Wavaya Penta Review

Today we’re looking at a very special, porcelain-made Custom IEM; the Wavaya Penta, which goes for €1090 EUR.




Disclaimer: Wavaya “The Audio Factory” provided me the the Wavaya Penta sample free of charge. I only covered the customs taxes when I received the package. 


Until now, we have seen many Custom IEM manufacturers and products in the market. We have seen many special designs, different materials and authentic solutions as well. But a newly emerging company stands out amongst the others with their material of choice; porcelain.

So what is the deal here? Why porcelain? I will provide you the details about this topic as Wavaya also does in its website. I don’t usually praise companies before the conclusion of my reviews, but let me just congratulate Wavaya from the get-go; just for daring to go with this route, and actually pulling this huge task off, is something to be praised.

To me what is even more impressive is the fact that they’ve chosen this material as the foundation of their brand. Also, they don’t offer any other material but porcelain, since they strongly believe their idea and reasoning I suppose. I liked that.

Wavaya Penta

About Wavaya

Wavaya is quite different just by looking at their website alone. To me their page represents the brand’s image perfectly; sleek, elegant and simple. It is also quite materialistic in my opinion, which is important to catch the current trends.

Wavaya is a privately owned company which operates in Nicosia, Cyprus. You can actually see the photos of their home in this page, even the interior. They seem to be very transparent about “who, what, where and how”. It is a family company with 8 people working to create great porcelain Custom IEMs.

Our company was born from passion, not from greed: our purpose was, since the beginning, creating the “Ferrari” of in-ears.

You can clearly see their motivation and ambition from the above statement. As you know, Ferrari brand represents elegance, quality and dedication in the automotive industry. Taking that as a reference -they even have a “Ferrari Red” color option in the customizing page- Wavaya seemingly seeks to accomplish the prestige part of the game.

But of course Ferrari does not just stand for prestige. Ferrari, first and foremost, means performance, speed and passion. Appearance is very important when it comes to Custom IEMs, but the sound performance is the crucial factor when evaluating them. And Wavaya has something to say on that part as well. We will see how the Penta performs in a very short time.

Wavaya Penta

About Porcelain Material

As I said in the intro, Wavaya utilizes porcelain for their shells. But why would you choose a difficult material like this? For that, Wavaya has many answers:

Because it is…

  • Smooth
  • Glossy
  • Precious
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Reducing sweating and heat
  • Adapting to body temperature
  • The purest earth material

I strongly suggest you to check the page above for a quick briefing about their reasoning. I’m sure you will be convinced, especially the “which would be your choice” part, which puts a strong argument.

Also to see how they produce their porcelain CIEMs from start to finish, you can check this very informative video below:

To see the complete step by step production flow, just click the below link and see the whole steps in detail.

Wavaya also offers a very special and limited Jewelry Series, which combines fine crystals from Swarovski on the face-plates with the porcelain shell. These are all officially approved from the widely-known crystal brand and they even provide you the original certificate of authenticity. This is a very special treatment and the prices also reflect that.

Continue to model information, ordering process and package on PAGE 2.

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