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Disclaimer: PEARS sent us the PEARS SH-3 from Switzerland for this in depth review. The base price for SH-3 is 1100$. PEARS is not affiliated with Headfonia, and this review consists my unbiased, sincere opinions.


Since the HFN staff encouraged me to go for CIEMs and review them, I’ve been looking around for lesser known manufacturers in the industry. Giving them a well-deserved exposure and objective evaluation could be quite beneficial to them, and also to me in terms of gaining experience regarding custom in ear monitors.

I did not come across PEARS with my own research efforts however. It was Linus who had the knowledge about them, thanks to a local audiologist in Vienna. After they mentioned the company, Linus introduced HFN to PEARS thanks to his audiologist friend. After that I took over the communication with PEARS and when I found the time, I got new pairs of ear impressions from my audiologist and sent them out to Switzerland.

I must thank my buddy Linus and PEARS to make this review a reality today.


I gave some information about this Swiss brand in my initial Picture Sunday Post, but let me enlighten you again in this review:

Personal Ear Systems, shortened as “PEARS”, is a custom in ear manufacturer from Echallens, Switzerland. They’re the “First Swiss Made Custom Monitors Brand”, as stated in their website. The core team consists of two people; Samuel Harsch and Stephane Rochat. Samuel was working full time at a Swiss hearing aid company from 2005 to 2013, and decided to go his own way after that, yet he still helps the company part time. Stephane is an Electronics Engineer and he also started working for the same company in 2011 and he’s still involved with them as well. But in PEARS, he handles the sales & marketing and helps Samuel with electronic & acoustic engineering.




PEARS believe that reaching the best sound quality is not about the number of drivers. Instead it is all about using as few as possible, with an optimized acoustic design. This reminds me the Warbler Prelude here, as Warbler also built their CIEM around a simple mentality with a single balanced armature design. It eventually worked for them, after many years of R&D and acoustic engineering and it looks like it also worked for PEARS, although not being that simplistic. They seem to have a great amount of knowledge about how to achieve a reference level sound in a monitor.

PEARS only have 2 models at this time, the SH-2 & SH-3. This review is about the 3-driver model of course. But after listening to it, I wonder how the SH-2 could sound with only 2 drivers in it. I’m sure it’s also very good. Let’s start.


I had been in touch with Samuel for this review and he was very helpful and very clear about their products. I can assure you that you can always reach them during working hours without any problem. You can also use the contact form on their contact page and you’ll get a response in about 1-2 days. They even share their phone numbers on there as well, and if you want a fast response you can always reach them that way too. That’s pretty nice if you ask me, if you can speak English up to a certain level.

I received the CIEMs exactly like I wanted in terms of design and I have no complaints whatsoever. You also get a Frequency Response Graph printed on an A4 paper inside the package, measured just before shipping. It’s a cool touch isn’t it?


PEARS doesn’t have incredibly fancy design options to choose from, but they’re at the ultimate level in terms of build. But let’s focus on that below shall we?

In terms of colors & design, PEARS focus on making top quality IEMs for their customers which primarily consists of musicians and singers. So you can choose 4 shell colors & 6 face plate colors overall. You can also have genuine wood face plates like I requested, and a very different option: fabrics. Yes, you can have fabric coated face plates with your monitors. You also get to choose 3 colors for the stock cable.

If you,have a special & different request apart from those above, I’m sure they can get it done for you but since I didn’t want to stretch the process for this review, I went with clear shells and Swiss Cherrywood face plates. I always say I like slick and simple designs in terms of CIEMs, therefore I’m very happy with my pair. PEARS doesn’t have universal monitors for the time being.




The PEARS SH-3 arrives in a special cardboard box which is quite protective and it’s practical to open. Inside the box you get a very unique carrying case which is literally made from Okoume Wood and it’s in one piece, shaped as a pear. Thanks to the wood material, there would be no issue about your case getting scratched or anything like that. It’s incredibly solid and authentic. It’s a little bit large but easy to carry thanks to that hook above it, which is like a very durable rope.

You open the case by rotating the cover part left or right. There are magnets on both the cover and the case itself, so the cover part stays in place. On the inside you get a small carrying bag, a cleaning cloth & tool. Another very nice addition here is a flask, which fits perfectly to the case. It’s there for you to put some soapy water, alcohol or any kind of cleaning liquid in it. Then you can drip the liquid to the cleaning cloth to clean your monitors. Again, an authentic and original solution from PEARS.

Your name, the model name and the serial number are written inside the case. Like I said above as well, there’s an original copy of the FR Graph, a specific measurement for your monitors only.

The review continues on PAGE 2 with build, fit, price and the sound

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A keen audiophile and hobby photographer, Berkhan is after absolute perfection. Whether it is a full-frame camera or a custom in-ear, his standpoint persists. He tries to keep his photography enthusiasm at the same level as audio. Sometimes photography wins, sometimes his love for music takes over and he puts that camera aside. Simplistic expressions of sound in his reviews are the way to go for him. He enjoys a fine single malt along with his favourite Jazz recordings.


  • Reply September 12, 2019



    How do these compare to Westone um pro 30 V2?
    I’m looking to get a custom iem that I use for any music listening. I do however have very small ears and a strong bend in my ear canal. As such I often don’t have the option to go for the higher ba drivers.
    Would this be the absolute best option for a low driver count end game iem? I listen to alot of heavy metal, rock, folk, Jazz, Blues, Acoustic Piano and guitar, singer song writer. Besides that I also spend quite some time with film music and classical pieces. it would also be great to use when practicing on my digital piano at home.

    As for DAP, I use a sp1000m.

    Thanks in advance,

    Kind regards

    • Reply September 13, 2019



      The UmPro 30 is no match for the SH3, nowhere near.

      Yes, it’s by far the best low driver count IEM I’ve ever listened to.

      Your genres should sound very well with it together with the SP1000M.

  • Reply September 25, 2019


    Thanks Berkhan. I will look into the PEARS but from what I’ve gathered these seem to be one of the best if not the absolute best option for me.
    I’m in need of a custom with the best sound qualities and a low BA count.
    I haven’t found a single low BA count custom this well appreciated so might just have to give them a go as my end game IEM 🙂

    • Reply October 8, 2019


      So, have you pulled the trigger yet? 🙂

  • Reply August 10, 2020



    Been delaying the purchase for quite a while to see if anything better would pop up.
    As of recent I started looking into it again and it still seems like the best option for a smaller custom IEM I guess.
    I was still debating on whether the A12T would be a better allrounder, especially for no listening fatigue in long sessions with the tube.

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