Q ‘n A Saturday: Mysphere


HFN: Did you tune the headphone based on a specific signature?
HR²: The concept was to get a 100% natural sound. A violin should sound like a violin, a piano like a piano and so on. In a way you can say that exactly NO sound-signature was our goal, because only that is what real HiFi is after.

HFN: In your opinion, what was the only mistake you made during development?
HR²: In favor of stability and sturdiness we couldn’t realize the weight we wanted. Our headphone still is one of the lightest headphones in the high end segment.

HFN: Do you have a sales goal for the Mysphere?
HR²: Yes, quality before quantity. Worldwide distribution for audiophiles with limited sales numbers. Best customer service through direct contact to the manufacturer.

HFN: What are the differences between the Mysphere 3.1 and 3.2?
HR²: Just the impedance to adjust to different amplifiers. Sensitivity, vibrating mass etc are completely identical.



HFN: Will there be any (optional) upgrades to the headphone?
HR²: Except for accessories (additional cables, packaging, etc) nothing else is planned. Later on there might be individual coloring.

HFN: Will there be further modelst o the Mysphere portfolio?
HR²: That’s currently not ripe for discussion. We concentrate on our quality claims of 3.1 and 3.2 in face of the production heap.

HFN: What is your opinion on driver burn-in?
HR²: Our headphones will be delivered burned-in. How far the perceived effect is real, is currently examined.

HFN: How do you stand on analogue vs digital?
HR²: We don’t want to comment on that, and leave it for more competent persons to argue…

HFN: What is your favourite headphone, DAP and amplifier?
HR²: We don’t have a preference. A good synergy with a headphone must be given, since the technical element for optimum dampening of the membrane is heavily affected by the amplifier.

HFN: Do you have a favourite album you’d like to share with the readers?
HR²: We love good live recordings of Jazz, Classical, Voices etc with focus on natural sources. These recordings are also used to evaluate the headphones.

Thank you very much Heinz and Helmut for being part of our series, it has been very interesting to learn more about your newest headphone. On a sidenote: the Mysphere headphones have recently started production, so if you are one of the lucky early adopters you might see your new Mysphere headphone soon!


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