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Welcome to Linus’ new interview series on Headfonia.comEvery two weeks we will publish an interview with an insider of the audio industry. They will give us a little insight on how they started and what they are up to. We are thrilled to be able to share a little something with all of you.

For this special new year’s episode we are glad to welcome Heinz Renner and Helmut Ryback of LB-acoustics, the company behind Mysphere!


Mysphere, first one on the left: Helmut Ryback, next to him Heinz Renner

HFN: Please give us a short introduction about yourself and the Mysphere brand, what is your role in the team?
HR²: The Mysphere team is based on the original developers of the AKG K1000. LB-acoustics is also focussed on sound and vibration measurement technology for about 40 years and was the base for the measurement know-how. Partner for design, construction and technology was an external teamplayer.

HFN: Who are the people behind Mysphere and what are their backgrounds?
HR²: At LB-acoustics we have a head of development with main focus on acoustic technologies, measurement technology and driver construction. The team builds on know-how in acoustics calculation, material and manufacturing, fine mechanics and quality control for over 40 years in the industry.

HFN: What is driving Mysphere forward?
HR²: The ambition to create the best open headphone with the idea to redefine the whole concept of a headphone. Natural reproduction of the sound of all instruments and voices, paired with high wearing comfort, that is what is in foreground. For this five patents have been filed.

HFN: Some people think that Mysphere and AKG are connected, can you please clarify the relationship between these brands?
HR²: No, there is no relation to AKG. LB-acoustics is a completely independend company, the entire developement of Mysphere was done by LB-acoustics. The only relation lies about 30 years in the past and are the developements of HR² for AKG.

HFN: Can you please give us some insight on what makes the Mysphere stand out from the field?
HR²: The completely new concept of the frame which is aiming for long wearing comfort and the acoustical concept of an open back headphone without disturbing reflections and resonators. This is the base for a natural sound reproduction.



HFN: You are using square dynamic drivers, what are the advantages of those?
HR²: High linearity at low frequencies and high indulgance of the membrane make high diaphragm strokes for the bass possible. Also the bigger vibrating membrane surface in relation to circled systems. This concept is only useful for compeletely open systems.

HFN: The design is very unique, can you explain to us the benefits of the headband and is the designer a fan of Star Trek?
HR²: Due to the goal to realize the headphone without a point of contact on the ear, we had to find a new way to construct the bow and the cabling. The bow spreads the pressure over a big area of your head which are located on pressure-insensitive areas of the skull. With our design we were able to let the driver float next to the ear. If the design itself seems futuristic, that wasn’t the aim, but has proven to be the right way to do it.

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