Review: Westone B30 & B50



Here are some selected comparisons with other IEMs.

B30 vs. Oriveti OH300

B30 is the IEM with more bass but they both provide good control and attack. The OH300 gives more subbass though, which feels thinner in the mid area. The OH300 gives more clarity in the treble area with more definition. Overall it’s much airier than the B30, which has a smooth and warm nature. The OH300 has a wider stage as well. The B30 has the fit advantage with a more comfortable shell.

B30 vs. iBasso IT04

The IT04 is a nice IEM in the mid range category, and it also sounds brighter and more open than the B30. The B30 however has a bigger bass with more authority and punch. The texture in the bass department is more successful as well. The IT04 performs somewhat “thin” in the mid area, giving the B30 the edge in terms of note size and timbre. Treble is more pronounced in the IT04 and it has more extension and resolution. The B30 is a more all rounder IEM with lesser transparency.

Westone B30 & B50

B30 vs. Obravo Cupid

The B30 unsurprisingly fits better with improved ergonomics. Sound-wise Obravo has a more technical sound than the B30, which instead leans on the smooth and forgiving side. It however gives better instrumental tones and sweeter vocals, which are not as good with the Cupid. But the Cupid has the treble advantage on the other hand, sounding more crisp with better transparency.

B50 vs Westone W60

The B50 and the W60 are pretty close, especially in terms of bass. I suspect they use a similar bass driver since they share similar traits in there. Yet, the W60 shows its advantage in the mid and treble sections, although it’s not a huge difference. W60 also offers slightly better resolution and stage depth. It also has a more balanced tuning whereas the B50 sounds quite bass heavy with some genres. So the W60 is better but not by a big margin.

B50 vs. FiiO FH7

The FH7 is a more flat sounding IEM with many options to change the sound signature. B50 is better in the bass department, and it has better tonality in mids, and the treble performance is similar. B50 gives a more rounded sound with that Westone smoothness in its signature. They both perform well in terms of separation and soundstage, but I think the FH7 is the more balanced and controlled IEM. Westone again has the upper hand in terms of fit and ergonomics.

B50 vs. Oriveti OH500

The OH500 is the closest IEM to Westone’s in this comparison section. It performs beautifully in bass and mids, and similar in treble with a forgiving and soft approach. They both give good tonality and resolution, but the B50 gives slightly better separation. The OH500 with its dynamic driver gives stronger subbass but I think the B50 is more complete and well established. Oriveti is better in terms of balance though, which is because of the B50’s bass as it sometimes is too big for me.


Westone continues to offer great ergonomics and fit to its customers together with a great packaging and a lot of accessories, including a BT cable. Both IEMs perform well, especially with popular music. They’re great companions for a daily music lover/audiophile who likes to have a forgiving sound with a dark and smooth nature.

The B30 has a very sweet sound, especially in mids, but it might come too dark for some people. The B50 on the other hand, performs better of course but you need a good enough source to hear those qualities. So if you’re a casual music lover who enjoys a pleasing, non-fatiguing sound, you can have the B30. If you like to have more technicalities with the same smooth and sweet presentation, and if you have a nice source, than the B50 can be a viable option for you.

These new Westones let you enjoy your tunes in a very sweet and musical way. If that’s your cup of tea, and especially if you’re looking for very comfortable IEMs, I recommend the Westone B30 & B50 to you without hesitation.

4.3/5 - (70 votes)

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