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Lark Studio LSX


Here are the selected comparisons with the LSX.


Pears SH3: The SH3 has a more flatter response and with a great succession in tonality and resolution. They’re both very good in those areas. The SH3 has the edge in terms of separation, but the LSX has a bigger sound stage. The overall bass performance is also better with the LSX. It has a lusher sound with more body, whicle the SH3 prefers to be like a studio reference monitor to some extent. It’s also the more balanced IEM compared to the mid bass focus of the LSX. Both are superb IEMs and you can’t go wrong with them. But if you want a smooth, rich and organic tuning, then the Lark is your answer.

M-Fidelity SA50: The SA50 is nothing like the Lark Studio LSX. It’s bright, supremely transparent and high resolution with a spacious staging. The LSX has much more bass quantity when compared, darker and richer mids compared to the SA50’s sterile approach. They’re simply from different worlds. The SA50 though is technically the better IEM when you consider the factors, but the LSX is certainly the more enjoyable and musical one.

Lark Studio LSX

Lark Studio LSX

Earsonics S-EM9: The former French flagship has a better treble response, while the LSX triumphs in both bass & mids. It also has a better tonality with a slightly lesser resolution and transparency level. The sound stage performances are very close but the LSX has a slight edge in overall balance. The S-EM9 has a better separation with more spaces in between intruments. Presentation-wise the LSX gives a more romantic and warm sound once again.

Jerry Harvey Audio Layla: The Layla is also a very special IEM and it shares some characteristics with the LSX. It’s also warm and organic with a good stage and with a full sound. But the Lark sounds even fuller and dense in bass & mids. The Layla has a bigger stage with similar resolution and balance. They’re very close and it’s hard to pick one, but the LSX is cheaper, especially for the custom model, so that could be a deciding factor.

Spiral Ear SE-5 Ref: Another a relatively dark and full sounding IEM from Poland, the SE-5 also manages to give a musical performance while containing the technical skills. They’re extremely close in terms of frequencies and sound character, but the LSX easily has a better soundstage and it has a slight edge in separation. Otherwise they’re very close. But it’s hard to get the SE-5 and it’s also pricier. So the LSX can be a better option.

Lark Studio LSX

Lark Studio LSX

Warbler Prelude: The Prelude is one of a kind IEM and it’s hard to compare, but obviously the Lark is the more all around IEM with a clear superiority over bass. The Prelude has even better mids but the LSX has more extending highs with good resolution. It also has a bigger stage.

Earsonics EM6: The EM6 will be on the main page very soon. This is a very dark CIEM with a great bass response like the LSX, but not quiet on its level. They both have good balance and control, but the LSX has a better resolution and transparency with a wider sound stage. Their depth is similar though. The LSX has better mids and treble. Both are warm and relatively dark IEMs, but the EM6 is very dark and somewhat veiled. Still a very nice IEM, but the LSX is the better one, which is OK since the EM6 is cheaper by quite a margin.


What can I say more about this IEM? Uh, right: It’s just entered our Universal IEM Recommendations page!

This is one of the best universal IEMs that I’ve ever tried. It’s remarkable. I should congratulate the guys at Lark Studios who worked hard for producing this special monitor. It’s very organic and the philosophy of its sound is simply like an analog system. Lush, meaty, slightly dark but with a very realistic and life-like tune.

This assertive character and approach is not easy to find among IEMs. There are usually some sacrifices to be made in the tuning process while creating this kind of a sound which is always risky. But Lark Studios deserve a very warm praise for actually pulling it off.

Lark Studio LSX

Lark Studio LSX


A keen audiophile and hobby photographer, Berkhan is after absolute perfection. Whether it is a full frame camera or a custom in-ear, his standpoint persists the same. He tries to keep his photography enthusiasm at the same level with audio. Sometimes photography wins, sometimes his love for music takes him over and he puts that camera aside. Simplistic expressions of sound in his reviews is the way to go for him. He enjoys a fine single malt along with his favourite Jazz recordings.


  • Reply December 11, 2018

    Website Design UAE

    I have really liked its look. That electric blue is just giving it the amazing look. I have also loved its sound. Hope others will also like it.

  • Reply December 11, 2018

    Ho Timothy

    Looks good, need to find a chance to test it with A100 amp.

  • Reply December 12, 2018


    Hi, Berkhan, do you think getting the PW cable will make significant improvement which is worth the extra dollars?

    • Reply December 14, 2018


      I don’t know to be honest. But there must be a reason for that model being a little more expensive. The standard cable is also very good.

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