Review: PlusSound Silver + Gold: X-Series

PlusSound Silver + Gold

Build Quality:

PlusSound’s cables have always made a good impression on me when it comes to build quality, and the Silver + Gold is no exception. The overall build is outstanding and I can’t spot any flaws when looking closer.

The plugs and connectors are covered by black heat-shrink with the PS logo on it. Each heat-shrink is carefully placed and perfectly aligned with the borders of the hardware.

My cable came fit for Custom IEMs using 0.78mm 2-pin sockets and is terminated to a 2.5mm balanced jack. The headphone jack is gold plated and the 2-pin connectors are PlusSound’s own with cryo treated brass pins.

PlusSound Silver + Gold

PlusSound Silver + Gold

The Y-split on my unit is a gold aluminum splitter with very light weight and a slim body. The chin slider is a clear piece of a plastic tube, while it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing, it does the trick and is fair at this price.

The cable itself is super comfortable, flexible and light. I admire the X-series for their almost ridiculous portability. I very often use them on the go, as they just disappear when wearing.


Many silver cables have the tendency to a brighter sound. A common way to make silver cables less bright and analytical is to add gold plating to the conductors. The Silver + Gold has a wonderful and interesting signature to me.

Bass is well controlled with good impact and extension. Sub-bass has decent rumble and resolution, while layering and texture are also top. The X isn’t necessarily classified as a bassy cable, but it will improve the quality of low ends if you’re looking for that.

PlusSound Silver + Gold

PlusSound Silver + Gold

Midrange is clean yet smooth with an organic approach to the sound. The Silver + Gold won’t wow you with transparency or technicalities in its mids, but will convince with a natural and harmonic sound. However, those concerned about resolution will also find pleasure in the PlusSound cable, as it renders with precision and accuracy. There is sufficient body in the X’s midrange to ensure a realistic performance.

The sound stage the X creates is of even dimensions and every musician has the right amount of air surrounding them to make sure they are easily located. Imaging is good and the same goes for layering. The Silver + Gold derives good details and air from its treble respons, where lower treble is not as forwardly tuned as the upper regions of highs.

High notes have good clarity, yet some might find them too bright especially for monitors that share this characteristic. It is always a matter of what you pair the cable with. However, treble does not come across as thin or weak, the contrary is the case, it is energetic and sparkly.

PlusSound Silver + Gold

PlusSound Silver + Gold


As mentioned before, a cable needs a good partner to play with, though keep in mind that you’re never going to fully transform the signature of your monitors just by replacing the cable. You are more likely to see improvements to a finer degree.

Empire Ears – Phantom

The Phantom has a wonderful signature when it comes to low end and midrange performance. Where I see room for improvement though is its treble, which can be overthrown by the more forward bass tuning. With the Silver + Gold that changes to some extent.

Bass goes deeper with better layering and resolution. There is some sub-bass rumble added to the signature. Upper bass and lower mids still are in the same league as before, and are tuned to a heavier and denser sound.

Midrange is smooth and organic, while upper mids are a tad richer. Treble has gotten more bite and power. The sound stage stretches a bit more into width and instruments are better separated. Overall resolution has stepped up.

PlusSound Silver + Gold

PlusSound Silver + Gold

Earsonics – Grace

French Earsonics have left quite an impression on me with their recently introduced Grace. Sadly they bundle their ten-driver with the Plastics One cable, which I am not very fond of. The true potential of this monitor is unleashed with an aftermarket cable.

With the X bass gets more dynamic and impactful. It gains resolution and extension with a lifted upper bass. Layering has stepped up in quality to my ears.
Midrange seems more resolved and open sounding, while still keeping the Earsonics smoothness in tact. Imaging it is better accomplished with the Silver + Gold, while the sound stage didn’t really change in dimensions. Upper mids to me appear richer and of higher aspect.

Treble is more agile and energetic. Upper treble especially is adding some air to the picture while at the same time also improving on resolution and detail retrieval.


PlusSound has created a wonderful cable with the Silver + Gold. The ergonomics of the X series accompanied with the flexibility of the PS insulation result in one of the most comfortable cables to wear at any times. It is a clear upgrade to many stock cables and still comes at an affordable price

The Silver + Gold is a cable that can match very well with a high number of monitors out there, my top picks are monitors witha slightly warmer and darker signature, which need some aid when it comes to dynamics and treble energy. PlusSound proves that a silver cable does not have to be analtically focussed and can be fun sounding pleasure too.



A daytime code monkey with a passion for audio and his kids, Linus tends to look at gear with a technical approach, trying to understand why certain things sound the way they do. When there is no music around, Linus goes the extra mile and annoys the hell out of his colleagues with low level beatboxing.

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