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  • Mat Stanley

    Hey guys! I see someone has brought up an old favourite the CLAS! Just out of curiosity, how does the -db fare against a newer DAC like the one in the Mojo, resolution/sound wise? Cheers!

    • I’m not a big fan of the Mojo, I think it’s overhyped. The -dB actually still scores very well although it isn’t the most dynamic

      • Mat Stanley

        Hmmm interesting… yeah could be worth getting a old -db instead and saving some ££! After all most people probably won’t need anything past 24/192. Unless DSD capabilities are required. Hope to try out the Mojo sometime though!

  • Dennis

    Hi, Mr. L and dale. I’m a really new guy here. after many days’ reading here in headfonia, i really find your articles fruitful. many thanks! Now i want a headphone to start my hifi enjoyment. would you please give me some advice?
    music favor: pop vocal & classic; pure music like viola flute koto ; Yanni’s electric music,; music with more rhythm like Every Breath You Take
    Source: Now I want to use PC and mobile as source before i update the source in the future.
    Budget: $250 for headphone, $150 for DAC&Amp
    Considering: value for money ones like ATH-m50x, Sony MDR-1A, Sony z1000, DT770 PRO 32, SenHD 598se ,welcome others if more suitable.
    excuse me for my poor English and thanks in advance~

    Dennis Wang

    • I would spend the $400 on a headphone, IF (!) you can drive it OK from your laptop and phone, and then buy a better DAC/amp in a couple of months. But if you go ahead anyway, then you need to decide if the DAC/amp needs to work from the phone, or just the computer.

      • Dennis

        Thanks for your advice Dale~
        Is it possible to drive a $400 headphone with the laptop directly?would you please suggest any? I’m afraid my mobile is not capable of this.
        Actually i don’t want to sink too deep in the equipments, I just want to get some delightful moment over the music. if i get a $400 headphone, maybe another $800 should be spent to get most of the headphone right?

        • yes; Or even more. Check my reply

          • Dennis

            that’s too much for me~~~ i really don’t want to spend to much on equipment.
            I find that Sen HD 600 is around $250 here in China,is that a better choice? with Fiio E10k? or others? up till now, there’s no review on the Sony MDR-1A, do you have any impressions on that headphone?

            • A HD600 and FiiO E10k or E17k would be a very good starter. Normally I avoid Sony due to quality issues, but if you do get a Sony, check where it is serviced first.

              • I wouldn’t combine the HD600 with the E10K unless it’s temporary

                • Very temporary, unless I misread the previous posts. But you know, trying to have a temporary system with high-quality sound – it’s not a good mix. I would have agreed with the DT770-32, until the OP suggested the HD600.

                  • Dennis

                    haha~thanks~i suggested HD600 only for the price. Sony MRD-1A ATH-50X and Sen HD 600, HD 650 are headphones that often offer discounts here, sometimes there’s also Denon AH-D600.
                    besides dragonfly red, is there any other amps for DT770 32 ?

                    • Any DragonFly is OK for DT770-32, but not so much for HD650/600 because of impedance. Usually a USB-powered amp is the lowest power amp, and a DAC/amp that has its own battery power is better.

                    • Dennis

                      unfortunately, all DragonFly products are not easy to get in mainland China, any others please?
                      by the way, i did some further research on DT770, some fans say the 80 ohm version is better than the 32 ohm version, and also cheaper, what do you think? should i stick to 32 ohm one?

                    • The 32 ohm is the most popular headphone ever reviewed here. But feel free to take your chances…

                • Dennis

                  thanks L, in this way HD 600 may not be a good choice for me. how about Sen HD598SE ? It’s only $100 many times

                  • Ask about the HD598 impedance, and not just at 1000 hz – check the full impedance curve.

                    • Dennis

                      that means another amp is needed to meet my requirements?

                    • It means check the impedance curve.

              • Dennis

                thanks dale~ under my impression, sony products are ok. but as you mentioned, i will take DT770 PRO 32 as the the first choice.

    • Tough one.I’d go for the DT770 32 (even before I saw you listed that one) I’m listening to it now on the WA8 (out of your budget) but the headphone is awesome (check my review)

      I would buy something like a Dragonfly Red which will allow you to use your phone and your pc. That’s a pretty good setup for the money

      • Dennis

        thanks L, Dragonfly Red is really satisfying. however it’s not easy to get one in China, any other suggestions? Personally i prefer to enjoy HiFi home with PC and amps or outside just with my mobile, because it would still be inconvenient even with a portable amp outside. but anyway, amps like Dragonfly Red is good.