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Feel free to post any questions you may have below at the comment section and I will try my best to answer them promptly. I try to answer all the questions, but I may miss one or two at times. Do repost your question if it’s left unanswered for a few days.

Please also go over the Buyer’s Guide articles before you post your questions, they may help to answer your questions.


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  • Alexandra Hanny

    Hi! I read your reviews and I was looking for a recommendation. I’m unable to decide between the HIFIMAN HE400i and the Sennheiser HD650! I like a variety of music and would like the overall best choice. Both of them are the same price ($300) and really similar! I have an O2+ODAC dac/amp combo. Thanks you very much!!

    • I don’t like the O2, especially not with the HD650. Problem solved 😉

      • Alexandra Hanny

        Thanks! Ordered the 400i! 🙂

  • hana

    Hi.. So after doing a lot of research and going through many reviews I finally bought a Fiio X7. I must say it feels amazing to listen to it. I’m thinking of buying a good IEM for it and many of my friends has suggested me to go for RHA T20 which has very positive reviews. what do you guys think? Will it go well with Fiio x7?

    • Oh yes indeed, just don’t expect big bodied bass. You will get less body but good punch, and tightness. I think they’ll get along very well

      • hana

        Thank you so much. Love your articles btw 🙂

  • Marty

    Happy New! And a question to start into the new year. I want to reach end game level for my setup. I’ve a Hugo and LCD-XC already but can’t decide where to go further Violectric V281 or Alo’s CDM?

    • Happy NY! The V281 is a superb amp (see my review). that is end game. The CDM is very good but not V281 good. The choice is easy 🙂

  • Terry Tsui


    Hey, Sir Headfonia. I am currently searching for a CIEM,i have tried the JH 16 pro and i found it fulfill my requirement mostly, yet, i am still struggling with my picks after reading the reviews here. I tried the IEM -Jupiter too, I love its treble and Mid while the lacking of bass can’t fulfill my needs to EDM.

    I am just wondering which should i get for my CIEM among the choices of JH16 pro (p.s. I know you don’t prefer CIEM now, but anyway, thanks,sir XD) , JH Angie, JH Roxanne, CE6E, the Harmony 8 Pro the Earwerkz Legend R, Lime Ears Aether, VE6 , K10 n FitEars or any suggestion.

    Remarks: My preference of headphone are HFI 780 n Audeze LCD-2, and i am looking for some punchy bass for my EDM, and airy n spacious mid,treble for some HIFI songs. Currenly, my sounds source are LG G4 mobile , .Wav files n some sound cloud EDM. I am going for a serious player after i decide what IEM should i go.

    I realize i am a bit greedy to ask such a huge question, but i really need the help of headfonia.
    Many Thanks.


  • Got the Edifier H650 small plastic on-ear headphone today. It looks very, very much like the Sennheiser PX200ii, except where the PX200ii earpads are the kind that deteriorate rapidly, the H650 uses a better plastic that looks like it will last a long time. Out of the box and used outdoors, the bass is a bit light and the treble also, but the midrange doesn’t stick out like the PX200ii. Probably because the treble has some deep recesses. Fortunately the H650 doesn’t have the extra cord length with the analog volume control.

  • I bought a Edifier H650 – a tiny lightweight plastic headphone that looks nearly identical to the Sennheiser PX200-II (analog volume control version). It sounds just as good as costs half as much ($28 -vs- $56 typically). It may be the OEM for the PX200-II, don’t know. It has better earpads than the more expensive Sennheiser. The H650 could serve as a good portable except for 2 things: A weak bass, and essentially no isolation.

  • FiiO K1 DAC/amp — $39 USD — connected to an iPhone 6s-plus, compared to a second iPhone 6s-plus out of the headphone jack. It drives a Beyer DT-1770 Pro just fine (250 ohm I think), and comparing bass tracks, the FiiO is tighter, more detailed, with at least as much impact. The iPhone 6s-plus has good audio, but the K1 makes it better. The difference in bass is not subtle – it’s obvious. I haven’t got the last word on treble and extension yet – the FiiO is doing well, and may be distinctly better, but time will tell. This marvelous little gadget works from iPhone power, and all I’m using to connect it is the K1’s included cable, and the Apple USB-A female to Lightning cable. The new $99 DragonFly that’s volt-limited to work with iPhones is the natural competitor, so I will have to obtain one of those.

    Edit: After 2 hours use, the power drain seems less than using the Oppo HA-2, even though the HA-2 has its own power. Amazing.

  • Shir Uziel

    Hay so a faw days ago i saw this headphones on the bus and I just can’t find out which brand it is ! HELP? I tried to search on google… no luck 🙁

    • Shir Uziel


      • No idea, sry

      • Search google for “headphone images” – I couldn’t find a good match, so probably it’s some OEM model.

  • Ray Mac

    saw on your facebook that you were recommending a kickstarter project, have a look at this kickstarter project as it is getting rave reviews https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/214784295/mitchell-and-johnson-electrostatz-headphones/description

  • Marty

    Hello Headfonia, I’m in need of new InEars and want CIEM now. Which Cosmic Ear is more neutral? CE4P or CE3P ?

    • In the CE Range I’m tempted to say the 5, So the 4 for you 🙂

      • Marty

        thx, contected them already. Will order soon.

  • David Uhlmann

    Hi Headfonia, I need your statetement… Buyed a Hifiman HE-560, have an O2 Desktop Amp. Which Amp between 200 and 500 $ do you recommend to drive the Hifiman HE-560? Is the Bottlehead Crack a good choice or Yuking La Figaro 332C? Any sugestions?
    Thanks a lot!

    • Maybe the A20 from Beyer to give it some warmth and body. The crack isn’t really for the 560 as it is an orthodynamic. THe LAFigaro 339 is highly recommended

  • Marty

    Hello Lieven, as I believe to know, you still like the HD650 and listen to it from time to time,which got me interessted in it, cause I have so much totl headphone on hand. which amp (which must be not imported as a european resident) would you choose?

    • Hi. I use it daily! Non imported I would choose the Violectric V100/200/281 or the Beyerdynalic A20 if you’re on a budget.

      But really try the imported Crack or 339 🙂

      • Marty

        Thanks Lieven, even more impressed you use it daily. Sadly missed a crack on head-fi some does ago. Will keep my eyes open. Thanks.

  • Here’s a short summary of several low-budget headphones I’ve gotten recently: Edifier H650 (~$30): Weak bass, soft treble, bass boosts OK, but treble gets choppy. ATH SJ-11 (~$30): Nearly neutral, good bass, amazing for the price. Edifier H840 (~$40): Strong emphasized bass but near neutral from there up – very good basshead headphone. 1More MK801 (~$90): Strong bass a la v-moda M100, but less colored from mids on up – excellent basshead headphone. Xiaomi ‘Mi’ (~$85): Strong bass but weak lower treble, with awesome packaging and hard case and extra earpads in different styles – best quality build under $400. Creative Aurvana Live (~$50): Very strong bass and weak mid-treble, sounds somewhat muffled, decent build, not a good deal imo. MEE HT21 (~$15): Sounds great as a portable, but emphasized around 1.5 khz and big rolloff at 9 khz and above. Bass is near perfect – a really good deal I think.

  • RoundTheWorld

    Hello Headfonia Team,
    I am currently looking to buy a new high capacity DAP.
    After auditioning the Fiio X1i, X3i, X5i, iBasso DX80, AK100 (mk1), I couldn’t really say I enjoyed any of them, except for the AK100 (mk1) which is now defunct but still expensive for what it is.
    To me they were all not clean enough and grainy (Fiios) or to slow or lacked attack (DX80).

    I mainly appreciate a faster sound signature akin to the Ety ER4s, which suffered especially with the DX80.
    I had also listened very briefly to the ZX2, which was nice, a bit too polite with big soundstage but ultimately overpriced.

    Now I stumbled upon the ZX100 which is supposed to be very similar to the ZX2 in terms of components at half the price.
    Do you guys know anything about the ZX100 (why so little coverage?) and how it compares to perhaps the A20? And whether it would be worth a buy, especially with a 15mW output?
    I would probably attach an amp to the ZX100 in the long run.
    Thanks for your help.

  • Vaibhav Pisal

    Hello Headfonia,

    I am looking for getting a solid state amp for my Sennheiser hd700. I was going to get burson soloist sl. But one of my friends auditioned hugo and said it was very close to auralic stack. Do you think if I go for mojo, I will get as much performance as burson out of my hd700? I cant audition any of two where I live.


    • Mojo won’t do as good.

      • Vaibhav Pisal

        Great. Thanks for reply. I will stick to soloist sl.

  • Johan De Spiegeleer

    Which dap(s) have best synergy with sennhiser ie 800 .Have now i pod classic (last gen) Which would be a step-up in sq?

    • Johan De Spiegeleer

      for me the sound quality i pod classic is already great. but didn’t have any experience with other daps.May be the sq of classic is top?

      • The newest iPhones and iPod Touch are better, more hi-fi, but depending on your tracks and your headphone, might be too revealing. IE800 has strong treble balanced by strong bass, so depends on the music tracks I’d guess.

  • Rohail Waseem

    Hi. Love your website! Thanks for all the reviews. I’m very new to all of this, and I just bought dt770 32ohm based on headfonia’s review. When connected to my android phone, they feel somewhat underpowered. I’m craving for that punch, which I am just not getting. So I’m in the market for an amp or dac/amp combo.

    I’m going to be primarily using the headphones connected to my cellphone. Do you recommend a dac to improve sound quality? Or should an amp be enough? If you recommend a dac, then I’m looking for the most value for money dac/amp (portable) combo, around the 100 dollar mark. What do you think would pair well with dt770 32ohm?

    • FiiO DAC/amps are good.

    • Dale is right. And if you have an iphone: Oppo HA-2 (more expensive)

    • Rohail Waseem

      I see. Fiio Q1 seems like the best choice then. Does a DAC significantly improve sound quality? As I said, I’m only going to be listening to music through my phone on Spotify. So just curious if it’s worth investing in.

      • At this level I personally don’t find it to be an improvement. I’d either go for something good like the HA2 or save your money and buy your GF some flowers

  • Hi guys, I have a question.

    I have a Sennheiser HD650 and currently paired with the FiiO E10K DAC/Amp. The FiiO is not driving the Senn to it’s full potential. I’m thinking of getting the Schiit Magni 2 & Modi 2 combo (I love their look & their small size) to replace the FiiO. Will it be a good combination with the HD650? Should I spring for a (used) WooAudio WA3? If not, what should I get? Budget is around $200-250.

    • Bottlehead Crack

      • Thanks for your reply. I’ve heard great things about the Crack, but it is kinda hard to get in Indonesia. What would you recommend as a ‘second best’ option if I can’t import the Crack?

        • What tube amps are available in your area?

          • Headfonia Store only has the $5000 Cypher Labs Prautes on pre-order, which I don’t have the money for.

            Jaben only has the $900 WooAudio WA6 in stock, also way out of my budget.

            Kantong Kresek and Dontblameyourears has no tube amps in stock.

            Although, I can get a used WA3 and replacement tubes from a friend for roughly $300. Or get a Schiit Magni Modi 2 stack from a local importer for $250, hence my original question.

            • Prautes is $3900. Check out WA3 and 339

            • I like Schiit, but the WA3 would be good also.

  • granolamonster

    Hi all, well I’ve had my B&O H6’s a few months now and they are excellent. At the same time that I got them I purchased a Cambridge Audio DacMagic xs to help them along. However, it (the DAC) seems to have some technical issue and keeps dropping out at random, so I’m on the hunt for another decent DAC. Unfortunately I’m not in the UK (I’m in NZ for a few months) so can’t return the faulty DAC. Anyway – any pointers of what would work well with the H6’s? I’m thinking of the Fiio E10K (I don’t really need battery functionality of the E17, or rather don’t understand the need for DAC+Battery) – would the E10K be a good choice? I think these cans wouldn’t mind a little bit more colour in the sound, they are very neutral at the moment. Am I missing some other reasonably priced DAC? Thanks!

    • What’s the other components, beginning to end? Computer? Phone?

      • granolamonster

        I’m generally thinking of using this set up with my MacBook Air or work iMac. Playing a mixture of Flac recordings and Spotify Premium. I’m happy to compromise with the phone where I am only playing spotify anyway, plus the sound quality on the new Nexus 5x seems pretty decent.

        • My favorite for Macbook is the Dragonfly v1.2, for the B&O H6. Other comparable DACs are Microstreamer and Audioengine D3. The Dragonfly especially. But there’s also a new low-power Dragonfly for phones, although I haven’t seen it yet. I’ve used the E07k and E17k with my iPhone 6, and they’re OK, but other than increased volume, they don’t help much. With the older phones they help more.

          • granolamonster

            I’ve heard quite a lot about the Dragonfly V1.2 but haven’t had a chance to test it. It’s one of the few DACs I can pick up in NZ so definitely an option. I’m not worried about running a DAC through my phone so that is fine. Isn’t the Dragonfly quite old now – are there any rumours of a follow up? I take it you didn’t like the new small Fiio offering then?

            • I have the FiiO K1 – extremely small, and it works! Also other FiiOs, but nothing to compete with DF v1.2 – the original Dragonfly is old, but v1.2 only about one year. The new Dragonflys ($100 and $200 USD) will replace v1.2 I think, and the cheaper compatible with phones, and the more expensive for computers.

              • granolamonster

                Any idea when the new Dragonflys will be available – I don’t see anything on the audioquest site about them? I need something a bit more robust, the cambridgeaudio dacmagic xs seems to have developed a lose usb connection from use so I’m trying to find something a bit more solid!

                • The 1.2 is the last Dragonfly, it isn’t that old yet

                  • granolamonster

                    Well if they have these two new versions due soon (Black and Red) I might just wait. Has anyone had a chance to test them yet at any of the shows?

                  • granolamonster

                    True true, I’ve just got in touch with the dealer out here. I’m going to wait for the new dragonfly red to be available then give it a test. Will you be getting one in to test on the site?

                    • I don’t know yet, maybe I will. I still have to publish the 1.2 🙂

                    • granolamonster

                      Ha ha! I wasn’t going to mention that 😛 but the dragonfly red sounds like it should be a quality product!

                • I thought they would be out by now – they are really slow. The quality is great. But like L said, the v1.2 is not old, and it’s really good.

          • granolamonster

            The microsftreamer looks good (and I can get hold of one) the question is, is it worth almost twice the price of the Dragonfly? I can’t get hold of the D3 sadly 🙁

            • The new DF v1.2 is better, so the Microstreamer is not as good of a deal. The Microstreamer has two outputs – one headphone and one Line Out, so a small advantage there.

  • mrequalizer

    Hi, i am using a HD600 as my daily headphone during work 8-10 hours a day and i need so say that i am not that happy because they are getting uncomfortable after about 3-6 hours to me :/ Using a UD120 as DAC and a Corda Jazz-ff or a Bottlehead Crack (prefered amp) as Amp i wanted to ask for any recommendations on a more comfy headphone that would maybe also an upgrade to my current ones.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • For sound, the AKG K712 might be comparable, but I can’t say it’s more comfortable. The Shure SRH-1440 might compare on comfort, but may or may not be slightly brighter since I didn’t have both at the same time to compare.

      • mrequalizer

        Thanks for your response. I tested the K712 from a colleague a view weeks ago and comfort wise it wasnt really better than my HD600. I also think that it would not play nice with my BH Crack because of the low impedance.

  • I see a FiiO EM3 earbud (not IEM) on the ads here. Anybody have a source?

  • I got a HD25SP – $100 cheaper than the HD25-1-II. The earpads are worse than the worst I’ve ever seen before, so I replaced them with pleather pads from a cheap Yamaha HPH100. The sound is very good – like the Amperior I used to have, but without the upper bass hump. The cable is the same as the HD600 – 100 feet long, so I need a short replacement.

  • Gabriel Ross

    L. Do you have any views on the Fostex T50rp- mk3? Good things are being said about them. Could they or should they be my first mid-fi orthodynamics? As always I come to you for the truth.

  • Gabriel Ross

    L. Do you have any views on the Fostex T50rp- mk3? Good things are being said about them. Could they or should they be my first mid-fi orthodynamics? As always I come to you for the truth.

    • I’ve been looking at the Mk3, but haven’t bought it because of all the other stuff I’m working on. It looks like a really good deal, especially if you’re interested in experimenting with tweaking the sound.

  • David Uhlmann

    Dear all, I use the Hifiman HE560 Headphone, driven with a Beyerdynamic A20 (Suggestions from Headfonia – thanks a lot!). Now I search a cable with SMC-Connectors for my Hifiman, with 3.5mm Plug for Mobile Listening. I buyed one cable from Ebay, but the Middles are flat and to cold. Can you recommend a cable in the Price-Range of +/- 100 – 150 $ that sounds well? For me it’s important, that the sound is even a little warmer than too cold. Thanks a lot!

    • I bought a Cardas cable for my DT1770 headphone, and it was configured by Charleston Cable Company. It’s always best, regardless of who does the terminations on your cable, to deal with someone who you can send the cable back to without customs fees or other problems, in case you need a repair or replacement.

    • Go for copper! The budget might be a little low for an aftermarket boutique cable though

  • For anyone curious about earbuds (not IEMs), I just got the $150 or so Yuin PK1, which sounds the same as the Yuin PK2, and which has zero low bass and very thin upper bass. Whatever the charm of these earbuds, I don’t get it…

  • L, I’m young in love with my new WA6 (Princess Sophia) that makes my HD650 as happy as I’ve never heard them before. But this is also my first journey into tubes & rolling. I’ve read a lot of your reviews and recommendations about the HD650 and how it couples great with the Crack OTL, La Figaro 339 etc. Right now I hear my music via a Y-cable to my iPhone 6. Not the best solution :-). I want to add a DAC to my PC/laptop and go that way. Would a Dacport LX still be a good solution here in 2016 if I am not to spend a great amount of money? Thanks for a great site.

    • I’d go for the Herus, Concero, etc

      • And if I would like to spend less on a DAC to my WA6 + HD650 desktop setup at work – am I then being a bit ‘unreasonable’ :-)?

        • Dave Ulrich

          The LX is still a fine DAC, and if you can still find one at a good price… sure. You could probably find a Herus for similar coin, however.

  • Simon

    I’d love to know how the Futuresonics Spectrum G10 sounds on the Chord Mojo. Pretty rocking I’m guessing?

    I hope the build quality of the G10 is indeed much improved also.

  • Peter Pan

    Hello to all of you again!
    I own the moto g 3rd gen smart phone which is very average for listening to music.
    What upgrade do you suggest for listening music at work when i have free time.
    Should i pair the moto g with a small dac like hrt dsp (or audioquest dragonfly black)
    or should i buy a small dap like fiio m3?
    What solution is more practical considering that i don’t have an office?
    Many thanks!

    • Fiio X1 or M3

      • Peter Pan

        Thank you , despite it’s shortcomings i will go for M3
        just for the portability.