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Cozoy Hera

In this article we take a look at the Cozoy Hera. This is an earphone with a single dynamic driver with an elegant design language from Hong Kong.


Disclaimer: The Cozoy Hera was sent to us by Cozoy, and the market price is $ 160 USD right now. Cozoy is not affiliated with Headfonia.


I’m not a guy who’s quite into earphones which are worn straight, instead of around the ear. But of course, some people are not into the “monitors” on the opposite side, and they think that it’s more practical and straightforward. It’s all about personal preference.

But despite my prejudice about these types of earphones, the Hera was worth a try. I love the single dynamic IEMs to be honest. Single drivers mean a more natural and cohesive sound (potentially), together with good air in the bass department. If you know my personal preferences, then you know that I pay attention to coherency.

Cozoy Hera

Cozoy Hera

So the Cozoy Hera was an opportunity for me to review a straight earphone, after a long time. I also know that they craft this IEM with care, so it was on my radar.

About Cozoy

We featured two Cozoy products before and it was our good friend Linus who reviewed them. Yet those two weren’t about earphones, they were about the products that Cozoy is known for: DAC/Amps. The REI and the Takt Pro were the ones that we scoped out.

Established in 2014, Cozoy is a brand from Hong Kong. They give weight to metallic builds in their designs with fine materials. I think what can also be said about them is their minimalist approach and simple mentality. This earphone reflects their identity in this particular trait, so let’s have a look now.

About the Hera

The Cozoy Hera is a simple and straight earphone with a metallic shell design, manufactured with CNC at the same factory that the – once popular – AKG K3003’s shells were made. The acoustic design is optimized to allow the 9.2mm dynamic driver to shine through.

Cozoy Hera

Cozoy Hera

The single dynamic config effortlessly replays your tunes with high definition and resolution.

This is a well thought of design from Cozoy from the shell material to the inner cables and the 3.5mm plug. Despite looking pretty much straightforward, the Hera is undoubtedly a fine earphone for both the average consumer as well as audiophiles.


The structural design consists of a full metallic chamber to ensure minimum resonance for a full sound. The back side has that carved leather-looking pattern and that looks very nice to me. The cable is quite soft and comfortable. Both the 3.5mm jack and the y-split look very premium and they also have a metallic structure. Overall, the Cozoy Hera is a very elegant earphone. It doesn’t look exciting or aggressive in any way, but it lets you know that it came from good hands.

The carrying case of the Hera is also very elegant with its brown leather and ease of use. The cap has a magnetic lock mechanism as well, therefore putting your earphones in it is very easy. The actual build quality of the case is also very good and it’s quite protective. It’s one of the nicest cases I’ve seen, so congrats to Cozoy for this wonderful job. I plan to use this one for some of my other IEMs and that says something.

Cozoy Hera

Cozoy Hera

My only complaint for the design of the IEM are the marks for the left & right earpieces, as they are so hard to see. The left one has a protruding dot to distinguish the sides, but it’s also not very easy to find with your fingers.


The housing is made from a 2 piece metal, as well as the jack and the y-split like I mentioned. The nozzles give a mono block impression with good quality filters. Those filters can become dirty with ear wax so keep them clean.

Overall I liked the shell design and the overall build quality of the Hera for the price level. The cable is a hybrid one with a silver + copper structure, and it’s shielded with kevlar fibre. The cable is of good quality to me but the only drawback here is the non-removable design. But in my opinion, if you treat it well, this earphone can last very long.

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    So… a TTR Co Donguri would probably be a safer choice

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      Jigar Mistry

      This looks exactly same as ATH CLR 100…..!!!!

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