Thieaudio Legacy 4 Review

Thieaudio Legacy 4

Today we take a close look at the $195 Thieaudio Legacy 4 hybrid universal IEM.


Disclaimer: The Thieaudio Legacy 4 was provided to me by Linsoul. I covered the customs taxes for the IEM.

Affordable Price is Key

Even though I enjoy super high-end toys like the ones I experience from time to time, I still like to write about budget gear. The reason for that is simply because they enable a lot of people to experience good sound. So when I see companies pushing to get the prices lower than usual, I mostly appreciate them (if the sound is good of course). This IEM is one of those which performs well for a smaller price. When you consider the average price bracket in the IEM market, you will understand what I mean.

About… Who?

Thieaudio is just another mysterious Chi-Fi brand that I have no idea about. When I was writing the Phantom review, I couldn’t find a company website and I couldn’t find any information whatsoever. Now they have an established website here.  Though it needs some work on I’m sure they’ll improve it. All I know is that the brand was founded in 2019 as a part of Linsoul.

Thieaudio Legacy 4

About Legacy 4

The Thieaudio Legacy 4 is a hybrid universal monitor. It uses an 8mm poly-membrane dynamic driver together with 3BA drivers. The Legacy 4 has a 3-way crossover network and it also utilizes a 2-switch tuning mechanism. It’s positioned between Legacy 3 and 5, and that is also the case for the sound department.

Here are the specs:

Frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz
Monitor Plug: 3.5mm
Connector: 0.78mm 2PIN
Sensitivity: 108±0.5db
Impedance: 9.4Ω
Noise isolation: 26dB
Detachable cable: 120cm

Thieaudio Legacy 4

Thieaudio Legacy 4

Overall Experience

For its price, the Legacy 4 has an excellent package and offers a great unboxing experience. Once you open the zippered bag, you’re welcomed with the earpieces, 6 pairs of silicone tips, and a very generous carrying case. The case itself is high quality with protected foam inside. The fact that you can use the big case which stores all the content in itself for other purposes, is awesome.

The build quality is above standard in this market for a budget level like this. The IEM looks very clean, neat, and premium. Although the inside of the shell is painted black, you can actually see the internals under some light. I can say that inside the IEM is nicely packed and clean-cut as well. The tuning switches feel very nice too, and the bass port is beautifully cut. The nozzles have a seamless connection to the shells. Everything is nice and clean here with no worries regarding build quality.

Thieaudio Legacy 4

The Legacy 4 has a great design as well. The faceplate is really colorful and has a swirling design. I wish this design was actually on the whole of the shell itself. That would’ve looked amazing but it’s still very very nice. Though Kinera is setting the bar high in that department recently. However, I liked the white-colored cable of this one and it completes the design of the IEM perfectly. I sometimes criticize the cable selections by companies, but I give this one 10 out of 10 in that regard.

The fit is excellent and the IEM has a small footprint and it’s actually very thin. So it doesn’t protrude from your ears and that results in a very comfortable experience. The supplied tips work very well but to improve your experience you can always try some foams, SpinFit tips, or the new and popular Xelastec tips. Tip-rolling is your friend.

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