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The Airdots feature a warm signature with an elevated low region. The clarity is OK, the resolution is good for the price. It is not a balanced earphone in any way as the mids are quite recessed and upper mids have a peak around 2k.

The treble can be harsh in some songs such as the Marian Hill’s “Down”. Bass extension is good, however mid-bass bleeds into mids and it’s making it harder to determine the correct positioning of the instruments. It is, of course, a consumer-oriented tuning, can even be called “Beats-y”.

I would recommend EQ’ing this earphone as it responds to EQ fairly well. You should decrease the midbass bloat and upper mid peak, and perhaps tune back the bass a couple dBs. This way you will get a much better, more controlled sound. I do not include any kind of EQ in my reviews normally, but what the heck, it is a ten bucks TWS after all.

The driver unit inside is promising, you can really get a good sound with proper EQ. The treble is dependent on the user: if you like sharp treble, don’t touch that region. It gives a good clarity boost to the Airdots at around medium volume levels. Note thickness is good, of course, tonality-wise it is very colored. As expected, PRaT is nowhere as good compared to wired bang for buck IEMs such as Tin Hifi’s T2 or T3. For 10 bucks, it is OK. Overall, I would say that you get a good TWS for the price.

I’d be okay with them if they were $39 USD too.

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots


Xiaomi Sports Bluetooth Earbuds “Youth Edition” (YDLYEJ03LM)

It is not exactly a fair comparison, the Xiaomi Sports Earbuds being a neckband type. They’re similarly priced however. The sport buds offer better resolution, a more controlled low region, a much better treble response and an airier overall presentation and better vocals. The clarity level is much better than that of the Airdots as well. The sport buds go for around $20 USD and if you don’t mind the little wire around your neck, it is a good Bluetooth alternative.

Kinera YH623

The Kinera YH623 and the Airdots have a similar sound signature. They also have recessed mids and elevated bass response, and the resolution of the two is similar. The Airdots’ bass does not hit as hard as the Kinera’s. Both of the earphones have midbass bloat. The Airdots have more sparkle in the treble section compared to the Kinera however. At the same time, the YH623 is a more trouble-free earphone compared to the Airdots and their notorious connection issues. The YH623 goes for around $70 USD, so that buys you multiple Airdots.

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots

Last Words

Airdots offers good value for your money. They have a simple yet stylish design, light and compact form and good sound as well as features for the price.

The Airdots can be the perfect entry point to the world of TWS earphones, to see if you’re OK with using this kind of wireless earphones. Don’t forget that you have to buy a micro-usb cable for charging these TWS IEMS, as it does not come with the packaging.

I recommend you to try different tips to get the best possible sound out of them as well. They’re also an inexpensive gift alternative. For the price, everyone should have at least once in their life owned and tried a set of Airdots, it’s that simple.

These Airdots are far from perfect so we can’t put the on the list of best TWS IEMs. But as they go for $10 USD only they basically are a steal, even with their imperfections.



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  • Reply June 23, 2020

    Dheeraj Singh

    Is it stable in the ears? I mean is it suitable for running, jogging, etc. Looking to buy for gym

  • Reply July 1, 2020

    Kristof Loyens

    DHEERAJ, absolutely these are good for sports. I use them all the time. Fit is really good. I use them on my motorcycle aswell. They are small inexpensive and provide a nice enough sound.

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