Review: MyST Nail 3 & Nail 2×2 – New Garage Days

Disclaimer: MyST loaned me both Nail earphones as well as the Ortophones, and IzoPhones for review. This part of the review is especially late. Click the following link for more about Nail 2×2. Click the following links for more about Nail 3. I have no idea about pricing.

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Not sound

Believe it or not, the tiny spike called Nail 2×2 houses dual balanced armature drivers. The tiny spike called Nail 3 houses a single driver. Both earphones press into the skill like an Etymotic ER4, and both isolate similarly well.

Unlike ER4, both are aluminium CNC creations separated into two parts: chassis, and sound tube. They are neither pretty but they’ve got that Garage Inc. appeal: rough-hewn, brash, and a bit rude, and ready for covers of the Misfits and Holocaust. 

MyST - Nail 3 barrel-1

Neither is uncomfy. But you won’t be sleeping on your side with them in – not in this life.

Nail uses the same super-slim cable used in the Ortophones and IzoPhones. Both light weight and low profile are well-suited to portable audio. And then there’s its professional Neutrik plug, throwing the earphones around like they were rag dolls. It is a robust, rustic combination. Nail’s thin cable, which is wrapped in clear plastic heat shrink, is resilient against body oil and sweat. I don’t expect it to rot before you do.

The units loaned me came with a single set of Sleek Audio style dual flanged silicon ear pieces. For my ears, they are useless. The reason: the angle at which they wrap back around to the outer ear causes them to dig they dig into my meatus. In remedy, I plugged both Nail earphones into the same Shure yellow foamies and filtered Comply tips I use on my Ultrasone IQ. Great fit. Wonderful comfort. And thanks to the earphone’s narrow throat, minimal effect on sound. What? What- what’s that you say? Isolation? No problem. But I can’t hear you.

That’s it.

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  • Reply May 5, 2016

    Barun C

    Great stuff Nathan. Looks like a very good budget IEM with top notch construction. I have to ask, was it an intentional Metallica Garage Inc. reference in the beginning of the article, cause that is an awesome Metal Cover album.

    • Reply May 5, 2016

      ohm image

      Perhaps our understandings of ‘budget’ stretch the definition somewhat. But in the grand audiophile scheme of things, sure: budget works.

      As to the reference, indeed. Garage Days (EP from before Metallica Metallica) was a favourite spin of mine from back in the day. I’ve not heard Garage Inc.

      • Reply May 5, 2016

        Barun C

        Well yes, budget is an important topic to talk about, you should write something about it at Ohm or Headfonia.

        As far as my definition of the word “budget” goes in the sphere of headphone gear world, “When something tickles an audiophile/enthusiast’s fancy and it is within the consideration, which is tucked away somewhere out of the periodic cash flow one needs to survive is called budget”. During my student years I had no budget, it was whatever I can get. Now I can afford to have one. BTW by budget I don’t mean “cheap”. To me cheap is something ranging from $10-50

        Anyway I have sent you a PM at HF.

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