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xDuoo XA-10



In this section, I will describe the sound signature of the xDuoo XA-10 to you.

I wanted to test the single-end first so I hooked my long-time favorite modded 58X to the device and gave it a listen. I didn’t like how it sounds, at all. The top-end was rolled off and detail-retrieval did not meet my expectation. It was not on par with recent devices we tested, such as the JDS EL Stack II or the M300mkII & Archel 2.5 Pro stack. I fiddled with the filters, no luck. I gave up on the single-end and changed cables. Balanced output was so much better and honestly, if you want to get this device, make sure you use it in balanced mode otherwise you may not like it, at all. After switching to balanced cables soundstage expanded and the top-roll off was not there anymore.

Detail-retrieval was satisfactory, too. It has a warm, sweet signature that successfully reflects the emotion and intimacy of the tracks. I listened to Melody Gardot for about 3 hours without noticing the time passing. That is nice because this doesn’t happen too often to me. As for technicalities, the resolution is good and the PRaT is on par with the products in this price range. The soundstage is not very wide or particularly deep, however, it draws you a good studio like image where you can track individual instruments with ease. I found out that pairing it with cans like Hifiman Deva results in a much bigger soundstage and better top-end. Instrument separation is nice as well with adequate air between instruments.

xDuoo XA-10

I’ll go into detail about each frequency band in the next chapter.

Low – Mid – High

Let’s talk about the low range. The xDuoo XA-10 has a hard-hitting, rounded bass response. There is a certain abundance in the bass that makes it quite entertaining to listen to. The texture is good and the oomph is there when the track calls for it. The bass never bleeds into the midrange and I can’t spot a mid-bass hump here so that’s good.

As for the midrange, the vocals are intimate, sweet, and lush with a good amount of detail. It is a forgiving device that does not nit-pick recordings so that is relatively good. The upper midrange is also tamed but not rolled off. Stringed instruments sound romantic and engaging. I am especially intrigued by the female vocal presentation of this device and I recommend you to try it as well. This is probably my favorite part of this device.

xDuoo XA-10

As I mentioned above, highs disappointed me when I was trying the single-end output but luckily, this is not the case with the balanced output. Highs have an adequate amount of extension, detail, and resolution. They are sweet, slightly tamed but easy to track on the stage. Hi-hats never bite, crashes never sting. 

vs. EL Stack II 

JDS Labs design and manufacture many audio products and they are quite good at what they do. EL Stack II is a serious contender that we awarded with an Headfonia recommendation award. The stack has a transparent and reference sound signature. It lacks the emotional and sweet side of the XA-10 but it has better detail-retrieval and better PRaT.

The XA-10’s bass hits harder and it is quantitatively larger than the EL Stack’s. The EL Stack’s soundstage is wider but XA-10’s soundstage is deeper in comparison. 

xDuoo XA-10

Last Words

xDuoo’s XA-10 is a good device that has excellent build quality, a unique design, and a sweet sound signature. If you’re in the market for an all-in-one device that takes little desk space, the XA-10 may be your savior. I would definitely invest in balanced cables and use the device in balanced mode to get the best performance out of it. The difference between SE & BAL was night and day for me and I liked what I heard in balanced mode. The device has full MQA decoding capability and it features one of the best Bluetooth chipsets available right now supporting LDAC. Give it a listen!


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