo Audio uses a full aluminium die-cast chassis with an anodized finish and it not only looks great on the outside. The inside, with its point-to-point soldering and clear lay-out, looks professional and again, oh so sexy.

Last week  – during my stay in San Francisco – my friend was so kind to get his WA22 out of storage and unbox it for me. The moment I saw the balanced amp, the WA2 heartbreak disappeared. I’m in love again. My wife looked weird at me but that could also be because she knows where this year’s bonus is going to. Not shoes, that’s for sure.

What gear have you fallen for?

Useful links: 

Woo Audio: http://www.wooaudio.com/

Woo Audio WA 2 review: https://www.headfonia.com/the-woo-audio-2-the-looks-and-sound/

Woo Audio Internals: http://cdn.head-fi.org/3/3b/667x500px-3b64415d_wa2_internal.jpg

Woo Audio WA22: http://www.wooaudio.com/products/wa22.html

Not Shoes: http://us.christianlouboutin.com/us_en/

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  • Reply April 20, 2016

    Barun C

    I had fallen for the Questyle CMA800R Current Mode Headphone Amp, when it came out and I hope to buy the gold reference version in the foreseeable future.

    • Reply April 20, 2016

      ohm image

      That is a beautiful amp.

    • Reply April 20, 2016


      I like the Questyle too, very different from this one though

      • Reply April 20, 2016

        Barun C

        Yes. totally different. I used to love tube amps when I started out, but slowly moved on to Solid State and now I can only see myself going into tubes with electrostats. With dynamic and orthodynamic, currently HiFiMaN EF 6 is my go to desktop amp.

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