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Disclaimer: The Simgot EN700 PRO was sent to us free of charge directly from the factory. It doesn’t need to be returned as far as I know.



Simgot has been big ever since they released the EN700 IEM with the iconic front grill and the sublime paint-job. As mentioned in our Simgot EN700 BASS review, their website doesn’t share a lot of information on who exactly they are and we can only find that SIMGOT means “Simple and elegant”, that they were founded in 2015 and that they only trust the finest product and perfect service. They do have a special slogan that means more locally compared to the translated version:


“Salute to art and science”



Simgot calls the EN700 PRO the last version of the EN700-series and that’s very understandable as this already is the third version of the EN700 IEM (Regular & Bass).

Weeks ago, when these were announced, Simgot informed me about this new edition and they sent me some information about the PRO version. From the pictures it was clear that they chose the red color for the left earpiece and blue for the right and I informed Simgot I found that a bit weird seeing red always is used for the right earpiece. I got a reply from Simgot saying that the choice of color with the new EN700 PRO would be at random and that’s exactly what I reported in our unboxing video;

As this was clearly confusing to the normal consumer, Simgot came back from that decision and now you can just get the EN700 PRO in red&blue, red&black, blue, red, black and grey colors. So in the end my left ear piece indeed was blue and the right one red. Not that it really bothers me, as I can’t see myself trying to put the left piece in my right ear. The new Simgot EN700 PRO has the same look and feel as the BASS version but it is different and it comes with a different cable as well.

With its acoustic design and unique appearance, EN700 PRO delivers a great performance in auditory and visual.

Like it’s brothers, the new EN700 PRO also has the yellow Hi-Res Audio label which basically means you’re listening to qualitative gear. The dynamic driver inside the EN700 PRO has a polymer composite titanium plated diaphragm with an N50 strong magnetic loop. Simgot hasn’t changed how the earpieces are constructed and as such we can simply refer to the BASS review: The SIMGOT EN700 BASS is rather small in size and it fits my ears quite well. SIMGOT made sure they would fit and they tested their IEMs on a lot of test subjects. The earwax filter looks really nice but do keep an eye on it so it doesn’t get congested. There’s a vent on the inside of the units to release the built up pressure from the driver. All in all the SIMGOT EN700 BASS and now the PRO-version is very well built and very comfy to wear, even for longer periods.

The EN700 PRO shells are carved from a single piece of Series 7 aviation grade aluminum by a five-axes CNC engraving and milling machine. Like the BASS version, the PRO’s look and feel great. The grill is an attention drawer and the paint job simply is top class. Simgot managed to make the cable detachable without changing the design and I’m sure that many fans (us included) are happy with that.


An important difference between the EN700 PRO and the previous BASS model is the difference in cable. The BASS version used an OFC braided 400D DuPont Kevlar cable and the new removable(!) version comes with a 6N single crystal copper and silver plated 400D DuPont Kevlar cable and that makes it look and sound different. The cable itself is of great quality with a good thickness and it simply doesn’t tangle because of it. You can immediately see it’s lighter in color (silver vs copper) and it’s even thicker than the original one because of the 8-core interweave. It’s light, comfortable and most important: non-microphonic. And as it is removable you can use any 2-pin cable you want, even though I’m perfectly happy with the stock cable.

Price & Accessories

The Simgot EN700 PRO price is set at $149 and for that price you get the following accessories: Ear tips, Storage bag, Velcro cable binder, Manual, Global Warranty & VIP card and a Cleaning brush. You get a very complete package in return for that money and the package and everything looks luxurious and high-end. The leather pouch is just spectacular and a lot of companies can learn from Simgot in that regard.


Just like with the EN700 BASS, SIMGOT unlike other companies doesn’t use a filter system to adapt the EN700 PROS’ sound signature but they simply get the result by supplying different tips. SIMGOT includes two different sets with their own characteristics.

You can choose between:

SET 1: Powerful mid-high frequency. High resolution and penetration. Crystal clear sound. These tips have a full white outside construction with blue and red inner parts and the tube diameter is larger than in SET 2, giving the bass less presence.

SET 2: Enhanced bass and superior listening comfort. Outstanding attenuation of ambient sibilance. Neutral and bass-driven sound. These tips have also a full white outside construction with blue and red inner parts but the top of the tip with this set is blue and red on the outside.

The tips are positioned on a harder type of paper and I wish they would have gone for a more durable solution like RHA has with their metal “organizers”. After a few tip switches the tip holder has already torn off. It’s quite remarkable though how the changing of the tips influences the sound you’re getting from these IEMs. It’s not a surprise of course, as we all know the slightest of change has an impact on sound, but the result is remarkable.

The only downside with the tips and the package is that it’s impossible to fit the earphone, cable and the tip holders all together in the pouch. Then again, you only need one size of each tips so it shouldn’t bother you too much.

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  • Reply October 28, 2017

    Juan Luis

    The EN700Pro could be considered an update of the Oriveti Basic? As a source I have the Cayin n3 …

    • Reply November 1, 2017


      Cayin n3 and en700pro are perfectly fine with each other , don’t worry about that. They are both from China and they actually sell as pair in China.

  • Reply March 7, 2018


    I wonder how they would compare to the iBasso IT01.

    • Reply June 21, 2020


      Simgot EN700 pro is better than Tfz no3 for films.
      I.prefer bass and soundstage.

  • Reply August 12, 2018

    Darrell Ross

    L. I have the Simgot EN700 pros. I want to order, fiio balanced 2.5 for the Cayin N5II. I can’t find info on fiio’s website, on which two pin model to fit the Simgot. The Simgot included connection, is just round with the two pins coming out. I really appreciate your time to help. Best, D.

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