Unique Melody 3DT Review

Technical Performance and Synergy

For resolution, I have to say for 319$ it’s top-notch. As long as you don’t expect something like a planar magnetic headphone type of resolution, or as high-end IEMs provide, the resolution would be more than enough with a good portable source. Its background is not amazingly black but it’s still fabulous, and then again it depends on your source as usual. Stereo imaging and transparency are flawless for this price range. Very very nice.

However, the soundstage is quite narrow and the instruments play a bit close to each other, which creates a cramped feeling at times. The width is not spectacular in this case. The depth is on good levels and there’s good layering here. The only thing missing is the sound-stage width. As a result, the positioning is not the best here.

Tonality is very good, especially when you consider the fact that this is a v-shaped IEM (although not substantially). Instruments have a very realistic tone with good breath, and I especially liked the guitar with the 3DT. The separation is also very good but that takes a hit because of the sound-stage width. The IEM has excellent control, especially in lows.

Unique Melody 3DT

I recommend sources with a good bass presence and warmth, so you can enjoy the bass success on the 3DT more. At the same time, you’d have a chance to make the sound a bit more full-bodied that way in terms of mids. The HiBy R5 Saber sounds great with the 3DT for instance.


Review: Westone B30 & B50

Westone B30 is a much warmer and darker IEM and that’s the sound we all know from Westone. In comparison, the UM 3DT has much more attack and dynamism. It has much better bass, for both quality and quantity, and it’s more resolving than the B30. The B50 of course does a better job but the 3DT’s strengths are still there, and its price is very very competitive. Westone is extremely difficult to beat when it comes to fit and comfort, but technical performance is better in the 3DT.

Aya Audio Siren Review

Well, these two can’t be more different, to be honest. Aya Siren is a flat to bright-sounding monitor. Its bass is weaker compared to the 3DT by a huge margin, but its mids have better balance and coherency. It also has a better sound stage, especially in terms of width. They both have great resolution and transparency, but the Siren has better separation overall.

3DT is much more fun to listen to though. It’s much more dynamic and sometimes it makes you wow for real, but the Siren technically is a bit more proficient. It should be anyway. The price reflects that case. As a last note, the Siren has a better cable without a doubt.

Unique Melody 3DT

Unique Melody 3DT


The Unique Melody 3DT is too much fun. The bass kick and rumble are exceptional at this price range, and the female vocals are an absolute joy. It has great energy in the whole spectrum and it makes you want to listen more and more. However, it has its shortcomings like in almost every IEM. The upper treble is a bit shy, the sound stage doesn’t have great width and the lower treble feels a bit boosted.

The rest is very very good and this IEM is very special for two reasons; the design of the shells and the 3DD setup. This is quite an unorthodox IEM in every way. If you like to listen to guitar-heavy music, or female vocals, or electronic music, I would definitely recommend the 3DT for you. The competitive pricing in this model is a great choice from UM. The 3DT is very exciting, unique, and very “dynamic”.


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