Vision Ears EVE20 Review

Vision Ears EVE20

In today’s article we check out the brand new, limited edition Vision Ears EVE20. This universal IEM sells for €1.300 Euro.




Disclaimer: Vision Ears sent us the Eve20 free of charge in exchange for the review. The unit is a universal version and it doesn’t need to be returned.

Vision Ears

If you’ve been following and reading HFN, than you certainly know this isn’t the first time we talk about the German Vision Ears. In June 2015 we reviewed their VE5 monitor and visited the guys in their lab and then we in May 2017 reviewed their VE8 Flagship. Linus reviewed the VE 3.2 and I myself reviewed the award winning Elysium. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Vision Ears, here’s some info. And of course there’s also this Q&A we did with the VE guys.



Perfect sound is our passion – highest quality our demand.

Vision Ears is located in the heart of Cologne, Germany and they’re devoted to developing and producing their custom made In-Ears with great passion. Marcel Schoenen and Amin Karimpour were working for the same CIEM company last decade and they were linked by their vision of highest quality and outstanding customer service. After a few years of separation, the two got reunited and VISION EARS was born. Since 2013, the headquarters of Vision Ears is located in the Luxemburgerstrasse in Cologne’s central south. Their optimism and the lucky situation to be able to form a team that is as passionate for In-Ears as the founders are, makes VE a solid and reliable partner for all musicians (such as Rammstein – VE8) and audiophiles around the world.

Today we’re looking at their latest creation, the EVE20. Let’s get started.

Vision Ears EVE20

Vision Ears EVE20

The EVE Series

EVE stands for “Exclusive Vision Ears“ and it’s a new concept on which VE has been working for years already.

The “EVE” name is not about a specific model but it designates a new product line of universal IEMS, and a limited edition to be more precise. Each edition will be available for only a certain number of units and that for a limited period of time. Each year a new universal model is going to be released with different concept and tuning. This year ( 2020 ) Vision Ears logically starts with the EVE 20, next year there will be the EVE 21 and so on. This LE-concept is open to all driver count and price tags. So this year it’s 6 driver, next year it could be 9 or 5. You get the drift.

This way of working gives VE the freedom to break with habits and come up with sound designs we didn’t immediately expect from them. For the next years VE will take this playground to explore the boundaries of visual designs.

This year it’s all about their first EVE creation, and it’s named the EVE20. It couldn’t be more clear.

The EVE20

You can find out all about the EVE-series and the EVE20 on the dedicated web page right here:

As you surely understood by now, this EVE 20 will only be produced in the year 2020. TO strengthen the fact it’s a limited edition, each unit has a serial number engraved on the earphones shell. So it’s not just another universal – it’s one of a few. Our review unit didn’t come with any serial number, so we can’t show you this in the pictures.

The EVE 20 is a new 6 BA-driven universal design equipped with the following config: two low, two mid and two high. It’s simple but according to VE, they found beauty in this simplicity.

Vision Ears EVE20

Vision Ears EVE20

How VE came up with the EVE20? Here is the story:

The EVE 20 is simple in technical aspects, but its sound caught us right from the beginning. Some time ago Oliver, our chief sound designer, gave us a Demo unit with a red faceplate. Usually with a first prototype a very intensive period of work starts. Multiple modifications and fine tuning is needed to match our idea of „how this model should sound like“. With the RED Demo we immediately agreed that it was perfect as it was. It hit us like lightning. We never expected that a six driver model could sound like this. Since then it was our „RED Demo“ that was waiting for its glorious moment, because for us it was clear: it deserves a big stage and a special moment to shine. So the Idea of the EVE concept was born and now we are highly thrilled to present the debutant – the EVE 20. And as a reminiscence of its original prototype we chose a red Faceplate.

Can simple 6 BA-driven IEM still surprise you might wonder? According to Vision Ears, it’s still very much possible: “Sometimes you find a match of drivers that creates a magical sound. Just like a photographer catches the right moment for a stunning picture. It’s a mix of skill and chance that often creates unparalleled beauty.”

EVE20 Specifications

  • 3-Way system with 6 drivers
    • Dual BA for lows
    • Dual BA form mids
    • Dual BA for highs
  • Sensitivity: 120dB SPL@1kHz/1mW
  • Impedance: 20Ohm (@1kHz)
  • Cable: Length 120cm, 4-wire, silver plated copper
Vision Ears EVE20

Vision Ears EVE20

Design & Cable

The EVE20 is simple in looks and design but simplicity can be beautiful.

The EVE20 is very small in size and the six Balanced Armature drivers are carefully placed in the tiny shell. The universal shell doesn’t have the shortest possible nozzle but it works well for most ears. The EVE20 can’t be customized and each unit will come with its own signature design, in this case that means it features an olive shell with a red Face plate, to honour the prototype.

The cable that comes with the EVE20 is VE’s standard/stock 1.2m cable and it comes in a black finish with a 3.5mm jack termination. To be honest, I was kind of hoping to find a more higher end cable with the EV20, but at the same time it does leave a lot of room for cable rolling if you’re into that. More on this later.

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Lieven is living in Europe and he's the leader of the gang. He's running Headfonia as a side project next to his full time day job in Digital Marketing & Consultancy. He's a big fan of tube amps and custom inear monitors and has published hundreds of product reviews over the years.


  • Reply May 27, 2020


    Lieven, I’m surprised by your comments relative to the Penta. Most of the reviews I have seen report that the weakness of the Penta is that it has a soft top end. Relative to your description, the EVE20 would be even softer? I was getting very excited for about the EVE20 until I read that. I’m a big fan of Focal loudspeakers, primarily because of their imaging and airy top end (along with their revealing mids and tight but not overemphasized bass). Wish I could find an IEM in that same mold!

    On a separate issue, I seem to have very tight ear canals and struggle even with the smallest tips. The best fit I have had thus far have been HiFiMan R400 and R600. They are decent, but definitely not TOTL. Any suggestions for resolving this fit limitation?


    • Reply May 27, 2020


      Hi Tom,

      in regards to your small canals I have 3 things to say.

      1.look for IEMs like Etymotic, they are small and long.
      2. If you’ve already found your perfect IEM, check to get a custom tip for it.
      3. Go custom, you won’t regret it.

      About the treble, yes, it’s the way it is.

  • Reply December 12, 2021


    Hello! May i know the difference between eve20 and dunu sa6 in terms of the mid-range (espiecially vocals) and if it is a big jump in sound quality?thx:)

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